The Afterlife

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The After Life Is about embracing and being proud of your identity as well as discrimination. Set in the year 2110, 60 years after the Metahuman-Human war, Metahumans are discriminated against as they are considered to be evil and dangerous. The surviving Metahumans are taught to hide their powers to protect themselves. Along with Hailey, who the Metahumans save from getting killed, they fight for the freedom of their people.

Action / Adventure
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It’s been said that a hundred years ago, the first metahuman was born on this earth. His powers are still unknown till this day, however, some believe that he had the ability to bestow powers upon normal humans as shortly after his birth thousands of superhumans were born worldwide. At first, the humans' reactions were as expected; fear, shock, anger and eventually acceptance.

Time went by as normal for both sides, until one day a new breed of metahumans started appearing everywhere- Metahumans that could destroy entire cities simply by breathing.

The annihilators, as we called them.

We had learnt about them the hard way. An entire city… wiped out in minutes… Or was it seconds? Heck No one could even remember. It all happened too fast. One minute we were sitting at our desks, and the next we were being hunted like wild animals.

Why? Well, perhaps it's because humankind has never really accepted us. They were always afraid of us. Afraid of our kind. Afraid that one day we might lose control and destroy their kind like twigs. Afraid of being replaced. All that fear, forced to be kept inside and act as if they accepted us is one day bound to explode.

That day arrived on June 25th 2050 , when the first annihilator was born. Half of Las Vegas went up in ash. Shortly after, the second one was born, in Australia minutes later. Like Las Vegas, half of Australia went up in ash.

Before we knew it, humans had used this opportunity to hunt us down and eliminate us. Not long after, the meta population was dropping like flies. Knowing full well they wouldn't be able to hunt all of us, they offered us a choice- help the humans hunt our kind or die with the rest of the metahumans.

At first we all thought that no one would be foolish enough to accept the offer. Here’s the thing, people often see us metahumans as extraordinary beings incapable of any flaws. What they don't see and know is that in times of crisis , we make rash decisions with morals being the last things on our mind. After all, we're still human.

The war waged on for a decade. As a result of the war, the world as we know it almost burnt to ash. With nowhere to run, both sides reached a cease fire. A deal was made by both sides- The world would be rebuilt from whatever was left of society and both sides were forced to live together. Life as we knew it slowly went back to how it was. Or at least we thought so. While society was being rebuilt, the human officials were already upgrading their weapons, getting ready to hunt us once more. As a result of the second hunt, our numbers dwindled once more to roughly around 500 Meta-Humans left worldwide. To ensure our survival the five, took charge of a colony each and split into different colonies around the world.

Oh how I would long to go back to the old times when we could roam the streets without having to fear being hunted, but things are no longer what they used to be. It’s been ten years since the second hunt society has been mostly peaceful, the humans are unaware of our existence. Metahumans have fully integrated into society and have started doing activities we once did such as going to school and working. Just as I thought we could catch a break, sightings of our colonies have been spotted.

Accounted by,
Strategist of the Five

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