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Finding His Home & Her Peace

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After a tragedy strikes killing her entire family Riley Turner moves to California to live with her Older brother Ben. Now having to switch to the richest private high school she meets Cole Vega son of the Biggest and Baddest Mafia Boss. Dealing with Rich spoiled kids is hard enough now she has Rich Spoiled Mafia Seniors to deal with. Cole is the Richest playboy future mafia Boss and lives his life in the fast zone. He only cares about how many woman he can get under his belt, that's until he meets her. She shows him how to love and dream she shows him a different path. Learning the truth that she's more connected to the Mafia's then she ever imagined will be a lethal blow to her world. How will she handle it? Will she accept it or run from it? Will he finally find love?Will he find another Dream other then being Mafia Boss? This is a Tragic Mafia Romance story, buckle up and hang on tight it's a Roller Coaster!

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

I’m Cole Vega the richest guy at my private California high school. My family owns the biggest, most demanding Mafia in the world. I always get what I want at the snap of my fingers, school is nothing more to me then a place to be the center of attention. I’m only passing time while I wait for my father Santo Vega to step down. Unlike most Mafia’s in the business we’re not out in public threatening people or needlessly killing,don’t get me wrong if necessary we handle business. I grew up knowing i’d be expected to Marry the Cospi’s daughter lucky for me she’s not around. I do feel bad for whoever she is because her story is a bit unpleasant, nobody really knows what happened to her and the Cospi’s won’t say. Today is the second week of senior year and i’m going to have all the ones I haven’t yet gotten under my belt. I’m sitting on the tables outside with a great view of the ocean chilling with my group at school when Shelby walks over.

Shelby- Hey guys! (Turns to me) Cole when’s the first party of the year?

Cole- This weekend now on to more important matters (pull her to me and kiss her)

Shelby instantly opens up for me hell she’d kill if I asked her to. She’s been dying to be future Ms.Vega she’s always wanted a permanent spot by my side.

We’re full on making out right in the middle of the quad when I get a glance of someone walking past us. I pull away and do a double take of the person who now has her back to me walking inside.

Shelby follows my line of sight, sighs,stands up slapping my chest and walks away with her other girlfriends in the group.

The guys and I laugh as we watch them walk away.

Blake Cospi- So have you just found your next victim!(Lifts and lowers eyebrows)

Andrew Black- Of course he has did you see the ass on that girl?

Those sexy long legs..Beautiful blue eyes. I distract them so I don’t have to answer.

Cole Vega- So Andrew when are you going to switch up?

Andrew Black- I already have thank you very much, tonight its Blair tomorrow Connie!

Blake Cospi- Blair’s a good fuck but clingy,wouldn’t you agree Cole!

Cole Vega- Yeah I had to shut that shit down when she just showed up at my house.

Andrew Black- Damn! Man why do I always get the left overs?

Blake Cospi-You must be lacking with game!

Andrew Black- O yeah, Alright let’s see who gets Cole’s new victim first!

Blake Cospi- Cole are you in because I’d personally like to see this!

Cole Vega-I’m in (I stand up) but Andrew lets make it interesting loser has to give the winner 15 thousand dollars.

Blake shares a look with Andrew because we all know he doesn’t have that kind of money to spend on a bet. I cock my head waiting for his answer.

Andrew Black- You’ve got a deal Vega!

I grin while I grab my bag then I reply.

Cole Vega- Alright!

Blake Cospi- Let the games begin!

The three of us walk inside just as the bell rings once we are inside we go to our class. There’s only one class Andrew doesn’t have with us which is last period.

**Riley Turner’s POV**

A month ago my family and I were in a car accident although I found out it wasn’t an accident at all. My mother was dealing with manic depression she ended up driving off a bridge killing my two younger siblings,my father and herself somehow I managed to survive. The only truly important thing I have left is the ruby heart bracelet my dad gave me the night of the accident.


I’m captain for our Competitive varsity cheer-leading squad we had just won the State championships and I won first place for the best choreography as well. My entire family came to support me but when they left to go wait for me in the car my father pulled out a red velvet box.

Randy Pierce(Father)- This is for you (opens box)

Riley- O dad it’s beautiful thank you!

I take the ruby heart bracelet out and dad puts it on for me.

Randy Pierce(Father)- Now Riley you have to promise me you’ll always wear this.You don’t know this yet but one day it will lead you home. I just want you to know how much I love you,your my Princess!

Riley- Aww Dad I love you so much!

He gives me the biggest hug and kisses my forehead.

Randy Pierce(father)-Alright lets go we have an hour drive ahead of us, I want to get home Mark will be waiting with the pizzas!

We walk out of the Coliseum when mom pulls the car up, dad and I jump in and we drive off. Everyone is in a full conversation about a trip were about to take to California to see Ben, except mom. As we drive over Lincoln bridge she begins speeding then out of nowhere she crosses the lane flooring the gas we hit the railing and go flying into mountain hills. The car was filled with screams of terror as we were flipping hitting the rocky mountains.

The next time we hit with a hard impact my door somehow opened causing me to fall out hitting my head. I instantly started going unconscious as I was rolling. I wake up for a split sec as I was being airlifted out of the mountain hills. The next time I woke up was in the hospital where my brother Ben was sitting beside me holding my hand.

Riley- (voice low and shaky) Ben...Did anyone else survive?

The moment my brother choked up and looked at me I knew. It’s strange because Amelia from “Greys Anatomy” was right. The face gives it away and it’s true you can’t hide from death. I’m instantly flooded with tears streaming down my face as I cry out with this new pain in my heart, I’ve never felt before. Ben leans over wrapping me in his arms to comfort me.

*Flash Back ENDS*

Now i’m living in California with my older brother Ben. Today’s my first day of school and as I’m walking towards the main doors I see this couple basically fucking with clothes on. I just keep walking thinking to myself “Really in the middle of the Quad at school!” You wouldn’t see something like that back home that’s for-sure. I walk into the office where they tell me to wait, finally after the bell rings I get my schedule and walk to my class. The moment I open the door every head turns to me and as I hand the teacher my schedule the whispering begins.

Mr. Conrad(Teacher)- Take the seat in front of the gentleman in the back.

As I walk to my seat eyes follow and the teacher speaks.

Mr.Conrad(Teacher)- Alright class as you can see we have a new student! Please introduce your self before you sit.

Riley- Riley Turner!

That’s all I say as I sit my ass down.

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