Murderess of the Dark

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Eliza Clemonte, a millionaire's daughter led a miserable life as her parents got killed by someone. Unable to find the killer through investigation and having no clue about who the murderer is she took the initiative and starts to investigate by herself. As soon as she took control over her father's company the real threat begun. She came to know that her life is in danger and the reason of her parent's death. Finally, she realized that none of this will end until death of her or the killer happens. She becomes a murderess to protect herself and also to avenge her parent's death. She started to slaughter all those who have taken part in killing her parents while hiding her identity. Rumours starts to spread like wildfires naming her as the "Murderess of the Dark". On her path, she meets a familiar face who also has the same motive as her. Finding the killer who murdered their family. Can they both find the murderer before they get killed by him?

Action / Thriller
Dark Angel
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Chapter 1: The Tragic

(8 years before) 14th April, 2013

I was 17 years old at that time. I thought that day was going to be a normal school day as how everday has been. But I never expected what was about to happen.

I was on my way from school to mansion when my bodyguard Mr. James Wilson got a call. I was looking at the people on the street who were talking.

It could be nice if I can reach home soon. I want to see mom and dad. I miss them. I want to see them.

I thought to myself. She accompanied my dad for a meeting at Paris before a week and she must've arrived by now. I called them and spoke over the phone but it wasn't enough for me. I was missing them so much from the time they left. As I was lost in my own thoughts I suddenly noticed Mr. Wilson's face as he gasped. "What are you talking about Mr. Andrew? How is that possible?" He yelled over the phone. "Is there a problem?" I was perplexed.

There cant be any problem right? What did uncle Andrew tell him?

"Uh... that's.... problem Ms. Clemonte." He replied and continued his conversation on the phone. "I'm not in the right place to tell Mr. Andrew. I'll come there so that you can tell."

What is there to tell? What is happening?

I started getting curious but chose to be silent.

"I'll be there in 10 mins Mr. Andrew." He hung up the call and started driving.

After a few minutes we reached a road which was blocked by the police.
"Ms. Clemonte stay inside the car. I'll come back in a few minutes." Mr. Wilson said. Then he got out of the car and left.

What is going on? This scene looks like a road accident has been occurred. Why is uncle Andrew is here?

After 30 minutes I lost my patience. I decided to get out of the car to see where he has been. I opened the door and stepped out of the car. I walked past a few cars which were immobile. And then I saw uncle near an ambulance.

Did someone get injured?

I decided to get a little closer to the scene and tried to get past the people who were standing and watching. When I finally made my way to him I saw two men carrying a stretcher with a person laying in a pool of blood in it. A person whom I know. And I couldn't help but stand there in shock.

That was my father. George Clemonte whose tuxedo was covered in blood. Blood was making it's way out of his wound from his chest. And I couldn't bear to see him. I quickly turned to sideways just to see my mom in another stretcher.

Uncle looked around and saw me standing like a statue. He walked towards me and gave me a weak hug.

"Eliza..." He paused. He released and looked at me. "I'm sorry. George and your mother were on their way from the airport. On the way back a truck hit their car and.....they died." These were the words he told. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I realized that I lost two of my beloved ones.

This cant be happening. Please, no. This is not true. I want them back.

All sorts of thoughts started coming to my mind. The thought of living my life without being able to see my mom's bright smile,without my dad's embrace...without them..on my side. I couldn't control my tears. I broke down and was on my knees. Crying in the middle of the road watching from a distance as they carried the corpse of my parents inside the ambulance.

"I cant accept it. They cant be dead like that. Please tell me that you are lying. They can survive right?" I questioned him as I started to choke.

"They passed away on the spot Eliza. There's nothing we can do. They are..... dead." He answered as he looked down.

They are dead. They are dead. These 3 words were constantly ringing in my mind.

I ran to the ambulance to see my mother and father's dead body. I was unable to stop my constantly flowing tears. I got into the ambulance and stood closer to my mother's corpse.

"Mom please......please dont leave me like this. I cant live my life without you and dad. You both are my world. Please wake up. Please mom." I started crying out loud. And I couldn't control myself anymore. I went near dad's corpse and held his hand.

"Eliza, they are going to take away the bodies for now. Come with me." Uncle said.

"No. I dont want to leave." I rejected.

"Please come with me Eliza. There's no other way. They are gone." He told me.

Deep down I know the truth. But I dont want to accept it. My whole world has been ripped apart. But I had no other choice other than to leave.

I kissed my mother and father on forehead and left the place. I got into the car. I tried to hold back my tears but it ended in vain. I never even got a chance to talk with them for the last time. It all happened so fast.

Why? Why should I go through all this? Why couldn't they live? Why should I end up being alone after all those memories which my parents gave me? I had nothing but queries which couldn't be answered by anyone.

Mr. Wilson drove me home. The mansion which belongs to " George Clemonte The Millionaire" will never be the same as he is gone. Uncle asked me if I wanted to stay in his house but I denied.

I entered into my house as I saw a flash of memories of my mother coming to see me after I come home from school. I cried even more. After sometime there were no tears to spare. I felt nothing but empty. I went to my room. I didnt bother to eat nor drink. I kept thinking more and more about my parents. I felt weak. After hours of crying I got a severe headache.

I wish for this to be nothing but a nightmare and to wake up from it. But no. Now this is my reality. A reality which I need to accept.

It is 4 AM in the morning. Yet here I am, lying like a lifeless body without sleeping. Before 12 hours, I was delighted to see my parents. But now, I wont be able to see even one of them anymore.

This is too much. Please, I want to see them, I want to be with them.

And just like that, fatigue took me to sleep.

I never really believed that a single day can turn my life upside down. However, today life proved me that I was wrong. So wrong to the point that I learnt this the hard way. No matter how much you love someone in the end you can only be sure about the existence of yourself. Life doesn't have the same thought as you. Who knows? Maybe life enjoys seeing people become miserable after losing someone important to them. Maybe...maybe... that's the harsh truth of life.

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