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Magaddino's Mafia Twins Unite

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The Queen has half her heart missing, The Princess praying to be united with her twin brother, The Prince unaware of the blood that flows through him. This is about The Royal Mafia twins finding one another, the struggles along the way and if BLOOD really is THICKER than water. The twins have lived different but also similar lives. Will the twins fight against each other or will they join to fight the old enemies they inherited and the new ones they make? Will the Queen get to meet her son, will he accept the her? Buckle up and join me on this curvy road.

Action / Romance
Holly Thompson
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Chapter 1

**Reader's Kenzi named her son Kane in the *Royal Mafia Rescue* the names he goes by is Ty**

My name is Ty and I grew up in the Blood&Bullets MC. I killed my first enemy trying to save the girl I loved when I was 16 years old. Since that day I haven't felt real love instead I climbed the ladder and now i'm the new presidents right hand man. I never meet my mother from what I've heard she was nothing but a whore who abandoned me. Russel who was the president at the time took me in and his son Rover became like a brother to me and now he's the President.

Rover's POV

I'm in the clubhouse office when my phone starts going off after looking at the screen I immediately answer the call walking to the door to close it.

Phone Conversation-

Rover- Roman!

Roman- It's time the twins meet! Tonight my revenge on the Queen begins. The Magaddino's blood line will end along with every person that has ever gotten close to them. Kenzi is going to beg me to end her families suffering, tell your pops he did good!

Rover- Roman i'm asking you to leave Ty out of your revenge he is with us!

Roman- Listen very closely ASSHOLE that boy has their blood which makes him my target! Besides he is the perfect start to the perfect Revenge don't you think? You guys brainwashed him for me, when he meets his blood he'll fight against them which will torture them all especially the Queen!

Rover- You made a deal with my father, however now i'm in charge so we're going to renegotiate!

Roman- I see your a stronger leader then your father. Since I like you i'll only agree not to kill him everything else remains as is, are we Clear!

Rover- Crystal!

Roman- Good take him on a trip to N.Y as a birthday gift the club is called "Midnight Filth" You already have a reservation for the VIP lounge, I have a mole on the inside that's where the princess will be.

Rover- I'll tell the men the good new about our trip when I get off with you.

Roman- One more thing its about actually business. The first shipment of my merch will be arriving soon take some with you and let people try it, maybe we can find someone to do business with in N.Y.

Rover- I don't like being in the drug business but we need money and my old man thinks your the best in the business.

Roman- He's right don't let me down or you'll pay the price understand!

Rover- Yeah I got it!

Roman- Snap a photo when the twins meet goodbye!

*Call Ends*

We hang up and I get up and walk out of the office to let Ty and the men know about our trip this evening.

**Skye's POV**

My friend Taylor and I are walking into her and Madison's apartment and the moment we walk in I see Kyle on the couch fucking Madison.

Skye- WHAT THE HELL! How could you do this Kyle!

He jumps up and Taylor and I see his whole package she immediately turns around.

Kyle- Skye this was a mistake, I swear it meant nothing.

As i'm about to say something to this asshole Madison speaks first looking at Kyle.

Madison- Excuse me, news flash if you do it more then once it's no longer a fucking mistake and we've been fucking for a year. Hell you were going to tell her until "The Precious Queen" (uses air quotes and looks at Skye) disappeared or ran like a coward.

As I response I move toward her ass trying to get a hold of her but Kyle gets between us.

Skye- Bitch don't talk about my mother especially after everything she did for your ungrateful ass.

Madison pushes past Kyle and comes up and stands a kids arm length away from me.

Madison- Don't become a bitter bitch just because I got your man and your mother wasn't a hero, it's her job to save people!

The moment those words left her mouth I sent an uppercut right to her jaw and she fell to the floor. As she sits up I immediately use my foot to knock her over and press my foot to her neck applying pressure.

Skye- The whole thing with you and Kyle doesn't even matter I was getting sick of him anyways. Here's the important part so Listen up because i'm only going to say this Once! My mother made it her job to rescue and save people and families, but it was never her job to save people like you who chose the life. You decided to sleep with enemy and become their whore, in case you forgot you enjoyed it thinking someone important would claim you and you did for the hope of POWER!

I bend down and switch my foot for my hand so i'm closer to her face.

Skye- She risked her life to save you when you became a problem to them, then you betrayed her and she still came and saved you again when they captured you killing ten of their people. Where ever, whatever she's doing you can guarantee she's fighting for her life and for her family. My mother isn't a coward and she doesn't ran from a fight. When she finds her way back she'll be better then ever and she'll make those who are guilty pay so watch out!

I let go of her throat and send a nice jab to her face stand up and turn around heading for the door.

Skye- Taylor I'll see you later...

Taylor- No wait let me grab some clothes and i'll come with you.

Skye- Sounds good i'll wait in the car.

Without waiting I walk out and head to my car turn the music on and wait for Taylor.

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