Diary Of An Assassin (OC 3)

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The story is about a 16-year-old girl named Gem Baldwin. She was born into a family of assassins and was living a happy life until her 6th birthday. On that day, a mysterious figure attacked her parents and burned the Baldwin manor down. With no where to go, no money and no family, she turns to the one thing she knows how to do best, becoming an assassin.

Action / Fantasy
Hero Productions
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"Finally, it is complete. Finally, after years of work, I can eradicate those vermin off this Earth." Dr. Thorn looked at his creation with a twinkle in his eye.

"What is ready doctor thorn?" It was Micheal his assistant, always asking stupid questions.
"Don't you see my boy? She is ready, project Rose is ready." Dr. Thorn was like an excited kid who was about to receive candy.
"Are you sure, doctor? I went over some code and-" Micheal started.
"I'm sure boy! Don't you dare question me!" Dr. Thorn snapped. "Now bring in general Anthony Sr."
Micheal nodded and scurried away through the lab doors, clutching his clipboard tightly. Dr. Thorn once again admired his work. Every feature of her was perfect. Her jet-black hair tucked into 2 neat buns. She was deactivated at the moment so he couldn't see the hazel eyes shining, but they were there. Last but not least, the petite muscular figure, everything he had done.
"Dr. Thorn, general Anthony is here." Micheal scuttled off to a corner as the muscular general walked through the double doors of the laboratory.
"Are the preparations made doctor?" His voice was deep and gruff, just like him. He had tanned skin, and a shaved head and on top was a cap with wings on it. The medals dangled off his camo green uniform and his chin looked like it was made of iron. He had big beefy muscles, everything about him was intimidating. It even struck fear into Dr. Thorn.
"Yes, of course, general Anthony. Her code is finished, and she is ready for her mission." Dr. Thorn's voice was high pitched like a mouse he was so intimidated.
"Was it tested in combat?" General Anthony interrogated with his booming voice.
"Yes, of course, sir." Dr. Thorn squeaked.
"Good. Now it is ready."
Dr. Thorn nodded. "Indeed, she is ready to wipe out the Baldwin bloodline for good."
End Of Prologue.
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