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Chapter 6


After Ian finished giving me the tour of the facility I decided to go to the cafeteria area and grabbed something to eat. I was the only one downstairs so everyone must be busy doing other things. I walked up to the older lady sitting behind the kitchen counter.

"Umm.. hi, can I just have something small to eat? it can be anything." The older lady put down her book she was reading and looked me up and down. Her facial expression showed a slight glare of shock.

"Honey you need more than a little to eat, please go have a seat, I'll bring you out something." She pointed towards the tables behind me, I walked over to the table and chair in the corner and patiently waited.

After about 10 minutes of waiting the lady came over to me with a tray with a few plates on it. She placed the tray in front of me. There was a salad, fruit bowls, chicken, mashed potatoes, and a nice piece of cake with a small piece of brownie next to it. Don't get me wrong, all of it looked good and I could probably eat all of it, but it was too much.

"Umm, miss-" she interrupted me before I could continue.

"Madeline, the names Madeline." She gave me a soft smile while taking the seat from across from me. "And don't tell me that it's too much, if you're going to stay here, you're going to eat. I love to cook so it's no problem at all. Now please enjoy, I'll stay here to keep you company." She must've been reading my mind on what I was about to say.

I decided to pick up the fork and start eating, let's just say it was delicious. I mean I've never really got to eat much most of my life, but I will say this is the best I've ever had.

Once I finished I looked up to see Madeline smiling. I mentally face palmed myself because she cooked all this food and I didn't even thank her.

"Thank you, for the food and keeping me company." I smiled at her. She got up and and stacked the plates and grabbed the tray.

"It's no problem honey. Now I know you've got a busy day tomorrow with training and all, now I advise you to go back up to your room and shower and just relax for the day. Enjoy your evening honey." I got up and looked at her.

"You too Madeline." She smiled and turned around back to the kitchen to start washing the dishes.

I did as she said and went to my room and just relaxed, hopefully things go well here.


Something about that girls name has me troubled. I've been sitting in my office for over an hour now. She finally ate something which is good, you could tell she needed the food. Not meaning it in a bad way, but you can tell she's not the healthiest.

I decided to get onto my computer and look up her last name, maybe I know some knightlys. Once I typed it in, nothing really showed up. So I curiously typed in "knights" instead. A family popped up, call me crazy but she looks like these people but with bleach blonde hair, it was obviously bleached to that color though.

Scrolling through the information I started seeing articles popping up. They read:

"Missing daughter of the Knights mafia, Roxanne Knight."

I continued to ready through several articles, she was kidnapped when she was a baby. Poor thing.

Looking at the baby pictures posted and the pictures of the Knight family, Avery looks more and more like them. She's the missing child. I remember seeing these articles years ago.

I remember my brother doing business with the Knights once, they help sponsor the bar he owns above us. Maybe he will have a number or something I could use to contact Mr.Knight to tell him I have his daughter.

I quickly ran upstairs and walked towards Howard's office. Knocking on the door he left open, he looked up at me.

"How can I help you Ian?" He went back to going through the papers, must be checking stock again.

"I need Mark Knights contact information, if you still have it that is." Howard quickly dropped his pen and looked up at me raising a brow.

"Why the hell do you need Mark Knights number?" He had a slight nervous tone in his voice, Mark is a ruthless guy so everyone in the area is scared of him. Stories been told his son is just like him.

"You know the girl I brought in today?"

"Yea, the little blonde one? What about her?" I took a deep breath before speaking again.

"That's Mark Knights missing daughter." Howard started coughing, he must've choked on air because he didn't have anything to drink. He quickly caught his breath and starting tossing papers around until he found what he was looking for. He wrote something down on a sticky note and handed it to me before going back to his work.

I looked at the sticky note and saw Mark's number.

"Thank you." I walked out of his office and back downstairs to mine.

I quickly closed the door and mentally prepared myself for this phone call. Hopefully all goes well.

I grabbed my phone and dialed in the number, it rang twice before someone picked up.

"Mark Knight speaking, how may I help you?" This guy sounds like a professional business man with the way he picks up the phone. He doesn't sound that threatening though.

"Umm, hello Mr.Knight, I was calling in regards of your daughter, Roxy." There was silence on the other end for a moment before they came back.

"What about my daughter?" You could hear a strain in his voice like he was fighting back tears. He also sounded much more stern which sent chills down my spine.

"I was just calling to let you know that's she's with me, I work the underground fighting group under Howard's sports bar and grill. You helped sponsor the grand opening of this place and also have partial ownership." There was another moment of silence.

"Keep her and take care of her, I have to go sir, have a nice night."

"But Mr.Knight what about..." there was a beep on the other end. "Your daughter." I didn't get to finish what I was saying before hanging up, that was rude.

I leaned back into my chair, why would they have the news involved to find their missing daughter but once someone calls them that they have her, they act like they don't want her anymore?

I'll have to keep this from Avery, I don't want her running off again until I feel like she's capable of living on her own. She's only 15 anyways, I guess I'll finish raising her, just like I did one of the boys here.
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