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Chapter Twenty-Seven

Hunter was resting in bed by the time the man, who introduced himself as Lee, came back with our share of the supply crate. He had also brought a small medical kit and a note from the main guy who stormed into the cabin. With little else to say, Lee left.

Victor, Fox and I since then sat in silence around the island counter, the bags of supplies resting in the middle. Glancing over at the wall clock, it had just settled into the evening with the sun stubbornly falling under the waves. Victor chose then to break the silence by reading the letter out loud.

“To the Gifted, you are invited to test your metal against us. The soldiers train in the opposite direction of where you landed. If you have the courage, come find us. Teagan.” Victor snorted, folding the piece of paper and flicking it against the bags. “They have some nerve to say that after what happened earlier. Maybe we should show them how we play?”

“Rooi is going to want to have her share in that, especially against the ass who tackled and collared her,” Fox commented, turning his glass in his hand. “Even Alpha will want to do some damage.”

“For sure, he was already threatening to burn the next one who steps foot in here alive.” Smiling at the memory, I couldn’t help but sigh. “We shouldn’t even be having these types of conversations yet here we are having them. I’m gonna go check on Alpha, you guys okay with packing everything away?”

“Of course. Go to your boyfriend,” Fox chuckled, the edges of his eyes crinkling. Nodding my head, I took my leave and walked down the hallway. When I stopped by our room, I couldn’t bring myself to come in with the sight that greeted me.

Hunter was curled up under the covers, hugging my jacket to his chest as his head hid under a folded blanket, only his nose peeking out. The dying light from the sun fell over his lower body, turning the white duvet into shimmering blues from the stained windows.

Smiling, I walked in and crouched at his side. Gingerly, I reached my hand up to shake his shoulder, calling his name softly. He stirred almost immediately, taking the blanket off his head to glance over his shoulder at me. His body relaxed, turning onto his other side, hand coming to rest over my head.

“Asshole, you scared me,” He muttered, voice husky with sleep. “Why did you wake me up?”

“Wanted to check on you then to see if you wanted to go for a shower.” Taking his hand, I kissed the knuckles before lacing our fingers. Hunter hummed, a small smile etching its way onto his lips as his eyelids slid closed before opening again.

“It would be nice I guess, can you get my stuff?” He sat up slowly, stretching and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. I could not stop marvelling at his features, how they had filled out while he had been with us and made him beautiful. He really was changing, physically and mentally.

The next day had come fast. The humidity made sleeping nearly impossible as our bodies steadily adjusted to the new climate, leaving us half-rested but burning with revenge and excitement to put the men who had attacked us in their place. Rooi and Hunter were biting at the bit with the idea. I guess it was not just the humidity that was keeping me awake but Hunter’s wriggling next to me with nerves.

When we left the cabin, we were barefoot and wearing our old army slacks. Victor had chosen to rip his shirt, taking the sleeves off and opening the sides so they would gape, showing off his physique. Rooi had done something similar but halved the top so she could show her abs off, belly-button ring glinting in the light. The rest of us had only ripped the sleeves off but we all had made our camo pants into shorts. Cat had decided to stay behind, her excuse being that she would only make a fool of herself with her lack of hand-to-hand skills rather than boost our reputation.

Listening to Teagan’s instructions, we tracked our way back to where we landed, the prints of the cargo plane still visible as we continued forward. We heard the men before we saw them.

Some were partnered up in wrestling matches, others doing fitness in the sand. Teagan shouted over the men, ordering them to shift. The men wrestling swapped over to doing burpees, the men by the water ran up the bank, standing in fighting positions before attacking. All the while, the sea raged, waves breaking over the five men linking themselves in the water, heads dipping under before breaking the film. Amongst them were Alpha team, grinning and laughing as they tested their bodies. I wondered if they knew what the men around them had done to us last night and if so, did they do anything?

“You came!” Lee’s voice dragged my attention away from the sea to his tanned face. He wore army slacks and boots. Sweat dripped from his face and darkened the front of his shirt, sandy-blonde hair slicked back by water.

“We’re here to test our metal,” Victor stated, eyes skimming over the waves before coming back to Lee. “Do we show our stuff, get attention first or what?”

“No, we already know what you bring to the table.” Teagan strolled up from the shore, eyeing us as he came to stand next to Lee. “Which one of you is the so-called leader?”

“That would be me.” Victor stepped forward, arms crossing over his chest. Hiding my smirk, the bastard was showing off his biceps. Teagan looked him up and down, sceptical.

“I thought it would be short-stuff over here or the brooding one but you’ll do.” The man tilted his head, a satisfactory smile finding its way onto his lips. “Lee, you gonna fight against any of them?”

“No. I may have been there but I did not collar them, I’m sure those who did need to fight them. Right?” Lee responded, giving us a curt nod. Victor smiled, glancing towards Teagan expectantly.

“I guess so. I’ll get them rounded up. In the meantime, go warm-up, don’t want any of you kids to get a stitch or twisted ankle. Also-” Teagan’s smile turned cold with his next words, “Is knife play allowed?” Victor shifted his weight, unsure of what to say.

“As long as there are no fatal blows made or attempted,” Piping up, I glared at Teagan. “If there are, I will do the same thing to you.”

“You sure you’re not the leader?”
“Go get your men.”

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