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Upcoming Alpha to rule Racer Stone has yet to find his mate whether it's another Lycan or human. He has somewhat given up, but deep down he still has hope especially when he meets Angie a human. He feels a strong attraction towards her, but feels like something is blocking him and he doesn't understand why. Angie Ruiz is a simple human 25 year old woman who took over her deceased mother's flower shop. She meets Racer and her heart pounds for him. She is also greeted by a Lycan stalker who dared infiltrate the peaceful community just to have her for himself, but for what reason. Why is she being the object of his obsession. What is his motive?

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Angie was on her knees holding a small garden rake as she dug a hole to plant wildflowers and her favorite pansy’s. She loved how they look as if they were bickering when the wind blew. The air that morning was warm and inviting. Her large brim hat shielded her soft brown eyes from the shiny sun. Her long wavy chocolate brown hair hung in a thick braid to the side. The sterling silver heart necklace her mother had given her hung freely right above her high full breast as she leaned forward. Her father Ben called out to her to come and eat the breakfast he had prepared especially for her. It was a very special day because today is her 25th birthday. She was proudly a Summer child. Angie stood up and removed her garden gloves and set it down on a small red wheel wagon that was already occupied with a sack of dirt and every garden tool needed for the job. She removed her large brim hat, leaving it on top of her gardening supplies, then walked through her blossoming garden that was full of her deceased mother’s favorite flowers. It was just Angie and her father Ben and they meant the world to each other. She came in and washed her hands then sat down at the small round table across from her dad. He was drinking his coffee from his favorite mug that Angie had made him for Father’s Day when she was in the 5th grade. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best Father’s Day gift he ever received. That’s what he told her when she gave it to him proudly and full of love and the writing was in different colors that said I love daddy.

”Good morning daddy.” she cheerfully said as she shoved bacon in her mouth.

”Good morning sweetheart and happy birthday.”

”Thank you daddy.” She looked at the clock, seeing it was past 8am then at her father. “You need to hurry or you will be late for work.”

”Ah shit!” He stood up, already in uniform and kissed Angie on the head before heading towards the front door. He shouted out to Angie, “Pumkin, your gift is on your bed.”

Angie shouted back “Ok dad thank you and I love you.”

”I love you more.” he was in his car and already out the driveway and on the road to work.

Angie finished her breakfast and washed the dishes. She then headed upstairs to her room and saw a small box with a silver bow on it. She eagerly opened it and smiled. It was a small sterling silver ring with a blue stone in the middle. It was gorgeous. Her phone began to ring. She answered it and couldn’t help but laugh when her best friend Tina yelled happy birthday.

”Hi Tina and thank you.” she laughed. “You almost busted my eardrums.” she laughed again.

”Sorry about that, but I’m so happy for you and we have to celebrate. What do you want to do?” Tina asked.

”Scary movies and snacks?” Angie suggested.

”Really? You don’t want to go out like a club or a club?” Tina sounded disappointed. Angie rolled her eyes knowing Tina couldn’t see her. Tina has been trying to get Angie to celebrate her birthday in a club since they hit 18 years old.

”Yes really and you know how my dad feels about me being out so late at night.” It was Tina’s turn to roll her eyes.

”You’re 25 Ang. That means adult, adult, but It’s your birthday and your wish is my command so that means Devan and me will swing by at 6pm with the snacks. Are you going out for a run?”

Angie brought out her old beaten sneakers out of the closet and sat on the bed. ”Of course, then head to work and run back home. You should come with me.”

Tina was appalled at the idea. ”Uh yah, umm nope. Exercise is not for me.”

Angie shrugged. ”Ok. See you later.”

Tina giggled. ”Love you bitch.”

Angie giggled as well. ”Love you too heffa.” Angie put on her workout tights, slipped on her sports bra and a tank top over that said it’s all in the booty. She read the shirt in the mirror and turned her bottom to the side. “Oh yeah, my booty is out there.” She inherited her mother’s hourglass shape. It made her father Ben nervous whenever she dressed up or went for her morning runs. She grabbed her ipod and put on her headphones. She ran downstairs then locked the door. She stretched before she started to run her regular 10 miles. As she ran up the running path in the woods she had the strangest feeling that she was being followed. She didn’t stop running, only quickly turned her head to see if anyone was behind her. Her heart started to beat faster and it wasn’t because of the running, but because she was getting scared. She knew many Lycans lived around the area. There were two types of Lycan clans. The good ones that lived in peace with the humans in regular City or suburban neighborhoods and then there were the wild ones that wouldn’t hesitate to kill a human or Lycan just for sheer pleasure of the killing or kidnapping women to procreate. Those evil types of Lycans were forbidden to enter the peaceful community. About 50 years ago, a huge war broke out separating the Lycans. They used to be under one Lycan ruler who only went by the name of Neron, but he was ruthless and barbaric. He also never found his mate and therefore would take women for his pleasure whether they wanted to or not. One Lycan named Brad Stone secretly gathered an army of Lycans that opposed Neron’s rulings and were able to thwart him off the throne. Neron who sported a long scar, thanks to Alpha Brad Stone, from the top of his forehead, down passed his missing left eye and straight down to his neck and some of his followers escaped from the bloodbath never to be seen or heard of again. Alpha Brad Stone was ordained as the new ruler of the Lycans. He is well respected and loved by all. Alpha Stone was able to expand their community and provided many jobs for both Lycan and humans. Not one person under his rule was jobless or homeless. The good Lycans had many guards patrolling throughout the community along with skilled human fighters to keep the humans and their own safe.

However, their barriers have been breached several times which Angie started panicking and began running faster while looking back. Suddenly she felt the wind knocked out of her as she rolled on the ground with another much larger individual on her. They rolled together until they finally stopped, but she was on the bottom.

”Shit! Are you ok?!” The man asked Angie as she was trying to catch her breath to respond.

”Ouuuucccchhhhh.” she sang it out. She opened her eyes and looked into the most beautiful bluest/orange eyes she has ever seen. His jaw was chiseled and it had stubs on it. His lips were full and all she wanted to do was reach up and bite it. What a gorgeous face. Her hands fell on top of his shoulders which felt so hard and muscular underneath her touch. She was breathless, the necklace heart slid down to the side of her neck as her chest heaved up and down very fast trying to catch her breath.

”Wow, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered. He loved how his skin burned under her touch and how her breast was rubbing against his chest as she tried to catch her breath. Her body felt good underneath him. He stared into her big brown eyes, then moved his gaze down to her own full lips. He thought to himself God I want to suck on those lips. He finally spoke up. “So are you ok?”

She nodded her head. ”Uhhh...I think so...Ummm can you please get off of me?” Her eyebrows shot up.

”Oh yeah right.” He stood up grabbing her hand and pulling her up with him. They both wiped dirt off of them. “I’m sorry for running into you.”

She looked up at him and my goodness this man is extremely tall. He must be about 6’7 compared to her 5’5 stature. She didn’t know if he was a Lycan or human, but Lycan’s are known to be very tall and muscular. ”I should be sorry. I wasn’t looking where I was running.” She tore her eyes away from his gorgeous body.

”I’m kind of hard to miss, but Hi, my name is Racer Stone.” He stretched out his hand and she shook it.

”Oh, Mr. Stone. I believe my dad works as a gardener at your home.”

”No, he works at my parents home. I have my own house closer to the trailways.” He motioned with his chin the direction of his home.

“My name is Angie Ruiz and I live that way.” She motioned with her chin the direction of her home. Racer laughed as she mimicked his actions. ”I guess you’re here for the ceremony then?” She smiled up at him.

”Yes I am.” his eyes moved up and down her body. “Will you be there?” His eyes suddenly showed signs of lust. Angie gulped shly, crossing her arms over her chest.

”I have to attend so yeah I’ll be seeing you there.” Racer noticed she quickly shied looking away and decided to ease her nerves.

”I’ve been running for quite a while and I’m hungry. Would you like to grab a bite with me?” He asked with hopeful eyes.

”Right now?” She asked, smiling. She couldn’t help but smile. There was something about Racer that made the pit of her stomach feel hot and in a very good way. She’s had a few boyfriends, but none of them could hold a candle to Racer.

”Yes right now. After you ran into me, I just don’t feel like running anymore and will prefer to eat.”

They both laughed and she agreed. At the cafe they talked and laughed a lot. He told her about his family and she was happy that he was one of the good ones. As he spoke to her, Angie couldn’t help but feel a connection to him. The way he looked at her made her blush and he found that very satisfying. To Racer the connection was mutual, but he felt that he was being blocked for some reason. The attraction was definitely there and he desired her, but she was out of reach for some reason. He could hear her heartbeat speed up every time he looked at her, licking his lips or just simply smiled. Angie looked at her watch and didn’t realize that they spent almost 2 hours together.

”Oh my goodness it’s so late. I have to head to work. Thank you Mr. Stone for today.” She rose up from her seat.

”Please call me Racer,” He winked at her. “Where do you work? I’ll walk you there.” Angie gave him a big smile.

“Thanks, but aren’t you tired of my company?”

He smirked at her as he held the door open for her to pass through. ”I don’t think I could ever be tired of your company.” he smiled as she blushed, again.

”Well in that case, I’d love for you to walk me to work.” They stepped out of the cafe and started walking down the street.

“So where do you work?” Racer asked.

“At the flower shop. It was my mother’s and now I run it.” Racer looked at her face and she seemed to be in a daze. She turned to look up at him, she noticed his eyebrows furrowed. Like he wanted to ask her something personal without being too personal. “My mother used to run the shop until she got sick. Once she passed, I took over her business that she loved so much.”

Racer felt bad for Angie. He could tell she was still hurt from the loss. “I’m sorry Angie.”

She smiled up at him. “It’s ok. You can make it up to me by buying some flowers.” She smirked at him.

Racer laughed. “Do I get a discount?”

She nudged him with her elbow. “Nope. You will pay full price.”

He held his hand over his heart. “Ouch.” He pouted.

“No ouching. You can afford it.” She teased. Once they made it to the shop, he opened the door to let her in first. Angie waved at Devan who came over and hugged her very much to Racer’s dislike especially since Devan happens to be a Lycan.

“Good afternoon boss,” Devan kissed the top of her head. Angie checked her watch and sure enough it was 12:15pm. She couldn’t believe how much time had passed by. She apologetically looked at Devan who only chuckled. “Don’t worry boss. I was here to open shop on time.”

“Thank you Devan,” she then pinched his cheek. “I don’t know what I will do without you.”

“Probably lose your business,” he chuckled as she punched his arm.

She passed through the counter door. ”Will you be running tomorrow?” Racer suddenly asked, ignoring Devan’s presence.

”Yes, I run every morning, except for this upcoming week due to the Alpha’s party.”

He smiled at the news. ”I understand. Hopefully after the party we can run together.”

She nodded happily. ”That sounds wonderful. Just as long as you’re springing for food again.” He laughed heartily and moved a loose strand of hair behind her ear. Angie blushed at his intimacy.

”Can I get your number and address?” She nodded and gave him her number as well as her address. He quickly entered it in his phone and called her so that she’ll have his. “I hope to see you before the party Angie.” He walked backwards towards her shop’s front door.

”I will call you Racer.” After he left, she released the breath she didn’t know she was holding.

“Oh my shitty stars! That was freaking Racer Stone. The Racer Stone!” Devan said with a smirk on his face.

“That is Racer Stone.” She sighed dreamily.

“As in the son of the Ruler, Alpha of this entire community.” Angie nodded without saying a word. “Well, he sure likes you, so climb that tree while he’s still mateless.” Devan laughed. Angie’s eyebrows furrowed, then eased up as she laughed along with him.

“Get to work you perv,” She lightly hit his shoulders. “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Wait a second,” he smiled brightly at her as he rummaged through a draw. “Ah, here. Happy birthday.”

Angie smiled as she took the gift bag from him, removing the paper before smiling up at him. “Oh wow, thank you Devan.” She pulled out the new pair of running sneakers that she needed badly. She and Devan have known each other since they were in the 2nd grade. At the tender age of 14, he started working at her mother’s flower shop and has been with her ever since. Devan and Angie always referred to each other as siblings. They both met Tina in the 8th grade when she moved into town and have been inseparable.

“Let me guess what you will be doing for your birthday,” he tapped his temple with his finger before he snapped his fingers and pointed at her. “Horror movie night with snacks and your two dearest friends Tina and me.” After she nodded in agreement, he waved her away as he pinched his nose making Angie chuckle. “Please don’t smell like that tonight.”

By 4pm, Devan had shooed Angie away. He will lock up as he always did. Angie quickly ran up the stairs to her bedroom, removing all of her clothing and entered the shower for the second time that day. She thought about Racer, his smile, his amazing blue orange eyes, his muscular body. He made the most intimate part of her body tingle. She slid her hand over her breast and down her flat stomach until she reached her throbbing nub that was begging for release. She touched herself thinking about him, biting her lower lip as she pleasured herself, thinking about him until she finally released. She was out of breath but satisfied. She’s only had two human boyfriends and she always had to finish satisfying herself after sex. She couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have sex with a Lycan.

Unknowing to her, there were a set of black eyes watching her. Angie wrapped the towel around her torso as she wiped the mirror from the watery mist. As she checked her face in the mirror, she looked behind her and screamed when she saw a beastly face staring back at her from the bathroom window. The beast jumped down and ran out into the woods. Angie quickly dressed, running down the stairs when the doorbell rang making her gasp. She stood frozen in her spot until she heard Tina and Devan yell at her to open the door.

Angie, relieved to hear her friend’s voices, ran to open the door, pulling both of her friends inside as she took a quick look outside before locking the door.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Tina asked as she walked past Angie and placed five boxes of pizza on the kitchen island. The plastic bags she had hanging on her wrist held all of the chips and snacks that soon were also placed on the island.

Devan sniffed the air and looked around briefly. “Bitch, dry your hair,” he said as he too walked past her, placing two boxes of beer on the island too. He opened the boxes and placed all the beers in the refrigerator except for three cans. He handed one over to Tina who already was on her third slice of pizza.

“Are you ok?” Tina asked Angie who kept staring at the windows.

“Y...yeah I’m fine,” she smiled. She then grabbed a slice of pizza, leaving it dangle in her mouth as she opened a can of beer before starting to eat it.

Since Devan was a Lycan, his appetite was nothing to joke about. He grabbed five slices, placing one on top of the other before it was all gone within three bites. Since Devan was the tallest of the three, it was his duty to bring down the bowls to put the snacks in. The girls filled up two bowls with chips and the third bowl was filled with candy before taking it to the family room. Devan had finished three entire boxes of pizza by himself and decided to stop because he wanted snacks and candy. The girls ate the other two boxes, but left three slices for Ben before grabbing beers and heading to the family room.

“What are we watching?” Tina asked as she stuffed a mouthful of popcorn.

“We are watching Train to Busan,” Angie said happily. “I heard the zombie’s in this movie are insane.”

“Yayyy, we get to watch dead people eat uninteresting people. Hey, I have an excellent idea for a zombie movie. How about a horde of zombies eat all those self centered stupid reality stars?” Devan said as he stuffed his mouth with puffy cheetos.

“You have my vote on that,” Tina fist bumped Devan.

“I think that’s an excellent idea Devan,” Angie nodded. “What would you name the movie?”

“Zombies eat irrelevant, attention hungry people.” They all laughed.

“As long as your zombies don’t eat BTS or any Kpop idols, I will gladly help you fund your movie.” Angie said with seriousness. Tina high fived her for the true ARMY’s they were.

“No harm will come to our idols in the East.” Devan placed his right hand over his heart and his left up in promise. “Besides I wouldn’t mention any other males around Racer Stone. The man looked like he wanted my head on a platter when he saw me.” He laughed.

“What?” Tina turned her body fully to face Angie. “Why am I learning about this now?”

“We ran into each other on the trailway and he offered to buy me food. No biggy.”

“No biggy she says,” she turned her head to look at Devan then back at Angie. “Will you be seeing him again?”

“Yup,” Angie smiled without giving out any more information. “Now press play.” Tina rolled her eyes knowing that this topic was closed.

Ben walked in just as the train in the movie was leaving the station. “Hello,” he smiled.

“Hi dad,” they all said in unison.

“Want a beer dad?” Devan held one over his head for Ben to grab it. Ben gladly took it and drank from it with much delight. “There’s three slices of pizza for you on the kitchen island.”

“Thanks,” Ben walked into the kitchen, washed his hands then finished the three slices before heading upstairs to shower.

The movie became intense and had the three friends screaming as the zombies broke through the glass like a huge wave of water. After the movie, Devan went into the guest room to sleep and Tina went to Angie’s. After brushing her teeth, Angie shut off the lights leaving only the night stars to light up her room. Tina was fast asleep as Angie walked towards the window. She hugged herself as her eyes searched the backyard for any signs of the beast she saw earlier. Fifteen minutes past before Angie gave in to her sleep.

The beast watched Angie from a dark corner where it hid behind a tree. It would be so easy right now to crash through the window and grab her. Everyone is too drunk and disoriented to even act quickly. His only challenge right now would be the Lycan sleeping in the other room. Besides, he was ordered to watch her only. Her day will come soon. Very soon.

I hope that you enjoyed my new werewolf story. Please comment, like and share if you like. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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