Twisted Saga Aftermath (book 2 of 3)

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Warning to readers: Twisted Saga Aftermath contains scenes with graphic material unsuitable for some readers and anyone under 18. Please beware there are scenes with violence and sexual content some readers may not be comfortable reading. Nearly eighteen years have passed since everything fell apart in Josh's life, but now things are much worse than he ever imagined. Chaos, destruction, and the threats of "Southern Sugar" control the streets. The conspiracy is controlled by a suspected toxic environment buried deep within the government at every level. Not only does he have to contend with a traitor handing over information, but Josh still has to deal with the crumbling pieces of his life when it comes to his heart and soul. Stretched beyond his means, Josh is reluctant to recruit his team. All the personal issues continue to be the subject of debate, but this lethal drug has nearly killed a loved one. The team forgets their vendettas of the past. Add in a natural disaster, and things begin to fall in place. Nearly everything is put to bed with only one subject still heavy between Josh and his former best friend, Alex. The team returns to their childhood home to gather their final member. That is when the Angel King wants to draw Josh out of hiding to end his presence on the case.

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Dedication #2

This dedication goes to everyone on my team and my readers since the very beginning. It has been an up and down journey. Thank you for hanging in there through the learning curve and the troubles along the way. So much dedication and endless amounts of hours to push to this point, and I couldn’t have made it here alone. None of it would be possible without the passionate bookworm wife of mine. She has endured everything and listened to hundreds of ideas and more. Nothing is impossible, always remember that!

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