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What if the games we played as kids weren't just games but we're actual events that took place in separate universes? Join Eriz , a gamer as he learns about the GamerVerse and the sinister threat that looms over the multiverse.

Action / Adventure
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[Britz Farm England,14th July 2013]

"I take a break from the military and it all goes down to sh*t" groaned simon riley. "Quit whining Simon at least you got to rest after the nuclear destruction of the Middle East . Unlike some of us." said Alex Mason.
"Ah the great Captain Alex Mason to what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you here?Must be something big if you're here too." Simon said mockingly. Suddenly the ground begains to shake, and a giant monster appears. "What on Earth..." Before Alex and Simon could finish their sentence, the abomination starts attacking them. Gunshots filled the air as the duo and the military battled the monster. As they fought, giant tentacles begain appearing from the ground and started to wrap itself around Simon and Alex,dragging them into the abyss. Then as if nothing had happen, the monster disappeared and all damages were restored.
[The next Day]

"So you're telling me the monster just disappeared after that?And not a single trace of destruction was left?" Asked General Lyons."Yes sir" the soldier replied."Someone Call the Association of Inter-Dimensional Affairs (A.I.D.A) and tell them we have a Crisis here

[Ville High, San Francisco.7 a.m.]

*Bell Rings, Students walking to their homerooms*

"Eriz, have you done your homework yet? Or were you too busy saving space world from a dragons in that stupid game again." Zed mockingly scoffed. "Excuse me, I'll have you know that Destiny is a great game, and that "dragon" is a wish granting alien dragon, its much cooler. And no I haven't done it yet." replied Eriz proudly. *Teacher Walks in, Students greet him*
[6 hours later]
"3,2,1...." Eriz counted down as he tapped on his table impatiently. As soon as the bell rang, Eriz bolted towards the door as if he was as fast as light. "Ahem. Young man, where do you think you're going? You sir are not going anywhere. Or were you so excited to play your "amazing spectacle of a game" that you forgot about detention." Mr Davis, the physics teacher boomed. Eriz begrudgingly dragged his feet back to his chair, mumbling insults. Eriz hated detention. To him it was a prison within a prison that was thrown underwater on the moon. Eriz scanned the room multiple times. With each time his eyes started to grow heavy and soon enough, he dozed off.
"Squadron Alpha, aim at its head! Omega aim at its body! Let's hope there be no casualties this time" Alex Mason shouted with a loud thunder-like voice. "That's just wishful thinking!" Simon Riley replied. The abomination roared with vigor as bullets bounce off it's rough, rubber like skin. "You over there, Private Eriz was it? Load the SMRS immediately!" Alex Mason shouted."Yes sir-" Eriz was cut off by the sudden gush of blood flowing from his mouth. He looked down in fright as he sees a tentacle through his chest as his vision fades to black and the noises become muffled.
"AHHHH!!" Eriz screamed, waking up from his dream. He was back in his classroom. "Mr Jones, we've been through this. Screaming won't get you out of detention." Mr Davis reprimanded. "Sorry sir." Eriz said with a puzzled tone as he touched his chest area and lifted up his shirt to search for any wounds. He turned around frantically. "What's the matter this time Eriz?" Mr Davis asked. Eriz told him about his dream. "That... that's just a Bad dream, no reason to worry. Please use your precious time to do your overdue homework instead of dreaming away." Mr Davis said reassuringly.
[Mr Davis goes back to texting on his phone]

Mr Davis: Kid Knows about Britz.
Unknown: How?
Mr Davis: He had one of those dreams or visions, whatever you want to call it.
Unknown: Alright. Meet me tomorrow at the same place and time.
Mr Davis:Noted.

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