Davy Jones :Heavy Weight Champion of the World

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Chapter 2

Later that night at home, William is getting ready for work. It is about 11pm. He is together now, or at least he thinks he is. He will never truly have his mind together again. Then there’s a knock at the door. It is Willie. “Hello, Mr. Jones” Williams seems puzzled for a second. “Hey, you one of Davy’s friends, aren’t you?” Yes’, but I’m not here to see Davy,” “Well what the hell do you want? I don’t know you….” That’s right Mr. Jones , but you do know Smitty! Don’t you? “Yeah, I know Smitty. What about him? I Have something for you from him.” “What you got? Replies Williams. “Some good shit. Says Willie, Smitty says it’s the best in town one hundred percent pure. So be cool with it.” “Don’t worry about me boy. Here’ he gives Willie twelve dollars. “ Pure’, says Williams. “ That Bum ain’t never sold any pure dope in his life. “So Williams decides to take too much’ he takes the whole spoon at once. And he gets everything ready’ it dosen’t take much, a needle rubber tube, fire, and a spoon, that’s it. He lights a match and heats up his shit, Just as he shoots it into his arm, he feels it, and just as he feels it, Davy walks into the room. “Hey Daddy I thought I heard’ He dosen’t finish; he can see that his father was high.

William looks bad, Sweat is coming from his forehead, and his eyes looks glazed. Davy, I think I have gone and fucked up.” He falls into his arms. And Dies.” Daddy’ Daddy’, cries Davy, there are tears in his eyes as he picks up his father and lays him on the sofa. Just then Ada walks in, “What happened? Davy is still looking at his father when he answers, ‘He took too much Grandma, I think he’s dead.” Oh’ dear God’, Davy I guess you know that me and your father didn’t get along, but I want you to know that I’m very sorry this had to happen.” “Yes, I know Grandma. I’ll call an Ambulance.” It takes the Ambulance forty-five minutes to get to Ada and Davy, who are about twenty blocks away. Once there, the paramedics attempt to revive William, but too much time has passed. They want to take his body away, that night but Davy will not let them, and Ada stands by his wishes, the Police let them keep Williams body at home until morning.

Later that night, Ada comes back into the front room, Davy is still there. ”Davy it’s almost 3am. You should go to bed son” “No grandma, I’m going to stay here with Daddy” “All right son, good night.” As Davy looks at his father he thinks about the happy times with his mother the three of them had, the many times they went on picnics and played ball at the park.

Ada is in her room trying to sleep. She finally falls asleep, while she is sleeping she dreams about William and the many stories he told when he got back. He spent two years in the Army, one in the states the other in Vietnam, or Nam as the soldiers who served there call it. That’s where he got his jones; it was just the small stuff at first, marijuana (weed) and sniffing coke, then when he got back to the states he went downhill because he had to stick the juice in his veins for a quicker high.

William’s tour in Vietnam was in 1962; he was a young man of nineteen, and he had been drafted. When William went into the service, he went in with another boyhood friend by the name of Tommy Smith. They went through boot camp and AIT (Advance infantry training) together, and once training was completed they were sent to Vietnam together. His time in Vietnam was thrilling, fun, and terrifying; that first day there they both got stoned on some weed. Most of their days consisted of going to the field, looking for two enemies (the North Vietnamese and Charley or also called the Viet-Con, and that made it a tough assignment for all the young man over there. One time when William was in the field hunting Charlie, a Tanker went around a hill, and by the time the rest of the men got to that spot, the tank had disappeared, gone! No one knew what had happened. The enemy had many tunnels miles long and just as deep and wide. Just one of many strange incidents from that war. William was a good soldier, and an expert marksman, he also received the Purple Heart; he was wounded and after saving the lives of five men in his platoon. Another time when William was pulling guard duty, his unit the 365th was stationed tin a province of Vietnam called Quang-tri; his unit was shot on personnel at times, so sometimes cooks had to pull guard duty. At this particular time the North Vietnamese were going in full force to overrun all US forces.

William and Smitty were use to pulling guard, but the cooks were really scared, well scared may be the wrong word, maybe just very nervous. While William and the rest of the men were sleeping one of the cooks just started shooting away in the darkness’ he swore he saw something move’ everyone else said it was just shadows. But the cook was sure he had saved everyone’s life that night. William and Smitty really gave him the business, but he paid them back for all their teasing when they got in the mess line for chow, just to show that for all the bad times there was fun times too.

Another time William and some others went to the village for sex’ with a Baby-sun or Moma-sun . The baby-son is younger, and the Moma-sun is older or a Mother. Well William was with a young Baby-sun, and he has a pretty large penis, so the girl kept yelling, ”Charlie, is coming Charlie coming’ so that William would stop, but he kept going until he completed his climax. Again, a fun time in the Nam. What wasn’t so much fun was if Charlie caught any of the soldiers out in the Villiage . They usually cut off their dicks and stuck it back in their mouth.

Then the alarm rings, and its 7 a.m. Ada wakes and fixes breakfast for herself and Davy. Later they call the Police station. Soon the police are there to take Williams body away. As the police are leaving one of them says, to the other’ Do you know this family? “ No’ is the reply from the other Officer. ’Well I do and I kind of feel sorry for them. ‘What do you think will happened to that kid? The other looks at William and says he will probably end up just like his old man. ”Well I hope He Dosen’t. His Grandmother may be getting old, but she is a strong and determined woman. They will be okay’ he says with confidence’. If not’ says the other officer ‘with a smile’ you can take care of them. “Yeah, I would if I didn’t already have my hands full with a wife and five kids.

The funeral is a small one, just Ada and Davy and a few friends. Also there is someone far off in the background, watching. He does not attend because he knows he will not be welcome. Smitty and William were once really close. They not only went to war together, they were once in love with the same woman, Josephine, Davy’s mother. In fact, there was a time when Smitty thought that Davy might have been son. But it was proven that he was not. He had been so persistent that it broke up their friendship between him and William. And it also broke up the trust William had with Josephine. Later that night, while they are eating, Davy says’ :You know Grandma, he was a drink and junkie; the only thing he lived for was just to get high, then he pauses’ but you know he loved Momma with all his heart. “Yes says’ Ada, “with all his heart.” Then they go to bed.

The next morning at school Davy is in his History class. The teacher is speaking on the Civil war and slavery. Davy is very interested in what the teacher is saying, so much that he does not notice the beautiful young girl watching him very closely. Her name is Lucrecia and she beautiful. Small about 5 feet 2. One Hundred 10 pounds. Smooth coco-butter Complexion, she had wanted to meet him ever since she saw him on the bus. Soon the bell rings to end the class , so Lucrecia makes the first move and introduces herself. Hi’ my name is Lucrecia. My family just moved here from Atlanta.” ’Hi, I’m Davy” “what’s your next Class?” she asks. “English.” “Me too.”

So Davy and Lucrecia becomes close friends. After school Davy is walking Lucrecia to home. Her family are middle class and well off; her father is a successful lawyer who could pass for white, and from the first time he sees Davy he does not like him, not because of his looks but because where he comes from, the slums. And Davy dosen’t care much for him either. His wife is more understanding. So he does not spend much time at Lucrecia’s. They usually meet at Davy’s home or some other place.

“What do you see in the boy?” Davy is a good person and I like him, Daddy.” He is a hoodlum and a dope pusher!” :He is not, why do you say that?” “Well, look where he lives, there is nothing but scum down there.” “Just because he and his Grandmother live in the slums don’t make them bad people.” “You will see’ he says’ just mark my words, and I don’t want you seeing him anymore! Do you understand me? “Yes, Daddy I understand.” Lucrecia goes to her room, not having any intentions of obeying her father’s demands.

Later that night

The phone rings @ Lucrecia’s. Her Mother answers the phone “Hello” “May I speak to Lucrecia?” “Just a minute’. Lucrecia, telephone! It’s one of your schoolmates.”

Soon she picks up the phone’ Hello’ Hey (Little Bit) Davy calls her that’ Would you like to go see a movie? Okay Which one she says? “Whatever is playing he replies’ Alright meet me at Pete’s (a local 5 and dimes store).

“Okay see you at seven, “Says Davy. “Mother I’m going to see a movie.” “Okay Baby’ but don’t stay to late’ you know your father don’t want you seeing ’that young man.

She smiles and says thank you Mom.

While at the Movies, they watch a western. On the way home Davy wants a good night kiss, and Lucrecia gives him a kiss on the cheek, then hurries into the house.

The next day at school Davy is in this English class when a message from the Principals office is sent. He wants to speak to Davy

In his Office he tells Davy that he needs to go to the Hospital; There is a Problem with his grandmother, but he can’t tell him anything else. Davy hurries downtown to Chicago memorial Hospital, and at the front desk he is told that Ada had a fall at home when she was getting out of the tub. She had sprained her ankle, but there was no broken bones. He hurries to her room. “Grandma, are you okay?” “I’m fine, Davy they just want me to stay in here a couple of hours. You go back to school and come pick me up later. “ She is persistent that he leaves, so Davy goes down to the lobby and waits until Ada is released. When she is allowed to leave he goes to her room, and helps wheel her out in a wheel-chair. At the front entrance they hail a cab; the hospital also given Ada crutches to help with her walking.

Once they are back home Davy makes sure Ada is off her feet until her ankle is better. Within a month she is feeling better and off the crutches. One afternoon Davy is playing some basketball with some of the other boys in the neighborhood, and the game is pretty intense. On one play Davy drives for the hoop to dunk the ball when another player jumps up with him to block his shot, but he also slaps Davy in the head, so hard that it knocks him down. Davy is upset, he gets up and picks the other kid off the ground and slams him down to the court, then starts hitting him with rights and lefts. A man who is walking by that knows Davy’ runs over to stop the fight, the man is Officer Gilmore, one of the policemen who took William’s body away that day. He is off duty at the time, and he takes Davy aside and talks to him.

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