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Chapter 7


5 a.m. rolled around way too quickly. Once my alarm went off I groaned and rolled over to turn it off. I have to admit, that's probably the best sleep I've gotten, ever. The bed I use to sleep on was very old and worn out and the sheets and blankets had holes in them so it was hard to keep myself warm. This twin sized bed was quite comfortable and the sheets and blankets didn't have holes and stains on them.

I got up and changed into some work out clothes Ian had given me last night. He said he went and asked one of the girls if they had any extras I could have. Apparently this girl Chloe willingly gave up some of hers. I'll have to find her after workouts and thank her.

Once I got downstairs everyone was already standing around waiting. I must be the last one down because all eyes are on me. I shyly walked down the stairs, but I felt the eyes burning onto me and I started getting annoyed. When I reached the others I looked up and crossed my arms over my chest. They continued to stare. Before I had the chance to say anything I hear Ian's voice and I see him walking towards us.

"Everything this is Ro-, I mean Avery. Avery Knightly. I want you all to make her feel welcome here since she's going to be one of you all in the next year." Everyone turned around and looked at me again, this time with more kinder eyes that I won't get annoyed with. No one really spoke, they just waved at me.

"Okay, you all can do your introductions to her later, but now it's time to practice. Everyone get partnered up. Knightly you'll be with me the first day." Everyone nodded and went on with what they're suppose to do. I walked up to Ian.

"So what do you want me to do?" I questioned. He just looked at me so I assumed I'm suppose to follow.

He took me over to an open treadmill. "Hop on, you're going to start getting warmed up here. I'm basically going to be doing your check offs today to see where you're at." I did as he told. He started pressing buttons on the treadmill to set a timer for 5 minutes, then began pressing buttons and the treadmill started picking up in pace.

The five minute run wasn't too bad. I'm obviously out of shape.

Ian took me over to the weights and measured out my max. I can bench about 45 and squat 100, but Ian said that's not bad since I've never worked out before. He also said that because my legs are naturally built big that I could easily squat more than 100 but he doesn't want me over doing it. We continued going at different things for awhile.


Training was officially over, but before I could leave to go eat lunch, Ian caught my attention.

"Avery stay back for a moment please." I snapped my head to him, but then continued to walk over to him.

"Uhh, did I do something wrong?" He chuckled at my question.

"No avery, I'm actually very impressed. I just wanted to tell you for the first 6 months we're going to be working on building up your body strength. Then the following 6 months I'll be training you in fighting. You'll start your matches at 16. Practice tomorrow at 5 a.m." I nodded and proceeded to walk away.

Wow, in one year I'll probably be fighting. Who would've thought my life would come to this? I guess it's better than being there.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I walked into what felt like a wall. I backed up so I wasn't on top of the wall. I slowly looked up and see them turn around.

Wow, I'd be lying if I said that dude wasn't attractive. His black hair with what seemed like blue highlights barely laid on his well sculpted face. He had full sleeve tattoos on both arms, which really complimented his lightly tanned skin. His facial expression went from wanting to murder too soft.

"Hey, you're Avery, the new girl right?" He questions while smiling at me. His voice was deep with a slight rasp to it. Who would've thought someone that looked so mean and aggressive could actually sound somewhat nice.

"Uhh... yea. And you are?" I said with a bit of attitude on accident, so it might've made me seem like a bitch but really I didn't mean for it to come out like that.

I caught him chuckling over my question. "Easy love, no need to get offensive about anything. But I'd have to admit you're pretty cute when you try to stand your ground with someone twice your size." His comment caught me off guard. I felt myself slightly blush until the last part hit. I mean yea maybe he is twice my size, but I'm not afraid to beat his ass. I'd lose for sure, but I'd be worth it. I glared at him for his comment. Of course he let out a real laugh.

"Relax, I'm just kidding. Not about the cute part though. I'm Liam by the way." I felt myself blushing again from him calling me cute. He held out his hand for me to shake and I returned the favor.

"Why don't you follow me to the cafeteria for dinner? I can introduce you everyone else, then you can tell me a little about yourself." I nodded and began to follow him.

We walked to the cafeteria which already had the others in it. There was a table with 2 guys and another table with 2 girls. We walked over to the table with the two guys first.

"Guys I want you to meet Avery, the new girl." Both guys looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey, I'm Eli." The blonde said, he had his hair pulled back in a man bun. He's not as attractive as Liam but still very good looking. He's much more pale and he has crystal blue eyes, while Liam has a gorgeous shade of hazel.

"I'm Joshua, but you can call me Josh. It's nice to finally meet you avery." He winked at me then smiled. He seems nice. He's smaller built than the other two guys. His reddish/ brown curly hair. He has several tattoos up his arms but not near as many as Liam.

"Why don't we go meet the two girls then get something to eat?" Liam mentioned. I nodded my head and waved the two boys bye. They just smiled and waved back.

We walked over to the table to the two girls who could easily be models. I noticed they're much taller than me from training, I was standing right next to the one.

"Girls, this is Avery." They also smiled at me, wow I'm definitely not use to this friendliness.

"I'm Rubin. I'm the oldest here. Nice to meet you Avery." The girl with the blonde bangs and the rest of her hair dark purple spoke. She looks mean but she has a really soft voice. She has a nice toned body. Her hair compliments her pale skin.

"I'm Chloe. I'm so glad to have another girl in this place." I laughed at the redheads comment. She's definitely a lot more cheerful than Rubin. Maybe I can actually make friends here.

"Well I'm sure Avery's hungry, you ready to get some food?" I nodded my head and waved the girls bye. They smiled and waved back.

I followed Liam over to the counter to order some food. I got some chicken tenders and fries. I never got actual meals back at home, but with me working hard everyday I'm going to have to get use to eating a lot.

Once we both got our food we walked over to and empty table. Right before Liam could begin speaking, I saw Ian walking over to our table.

"Liam can I talk to you for a moment?" Liam looked up at Ian then back at me and smiled.

"I'll be back in a minute, I promise." I smiled and nodded while shoving my mouth full of chicken tenders. Ian patted my back lightly and chuckled. I watched both of them walk to an office, while I continued to eat my chicken tenders. I wonder what they're talking about?
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