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Chapter 8


When I walked out of my office I had seen Avery and Liam talking. His dad was involved with the mafia business until he was killed when Liam was only 5. I need to let him know who Avery really is.

Me and Liam walked into my office and I closed the door.

"Am I in trouble sir?" Liam questioned me.

"No, I just need to tell you something." He looked at me with confusion written all over his face, but I see slight fear in his eyes.

"You know how your dad was involved with the Knights mafia, but was killed by the rival?" I question the kid, I know I really shouldn't bring it up beings it's a sensitive topic to him, but it relates with Avery. I saw him fidget in his seat, I can tell he's uncomfortable.

"Yea, but what does this have to do with anything?" There's slight annoyance in his voice. He crossing his arms over his chest.

"Avery..." he raised a brow at me.

"What about Avery?" He questioned, his tone getting slightly more annoyed. I took a deep breath before continuing my sentence.

"Here she goes by Avery knightly, but her real name is Roxanne Knight. She's a Knight, Liam. I could easily tell you both are getting close. She trusts you, I can also see you kinda like her already. You couldn't keep your eyes off of her during training. Don't fuck up her trust, or Alessandro or Mark Knight will hunt you down and kill you. They don't play around with her." I kinda lied on the killing part, I really doubt they'd actually do anything. They don't seem to care about her so there's no way they'd do anything, but I wanted to put a little fear in Liam, just in case.

There was shock in his eyes, I don't know if it's from knowing Avery is actually a Knight or if he's genuinely scared of the threat.

"I'll take care of her boss, I promise." He's taking on a big challenge, but of all people I know he can handle it.

"I want you to be her partner from here on out. She seems to be comfortable with you so it would just make sense that you all work together." I saw a slight spark in his eyes when I told him he'd be working with Avery. Oh shit, be careful if you get yourself involved with her kid.

"Thank you sir"

"Be careful kid." He nodded at me and left the room. I really hope he's careful with her. She might not know who her real family is, but she's already shown she's capable to do anything they do. I just don't want anyone getting hurt.


I walked out of Ian's office and stood there for a second and took a deep breath. Wow, Avery is really Roxy who's a Knight. He held a private meeting with me so I guess he doesn't want me saying anything.

I looked back over to the table we were at and she's still there.

I walked back over to Avery she looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. I slightly smiled at her and she smiled back. I stared at her for a moment, picturing her hair black, and damn she's an exact replica of the Knights. There's no denying it thats for sure.

"Is there something on my face?" She questioned and I just laughed at her. Damn she's so cute. I just shook my head no. I saw her slightly blush.

"Tell me about yourself Avery." I honestly just want to know if she knows anything about her true self, but I also want to get to know her. She waited a moment before speaking, I guess she was just trying to figure out what to say.

"Well, I'm 15. I don't have any friends. My family doesn't care about me, that's why I ran away. Uhh.. I can't think of anything else." I noticed how she went from confident to shy. Wow, did they really keep her locked up all the time where she wasn't able to figure out who she really is? I'd be lying if I said that didn't bother me a little bit, honestly I'm angry about it, but I won't show her that.

"What about you?" Her question brought me out of my thoughts.

"Well, I'm 16. I've been here for about 6 months. Josh, Eli, Rubin, and Chloe are the only friends I've had." Her head dropped. Damn it felt like something was just stabbed into my chest. "I'm sure they'll be your friends too, I'm your friend now anyways." She looked up at me and smiled, that beautiful smile of hers.

"I'm also all I have in my family." She looked at me with confusion.

"What about your parents, or siblings?" I knew she was going to ask that. I took a deep breath.

"My dad was killed when I was 5. My mom left right after she gave birth to me. Eli is my brother, well, half brother." I waited to see sympathy in her eyes, which isn't what I wanted, But when I looked into her eyes I didn't see any, I saw hope though. I think living here is going to be a little easier with her around.

I saw her yawn after sitting here for awhile. Everyone else has gone back to their rooms.

"You ready for bed?" She looked at me while rubbing on of her eye, while nodding her head. How cute.

I got up and grabbed her trash and threw it away. I walked back over to her and grabbed her hand and I walked to her room. Right before she closed her door she looked at me and smiled.

"Goodnight Liam." I smiled back at her.

"Goodnight avery." She smiled at me once again and closed her door. Damn I have to keep my feelings under control. You just meet the girl and you're already falling for her. I rolled my eyes and mentally face palmed myself before heading to my room.
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