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When 5 Ridgewick teens are paired up with an animal. They must work together to save their world for a deadly darkness. Johnny Wright with the wolf, Josh woods with the fox, Aidan Webb with the lion, Lily Harris with the tiger, and Macie Howard with the cheetah.

Action / Drama
Charlie G
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Chapter 1; Johnny Wright meets the wolf

Johnny Wright was walking in the colideen forest near his house. He had his family had just moved to Ridgerick from Ceste. After his father got a new job offering. Johnny had lived his whole life in Ceste. So moving Ridgewick was a big deal. He started the 9th at Seacoast high school next week. Since he had just moved he was going to be the new kid there. Johnny was walking in the forest thinking to myself. Lost his own thoughts he didn’t hear the howl of a wolf nearby.

Johnny continued to walk deeper into the forest. Suddenly he was taken out of this thoughts by the sound a branch being stepped on. He looked around to see if anyone was there. The forest was clear. Not wanting to get scared he let whatever the sound was go. But he was still unsure. He decided he needed to head home. At first Johnny was walking but soon he began to ran.

Then out of nowhere a wolf appeared. Johnny was stopped in his tracks. He let a slight scream. But the wolf did nothing but stare.

'Why do you run young one.' Said the wolf.

Johnny didn't reply he just let a scream again.

'Please stop doing that.' The wolf said annoyed.

'You're a wolf you're not suppose to talk.' Said Johnny scared.

'Well I guess you never seen a talking wolf before. The name's Aslan. There is no need to be scared.' Said Aslan.

'J-Johnny.' Johnny replied.

'Follow me I want to show you something.' Aslan told him as he began walking towards a tree.

Johnny followed Aslan to the tree. By the tree stood a door on the floor. Aslan howled causing the door to open. Underneath was door was a place that Johnny has never seen before. The place was filled with animals. But they were ordinary animals they too knew how to talk.

'Where are we?'Johnny asked.

' Spiritwick. This is my home.'Alsan answered.

'It kinda sounds like Ridgewick.' Johnny replied.

'That's because it is. Spiritwick was made so that animals like me would be safe.'Aslan said.

'Safe from what?'Johnny asked.

'From people who want to cage us in and test us.' Aslan said looking down.

'People can't enter this place then right?' Johnny asked.

'Yes that right.' Aslan said.

'Then how am I here?'Johnny asked after hearing his response.

'Well your allowed to.' Aslan said.

'Am I the only one who's allowed to come here?' Johnny asked.

'No. There are 4 other teens who are able to come here. They will be going to the same school as you. But don't go looking for them you will meet them later.' Aslan said answering his question.

Before Johnny could say anything else he found himself back in the forest. Not knowing what to think he decided to keep his encounter to himself. It was nearly getting dark and he needed to headed home for dinner. Johnny began walking home thinking about who those other teens could be.

Remembering what Aslan said Johnny decided to let it go. He knew he was going to find out soon. He just needed to be patient. As he reached his house he could see the lights on. And his father's car in the car park. He ran inside to see his father setting up the kitchen.

It was long before Johnny rushed to the loo. Realising that he had to use it. When Johnny returned the table was set and his parents were putting the food on the table. Johnny lived with his parents and youngest brother Cruz.

As Johnny sat down on at the table. Everyone began talking about their days. But he was silent the whole time.

'How was your day son? You haven't been talking.' Said Mr.Wright.

'Oh..umm...It was okay.' Johnny replied.

'Well what did you do?' Mrs. Wright asked.

'Just talk a walk in the woods.' Johnny replied trying to enjoy his food.

After dinner Johnny helped his parents put up the dishes. His brother Cruz helped him with the dishes. Since there was no school starting yet they decided to watch a family movie. Johnny turned on the tv as they all sat on the couch.

'What are we watching?'Cruz asked.

'Sage of the Blue.' Johnny replied answering his little's brothers answer.

As they watched the movie Johnny thought about Aslan and all the other animals living in Spiritwick. He was so lost in his thoughts that he paid no attention to the movie. Or anything else around him. When the movie was half way through a loud sound snapped him out of his thoughts. To his luck it was just the sound of a plate falling in the movie.

He began to watch the rest of the movie with his family. Though he still couldn't get this day out of his head. He met a talking wolf and went to another world. With other talking animals it was a lot to take in. When the movie ended everyone went to bed. As johnny laid in his bed he thought about Ridgewick's forest.

How it was modest, luminous, and budding. It's canopy was claimed by the beech, poplar, and ash, the rays of light bursting through their crowns allowed for a variety of sprouts to control the soils below. Vines dropped from the trees., and a range of flowers. Which were seen occasionally. Noises from the forest creatures filled the air.

He began to fall asleep. But as he slept he dreamt of spiritwick. He dreamt of Aslan. His words and what he had meant by 'you'll meet them later.' It was so long in the dream when he realised his brother Cruz was one nosey little brother. He knew Cruz would do anything to find out what his big brother was up to.

He began to worry. What if Cruz follows him into the forest one day. Then finds out about Aslan. Johnny knows Cruz is his little brother. But he can't tell anyone about Aslan or spiritwick. Not even to his little brother Cruz or to his family. Then something caught his attention. Cruz was scared on the forest. So there was no way he was going to go there. Nor would he ask to go with Johnny.

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