The Amazons

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An epic fantasy story written in lyrical poetry.

Action / Fantasy
Peter Gunn
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We have all seen ladies gently take their beau's hand and understand their place in society.
But why do they allow themselves to be tamed when their heart is being eaten away with desire?
An internal fire to breakaway from what society requires.

There once was a time when women ruled the land and men were just used for occasional pleasures.
Discarded and regarded as usless men, were used solely for induction into Amazonian reproduction.

Hidden in a place so secluded they were excluded from modern life.
Forgotten and misbegotten they did blossom into their own unique culture.
A nation created by women fated by the Gods of olde with bold spirit and inherent strength ten-fold from the human mold.

I was once told by an explorer 'twas 105 years old about this fabled tribe of women who existed in complete obsecurity.
Their purity of spirit was unbound
Deep in the Amazon they did abound unchained by society

He was part of an expedition that was on a mapping mission.
It was his job to chart the way from depart to weigh if legends of ancient Amazon gold did hold truth for the British crown to hold.

As his story was told I could not withhold how my curiosity was peaked as it did unfold. But I will let you be the judge to take you back to the day my life did change in a very "giant" way.
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