Obscure Me

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We run, and nothing can stop us now...

Action / Scifi
Hadif Zainal
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Chapter One

Changing my face with my quivered mouth.

It was the only way to stop crying. My younger sister, Celia. Sigh…
She had a fever or something. I wondered not to know because It would have made me kill myself with one hand within a minute or a second. Because it is really really painful for me but Celia didn’t cry. But her lungs were slamming so fast until I could hear it with my ears of nothing. And she sweated. I didn’t know why. Maybe it is because of the heat of our house but there was wind. Tis’ a strange thing, I thought. But not just that. And that isn’t enough. We had to get out of here and find our new place to live.

But I was sure she is going to recover really soon. Maybe next month. Celia propped her elbow all around a neck, it is the sign that we are siblings. I’m Whitman, like winter I hope. It is my last name. But my first name is Freddie. People used to call me Fred. I think that is normal enough. I am thirteen years old and my mom said that my age is old enough to fight to the death.

I stood up, but Celia could never let my right leg go. My ankles were hurting itself. Because of her.
The wind entered our house by the windows of ours, carrying with a weird sound. Because it was genuinely clean, peaceful, and cold. Or filtering by the window was the right reason. I didn't even want to know about it because it makes Celia afraid of the sound.
To stop crying, I told Celia, “let it go”.
But suddenly, a great thing was granted.

She unexpectedly did it with fearlessness and braveness.
The reason why we had to get out of here is that our old house was in a small hell. I mean on fire. And we lost a piece of our heart. But least, it’s not an original organ. It’s the father of our family. And mom doesn’t work now so we’re nowhere around now. But thank god we already obtained kind heads; an aunt, an uncle, and a cousin. Because we are in their house now and because they were very pleased to let us in. But now, they still are.
It was March. As known as the month of my greatest fear if no one’s besides me every time if dawn begins to exist. But in the morning- I’m healthy as a horse, fresh blood in my body. My second fear was wordings or titles. Not like my teachers name tags but if it is enormous and in-front of me. In fact, when we were on our way to my aunt's house after dad died, there was a sign board saying, ‘Welcome to Wallstreet’, and it scared me, making me close the eyes of mine. What I could only do was clench my fists.
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