Tainted Scorpion

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Let me just warn you all now, if you are expecting a story where the protagonist is a pacifist then my tainted pages aren’t for your weak eyes to peruse. I’m a bad girl who loves eating strong men all night long. As for the women, they are appetizers for my bloodthirsty gluttony. The children, tsk, they can't even arouse the hairs on my golden va-jay-jay. Pain is my forte and pleasure is my game. If you wish for someone to be killed then just say my name. As long as you supply my tank-account with ample amount of water, I will kill your wife and husband even your lovely daughter. I exist solely to fulfil my twisted clients’ desires. You can find my contact info at the end of the story. Please don’t bother me if you’re not serious about somebody entering the afterlife. Otherwise, I might have to xxx all you readers.

Action / Romance
Mia Aim
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Chapter 1 Men In Black

Author’s POV (Point Of View):

[Swoosh!] Behold the enlightened dusk that encompassed a metropolis rife with traditional-modern mixture of oriental architectures. Billowing trees of crimson hue growing all around the kaleidoscopic environment were routinely painting the atmosphere with their autumnal leaves. These trees were commonly known to the city’s inhabitants as Elij-Plum. The cool zephyr that permeates the air carried the shedding Elij-Plum leaves across their destined currents.

This lush setting belonged to Arak Gold metropolis. Though beautiful, it possessed many underground syndicates of vile characters who mostly governed from behind the scenes. The good law-abiding citizens usually drew the shorter end of the stick whenever there was an altercation among the dark forces inhabiting Arak Gold.

[Whoosh!] The dusk became frostier as darkness quickly took over. By the vacancies of vehicles traversing the road, indicated that something impacting was about to happen in Arak Gold which would rustle the limbs of myriads of underground bosses.

Tranquil, moreover, soothing was the sound of nocturnal engines. Upon a tall rooftop where a flourishing Elij-Plum tree hanged, was a lithe female figure garbed in golden vestment which captured the reflections of the city’s cascading illuminations. Her appearance was completely concealed save for her searing eyes that were emanating strong killing intent.

This mysterious lithe figure donned in golden-black armour was overlooking a tarnished alleyway that barely had any visible lighting, she was crouching soundly upon a thick branch. Multiple series of dark fumes oozed out the side of her mask whenever she twisted a nob on its lateral contours. She seemed to have received some elevated status to her physical attributes for right after she inhaled the dark fumes which oozed out of her adaptive mask, she disappeared into the depths of the night, eluding even my Author’s vision.

[Chep! Chep! Chep!] “Hey, get back here!” In the dark alley below, men wearing black suits were chasing after someone. It was a little girl who possessed the height and flexibility of a 10-year-old. Many heavy footsteps were closing in on the little girl’s proximity. Albeit she was fleeing with all her might there was no way for her tiny chicken legs to outrun the burly men. [Ba-Dump! Ba-Dump!] Fear began affecting her speed as the men in black drew closer.

“Grab that slippery brat! Don’t let her get away from us again!”

“Leave it to me, senior!” [Chep! Chep! Chep!]

When the little girl noticed a threatening arm reaching for her posterior, she screamed out in alarm. “No! Just leave me alone you brutes! I don’t want to go back there!”

“Shut up you smelly brat! You’re coming with us!” [Whoosh!] “I caught her.”

“Great job, K9. Hold her steady so I can tie her limbs.”

“Ok. While you are at it make sure to gag her. I don’t want this little devil sinking her fangs into me while I am escorting her back.”

“You got it, K9. Hold her steady.”

The suspicious men in black captured the rebellious little girl. They bound her limbs with tight straps so that she couldn’t escape from them. Finished with the first phase of their task, the man in black known as K9 tossed the little girl over his strapping shoulder then brought her to the end of the alley where a dark vehicle was waiting.

“Mhm! Mhm!” The little girl was behaving frantically while trying to bite through her gag to say something. But, the only thing that the men around her could perceive was her muffled irate tone. They ignored her inaudible rants and forced her into the dark vehicle.

“Get in and behave yourself, otherwise, you won’t be getting any candy for supper.” [Slam!] The doors of the dark vehicle closed after all the men in black alighted their bottoms inside. [Vrm! Vrm!] As the vehicle started reversing from the street side, a dubious shadow crept out of the alleyway’s thick darkness. It traversed the asphalt like a sly shade until it latched onto the underbelly of the vehicle. None of the passengers inside was aware of this shadowy presence that tailed them.

[Vrm! Vrm!] Sometime later, the dark vehicle transporting the men in black who abducted the rebellious little girl, pulled over in a lavish driveway which hosted a traditional Chinese style mansion on the premises. The entire swathe of land was surrounded by high concrete walls, a burglar would need to travel with a tall ladder if they wanted to rob this home. Also, they would need top-class martial skills to bypass the lots of security guards surveying the affluent compound.

[Clank! Clank!] After the dark vehicle settled in the driveway, the doors opened then the passengers started pouring out sequentially. Among them was the bound little girl. She was still being manhandled by K9 who tossed her around his shoulder once more.

“We’ve caught the little rascal. Go and inform the boss that we are bringing her in.”

“Right away, sir.” One of the security guards who were responsible for guarding the front entrance of the lavish mansion responded to the man in black then dashed into the mansion to inform his employer.

“Hey, K9 you go ahead with the others and bring the smelly brat. I am going to have a smoke over by the pond.”

“No problem, senior.” K9 watched as his team leader took out a pack of cigarette from his pants pocket while sauntering in the direction of a glowing fish pond. After he lit up his cigarette, K9 along with the other men in black began escorting the rascal into the mansion.

When the area surrounding the vehicle was now cleared of men in black, the dark silhouette that snuck underneath earlier slid to a lightly guarded spot inside the affluent compound which so happened to be close by the fish pond. [Whoosh!] The concealed shadow stealthily made its way upwards an Elij-Plum tree that the senior smoking his cigarette was leaning against.

[Cough! Cough!] The senior who was smoking underneath the Elij-Plum tree choked on the butt of his cigarette. He quickly exhaled smoke from his lungs then regained his breath. “Damn, I better quit smoking soon, otherwise, I might die before I hit middle age.”

“Fu-hu-hu. A bad smoking habit won’t be the cause of your death.” This unsounded voice came from the golden figure who had just surfaced out of the thick spot of darkness upon the Elij-Plum branch.

Main Character’s POV (Point Of View):


As I rose from the pit of darkness atop the Elij-Plum, the first thing I perceived was a lone man in black sucking out the tainted embers of his cigarette below me. He looked so much like a spoiled baby who loved sucking on their finger even though it was causing them to choke their guts out. “What a silly man.” I thought to myself.

I could easily cut off his tongue along with his head but I decided not to. I was a pro assassin after all. Until my main target have been assassinated I wouldn’t create any unnecessary uproar. It was unbecoming of someone of my calibre.

[Glance! Glance!] I began analysing the dangerous structures of my surrounding. Underground bulls were safeguarding all of the possible entrances of the luxurious mansion. Several men patrolling the tile rooftop, 5 loitering in the driveway, 3 at the front and side entrances. There were probably more of them at the rear region of the mansion. But I didn’t concern myself with those who my vision couldn’t reach. If I couldn’t see them then they couldn’t see me.

“My main target is somewhere inside that mansion. After I’ve claimed his head then I can let loose on the stragglers. Wow! I’m so excited. The events that are about to take place tonight will surely make my lady parts tingle.”

Being stimulated by overflowing elation, I stealthily hopped down from the tree branch then hid behind the tall shrubs. The nearby fish pond was giving off a brightness that would show up my golden appearance, hence I quickly opted to erase my presence from that area by twisting the nob on my mask. [Spssh!]

The dark mist which oozed out of the capsules flowed into my nostrils and awakened my preternatural strength. My constitution wasn’t of normal quality, I experienced a memorable trauma when I was still wetting my panties at a very young age. This impacting experience modified my bodily functions drastically. For one, I loved the taste of pain now. Whenever I got hurt especially severely, my lady parts would just overflow with sensual pleasures. That was why I lived my life on the breaking edge of existence where dangers would always present itself so I could satisfy my excruciating yearning for agony. Oh my, just talking about pain gets me all fired up.

To clarify my evolved strength that would awaken whenever I inhaled the Dark Bloom Orchid’s mist, I was able to liquefy my solid-state to that of a shadow which could only blend well in dark objects. Thus whenever it was dark, I was always at the peak of my game. Almost no one could overpower me at night. My ability was known as Shadow Crawler.

Two mystical organisms were lying dormant within my cerebral flesh. These arcane objects were what strengthened my constitution to abnormality, moreover, made me capable of utilizing supernatural attributes. Among the Assassin League of Black Scorpions, they were known as Psionic Scorpions. Okay, I’ve elaborated enough on my special constitution, time to get back to the assassination plot.

After activating Shadow Crawler I blended into the shade of my environment then slid alongside the dark surfaces of the protective walls unnoticed until I reached the rooftop of the mansion. From there, I surfaced the dark puddle and discovered a patrolling guard close by. While reaching for the short sword present at my rear, I quietly snuck up behind the guard with bad intentions in mind.

[Sneak! Sneak!] My face was practically inches away from kissing this guard’s round ass yet he was still unaware of my presence. All he needed to do was crack a deadly fart and I would have surely been defeated. But he didn’t. I waited until the other guards were out of sight before swiftly cutting his throat from behind. I didn’t get any thrill from killing this weak man. He died so easily without putting up a fight, it made my stomach turned. I hate it whenever my prey decayed easily but since this was a stealth operation, I had to put up with what I loathed for the time been.

As I continued to secretly wrap up the underground bulls spread among the tiled rooftop, I received an incoming transmission in my earpiece. “Tainted Scorpion, take a detour to your left. From there you will find a viable access point to the interior of the compound.”

“Alright, Sensei.” The person who had just spoken into my earpiece was my beloved martial arts teacher and saviour. He was the man who rescued me from my impacting life trauma and taught me all the mad skills of assassination. He was such an aberrant man who physically abused me every time we met. Due to this, I was in love with his handsome devil persona though I had no idea what he looked like. Whenever I met him he was always garbed in dark vestment from head to toe, not even his eyes were perceptible to me. I knew him as Master Odok, one of the main person in charge of the Assassin League of Black Scorpions.

The Assassin League of Black Scorpions was a contracted organisation that occasionally run perilous errands for Arak Gold’s underground syndicates. I was one of the elite assassins who studied directly under Master Odok. Due to my special constitution along with my exceptional skills, he gave me the moniker, Tainted Scorpion. This name suited me perfectly. He also volunteered to be my handler whenever there was a big contract. How cool was that?

After finding the roof compartment that my mentor informed me about, I didn’t just rush inside impulsively. I wanted more details about my errand, thus I converse with Master Odok again. “Sensei, I know that I’m supposed to take out some big shot from this lavish mansion but I don’t have much description to relate to my target. You didn’t send me a photo, only a name. How am I supposed to find and kill the right person?”

“Tainted Scorpion, how long have you been working for me?”

“How long have I been working…? What does that have to do with what I asked? Just tell me what I want to know already, stop being so mystical and vague.”

“This is also a part of your training, Tainted Scorpion. The person you were sent to kill is the most influential figure in the household. You don’t need to think long and hard about identifying him. ”

“Oookay… I get it now, sensei. Thanks for the hint.” [Creek!] Finished speaking to my mentor, I unlocked the roof compartment and snuck into the mansion unnoticed.

“Master said that the target is the most influential figure in the household. All I have to do is follow the pungent scent of bootlickers and they will lead me straight to my target.”

[Scrut! Scrut!] I continued crawling through the narrow ventilation duct until I eventually spotted the men in black carrying a little girl through a hallway which led towards a vacant dojo.

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