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Chapter 1.

“Subject 22708 appears to be able to hear, but she’s not fully conscious yet, her body movement seems to be responsive, my lord.”

Hermione felt herself slowly become conscious again, she heard a nonfamiliar deep voice say something to somebody but she was too weak to open her eyes or to even move. She had no idea where she was or how she got here but she tried her best to recall the last thing she remembered.

Malfoy and herself in the great hall at Hogwarts.

Where she was now, was definitely not Hogwarts. The air was freezing, and when she tried to move her arms to rub her eyes, but she was unable to. While panicking she quickly popped her eyes open and frantically looked down at where her arms were. She realized she wasn’t on the floor, she was laying in a starfish position on the top of a very long, and wide table. Her arms and feet were chained down and she could only move her limbs half an inch or two, back and forth.

The room was very dark but her eyes still had difficulty adjusting to the lights around her, she lay on the table in the middle of the room and heard a few people whispering, but her vision was far too blurry to see. Her pulse was quickening as she realized more, and more things, and after a minute or so, she was having a panic attack. Her chest was rising up and down rapidly, she began slightly trembling, and she felt like somebody was holding her by her throat.

“My Lord, she’s fully conscious now. The antidote worked.”

She had her eyes shut tightly, however she couldn’t help but open them to see who had spoken these words. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was in the middle of a room, and around her stood almost every single deatheater alive. They were all staring at her like they hadn’t eaten in days and she was a perfectly cut piece of Treacle tart.

She turned her head to the right and saw a short and extremely bad postured man with horrendous and unbrushed hair. He had huge bags under his eyes like he might pass out at any moment. He was kneeling before Voldemort and had a pleading look on his face, that puzzled her. Before she had any time to take in any more of his features, a bright green light shined out of the tip of Voldemort’s wand and the man dropped to the floor.


Hermione quickly tried her best to look down, before her, to see where Voldemort himself was seated.

He was sitting on an old, and rusty throne on a high platform. The throne was a worn-out grey color with small specks of gold around the lining. The cushions were a dirty creme color all around. On the left of him stood Fenrir Greyback; a werewolf that had eaten and killed Lavender Brown during the battle. To the Right was.. was Draco Malfoy. She couldn’t help but let out a small gasp. The last time she remembered him, he was skinny and tall and had very dark bags under his eyes.

Now, his hair was still bright, platinum blonde and he still had a pale, pointed, sneering face. He was much buffer now. Her arms were almost 3 times as big as before, and he looked a lot scarier now.

How long was I passed out for?

2 1/2 years. Happy New Year, darling.

She heard the sound of a deep voice ringing through her ears. She had no idea who it was or how they knew was she was thinking, but she made sure her expression remained flat but began looking around the room. Everyone was facing Voldemort, making sure they were listening to what he was saying so they didn’t get punished.

When she lifted her head and looked down at Voldemort, her eyes landed on Malfoy’s. His expression turned into a nasty smirk and propped one eyebrow up. Great. She couldn’t even think without being violated.

After a while, Voldemort was finally finished talking and everyone turned towards Hermione. She had no idea why, she wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying. Her heart began racing even faster when she heard him speak again.

“You may begin with the examination.” She heard him saying.

Examination? Right here in front of everyone? She began sweating, as she felt somebody remove the chains from her arms, and feet.

“Mildred, move the table closer, I want to make sure the Mudblood doesn’t pull any tricks.”

Before her left hand was untied she felt a sudden pull on the table and it was pulled halfway across the room, she let out a small yelp. She could barely talk, her throat felt as dry as ever almost like sandpaper. Finally, her last hand was untied and when she looked down at what she was wearing, it was a thin hospital-style type of gown. You could practically see everything through it but at least it was covered.

Lost in the train of thought she heard an ugly, and rough voice tell her to stand up.

“Uh.- I.. C-ca.. can.-t” I managed to respond. I haven’t moved in 3 years and they expect me to just be able to skip around?

“Mildred you may try and hold her up while she’s standing on the scale.”

The women firmly grasped Hermione’s arms and practically dragged her to the scale, which was right before Voldemort. She knew that Mildred could feel her trembling. She put her on the scale and waited a couple of seconds for the weight to show up. 39 kgs.

She was almost 21 years old and she weighed less than a year 5 student.

“Well, what does it say?” Voldemort demanded.

“39 kilograms my lord.” The woman responded with a shaky voice.

He let out an ugly cackle, “86 pounds? Were you, or were you not feeding her life I asked you to?” He asked.

The women’s color turned pale and she paused, “My Lord I was under the impression by one of your guards that your Aide would be bringing her food. That is what I was told when I tried to give her food.”

“Malfoy? Why isn’t she fed?” He snarled.

“That was never my responsibility she doesn’t know what she’s saying.” He responded.

Voldemort began growing angrier and pulled out his wand again, ’AVADA KEDAVRA” The same green light came spilling out of the tip of his wand again and Mildred fell to the floor.

“Mazen you may take her place.” He spoke as nothing happened. “Malfoy dispose of the bodies.” A bright light shot past Hermione and the body was gone.

Mazen grabbed Hermione softer and summoned an old wooden chair, where she sat her down. she began doing the normal stuff like testing her reflexes and making sure all her bones were normal. She stood her up again and grabbed a tape measure and began measuring everything while a floating quill and pad wrote everything she was saying down.

“Waist, 23.5 in... Bust, 32A, Hips, 30..”

Her face was practically as red as the leftover blood on the floor. She wasn’t ashamed of Mazen saying these out loud, she was ashamed of how thin she’d gotten.

“Alright call the other sluts to bathe her and get her dressed she has somewhere to be, and a ceremony to attend.” He spoke with a grin on his face.

A ceremony? Hopefully, they’re killing me.

Immediately after 2 girls came rushing from the door, bowed before Voldemort, and held Hermione up to bring her to a separate room. She was brought into an empty room that had a bunch of random dresses on a lonely rack in the corner, a small vanity, and other hair things. They brought her to the bathroom.

“Can you bathe yourself or do you want us to do it?”

All she could do was nod her head no and they walked away. It took her some time before she finally stood up on her feet. She was wobbly but managed to wash her hair, body, and other spots. She shampooed her hair 3 times before she felt somewhat clean and cleaned her body 8 times.

After about 45 minutes she got out of the shower and found a robe sitting on the counter, she put it on and since she didn’t have any clothes, she walked out of the common room.

The two girls were still there and they were setting things up the vanity. “Oh great you’re out I’m Manda like Amanda but not really.”

“I’m Sophie that’s my full name, not Sophia.”

“He..- hey, Oh... He-r Hermione.” she introduced herself.

“Lovely name, alright so we were told to do whatever but make you still look natural so if you don’t mind we want to give you a haircut.” Spoke Sophi.

“Don’t worry it’s nothing dramatic maybe 3 inches or more if you like.”

Manda grabbed her arm and pulled her to sit down and see how long her hair had grown. Her hair was almost past her but. Insanely curly and knotted.

“Uh.. cu- cut- it..” She cleared her throat.

“Don’t tell anyone we gave you this but here, it’s only water don’t worry.” Said Manda.

She took a sip of water and already felt so much better. Only when she finished the entire cup she set it back down.

“Um cut it to-to where my underarms are.”

“Oh okay, I know you don’t care but layers?” Sophi asked.

“Just do whatever.. you want.”

After a while of being spun around and what felt like 2 pounds of her hair being cut off, they spun her in front of the mirror to show her, her hair.

“We’re done!” They exclaimed together. For a moment Hermione paused, they both reminded her of Fred and George.

Her hair was significantly shorter, with the layers and she even had side bangs and curtain bangs around her face. If someone did this for her in year 4 she would’ve probably swung her arms around them and wouldn’t let go. But now all she could say was.

“Thank you.”

“No problem,” They said in sync again.

“We won’t take longer than 2 minutes. We’re going to get the dress, it’s going to look absolutely gorgeous on you.” They squealed together.

After about 5 minutes they came back with a long, creme-colored, castle dress. The sleeves were very long and droopy and the gown of the dress fell all the way down. Inside the layers of lace, there were fake flowers.

They handed the dress to her without a word and she walked over to the bathroom to put it on. It took about 10 minutes, it had so many layers and the lace was impossible. She even got stuck in it about 3 times before she got it on right.

When she came out it was like the yule ball all over again. Sophi and Manda came running towards her and the compliments came gushing out of their mouths.

The entire time she couldn’t help but think about Ginny, Cho, and Luna. They would’ve loved to see her in a dress like that. Ginny’s reaction would’ve been the same and Luna and Cho would definitely be complimenting her.

“Alright we’re finished, there’s no point in blow trying your hair or curling it because it’s already going to dry curly. We’ll lead you back to the meeting room. Good luck!” Said Manda.

“Manda! What about her shoes?”

“Oh right, one second I’m so sorry.”

The shoes were simple blush pink, pointed-toe heels. They spelled it to fit her size once they realized it was far too big to fit her feet.

“You’re our best makeover yet. Okay, Sophis going to walk you to the room. Again good luck!”

Sophi grabbed Hermione’s hand and they were off.

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