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Chapter Thirty

Alpha team had left shortly after the sun had set below the ocean, taking the heavy conversation of our escape plan with them. The atmosphere of the main room had stayed stifling even as the thump of their boots on the ground became distant. Eating in silence had seemed the best in order to preserve the oxygen levels before we broke away to our rooms.

In bed, I thought back to when Rylan and I had last spoken. It felt like years but it had only been weeks before the Pulse showed up. We were discussing plans for the future while ditching class before we were caught and taken to the principal’s office. It was the norm back then for him, wanting all the attention from the cheerleaders and questioning jocks. He said so himself, he wanted to be famous and now his face was spread over all media platforms for his arrest.

“This heat is starting to irritate me,” Hunter grumbled, taking my attention away from the ceiling as I watched him pull his shirt off, muscles flexing. In the beginning, he hated showing me his chest with its scars but now, even with the ones peeking around his hips, he was confident enough around me to strip with ease.

“And what do you propose I do about it?” I asked lowly, pushing myself up on my elbows. Hunter smirked as a blush dusted his cheeks before he crawled his way toward me, stopping so he sat on my crotch and gazed down at me.

“You could cool me down.” His voice was dripping with desire, lips brushing my ear as he leaned down. Following his lead, I lay down. He chuckled, moving to press his lips to mine as the tingle of ice-filled my veins. Kissing back, I let my hands wander his back and sides before slipping one to his front. He moaned against my lips, grinding down on me. Chuckling, I flipped us over, going to suck on his neck, his arms coming around my neck, voice loud in my ear.

Victor and I stared down each other with our clothes flapping, the crash of the waves on the shore drowning out the grunts of the sparring men around us. After we had squared up, they had consciously moved away from us.

“Kick his ass, babe!” Hunter shouted from where he stood with Cat, Rooi and Fox. Smirking, I released the chains holding back my cryokinesis as sea water travelled to Victor’s sides. The men around us consciously moving even further away from us as the first strikes were made.

Victor threw his hands up, sending streams of water rushing at me. Sweeping my hand from my side, shoulders moving with the gesture, a wall of ice formed in front of me just as the projectiles hit like the waves on the shore. Using the water trail, I pushed my hands forward, feeling the trail crystalize as ice spikes shot their way to where Victor had stood. There was a shout before water came gushing over the wall, slamming me onto my back. Gasping, my nostrils and throat burned from the sea water. Rolling onto my stomach, I pushed myself up as another hit of water came. Grunting, I teleported behind Victor, swiftly knocking his legs from under him and grabbing his arm, shoving it between his shoulder blades.

“Asshole, we agreed on no teleporting,” Victor hissed, trying to kick me off him. Chuckling, I stood up and offered him my hand. With a glare and sigh, he took it.

“In my defence, I would have drowned or got my back shredded.” Clamping my hand on his shoulder, I took in how the men around us had stopped to gape at our little show of power before Teagan barked at them to get back to sparring.

“You gave them a nice show,” Rooi said, placing her hands on her hips when she stopped by us. Hunter looked me up and down, biting his bottom lip as he glanced away. Smirking, I wanted to tease him but thought better of it.

“Though, Vic, you seemed like you were having trouble controlling the water. What happened?” Fox asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Felt like he was doing just fine to me,” I muttered, letting my hand slip to my side.

“The ocean water is chaotic, alive with energy while the water in the streams and lakes are almost dead compared to it. To put it in other words, the movement is easier to control but here the current messes me up,” Victor explained, tucking his hands into his pants pockets.

“I can agree with you on that,” Fox started, staring up. “The wind currents here are wild and unpredictable but at the same time I can taste where they are.”

“I wish I could feel that change but I’m not an elemental,” Rooi sighed, hugging Hunter to her side. He made a face before muttering.

“No, you’re just a human shield.”

We all laughed, deciding it was time to leave, heading back to the cabin. As we left, Teagan only glared, pure anger in his eyes.

Hunter was a moaning mess as I sucked and kissed my way down from the soft spot behind his ear to his already bruised collarbone. My hands running up and down his sides and chest, his body trembling and hips squirming until he went rigid. Pushing myself up, I frowned down at him.

“Did I do something wrong?” Tilting my head, I sat up. Hunter touched his forehead, wincing. “Hunter?”

“The base, its structure is shaking.”
“I don’t feel the ground shaking, how deep is it?”
“I can’t tell, but its subtle enough and keeps stopping at intervals.”

Thinking, I remembered that I had seen a notepad on the kitchen counter. Without a second thought, I got up and ran to get it. When I came back, I scavenged for a pen before handing both to Hunter.

“Draw what you sense,” I commanded, leaving his side to find where I had tossed our shirts, knowing we were not going to continue or fall back asleep anytime soon. When I glanced back at Hunter’s scribblings, realization hit. The dots and lines he was drawing was like Morse code and if I was reading it correctly, we needed to get down to the base as quickly as possible.

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