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SEx life

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Chapter 1

Boosting the immune system Research is inconclusive about whether regular sex can boost the immune system.Some early research found tPorn XXX Video hat regular se xXXX HD Video Sex Sexual increased the effectiveness of the immune system.Porn Researchers XXX HD Video Sex found that people who had frequent sex, which they defined as one to Sexual two times per week,XXX HD Video Sex had more immunoglobin A (IgA) in their system than others. XXX HD Video Sex IgA is an antibody that lives in the mucosal tissue, such as the Sexual salivary glands, nose, and vaginal tissue.Porn However, it is important to recognize that this study appeared in Sexual , and researchers have not repeated it since. Sexual A new study might yield different results.XXX HD Video Sex A more recent study looked at a small group of women to see if there were differences between the immune activity of those who were sexually active and those who are not.The study examined their immune system’s ability to k Sexual ill different infectious Porn XXX Video pathogens at various points in Porn XXX Video the menstrual cycle. Sexual While the results suggest Porn XXX Video that there might be some differences between the groups, the authors say more research is necessary before drawing any conclusions.Reducing prostate cancer risk An early study, again from 2004, found that high frequency of ejaculation may reduce Sexual the risk of prostate cancer.XXX HD Video Sex
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