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The Gourmet Gladiator

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Toby a boy that is overweight and powerless in a world full of strong humans that get their abilities from a god-like being portrayed as a chef. What they eat is what power they get and he is the first one to eat the table.

Action / Drama
Grant Ayers
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Chapter 1 Toby The Terrible

My name is Toby and tomorrow is going to be my sixteenth birthday. And something special is going to happen tomorrow that will change my life forever. See one day this chef appeared and prepared a five-course meal but told those who attended that they could only eat one thing. But after they returned home they developed powers that none of the worlds knew what to do about. So skipping the boring history lesson let me shorten it down. When we humans turn sixteen we get teleported to this white room called the Dining Room and we finally get superpowers if we choose to eat. Those who choose not to eat anything and those who eat more than one item die by becoming part of the cannibal selection of the whole selection of meals. Of course, cannibalism is outlawed and everything but I heard that you become super strong or something like that.

But right now I stand up in front of my six-foot mirror and was a little sad. I am a pale white and fat loser. I was wearing an orange shirt that barely covered my stomach and let’s not mention the tight shorts that were suffocating my legs. My mom and dad are both beautiful as they both ate roasted rose petals. But me on the other hand I look like I was birthed from a fat cow and my father is Quasimodo. My disgusting red hair and disfigured face and hunch-like back told me that must be the case.

I turned around away from my disgusting image and saw my room. My bed was made and nicely folded but clothes that couldn’t fit me anymore were scattered around like decoration. My mom and dad are both models so they make a lot of money but make me work for every dime that I get. I clean the house, not including my room but I still walk myself around the house so that I can somehow cure my fatness. They pay me around forty to fifty bucks for all of my work so that I can buy new clothes. It’s okay but that means that I never get to save up for a pc.

The morning sun comes up and my bus is just an hour away so I go over to my garbage heap of a closet and put on my tight school uniform. I walked over to my bathroom which is just down the long hall and to the right. I brush my somewhat decent white and straight teeth and then comb my red curly hair to where it looks like a quiff. To be fair my hair combed like this is the only thing from me being the ugliest person on this planet.

After getting ready I make my way downstairs and my mom and dad are not there instead, our maid just got done making me breakfast. She ate a hot dog which gave her fire abilities and the smoothest skin that I could know of. Even as she hands me the brown paper bag she looks not like a maid at all but instead an amazing model with her smooth brown skin and charcoal black hair. The only downside is that her teeth are gapped and her English is more of a slur than anything.

“H’ve a gerd teme!” As I am about to head out the door she shouts. Without turning my disgusting face around to say the same thing back I just kept my head down and walked out the front door. Outside was bland as day. Seeing the same old hover bus made out of stupid titanium just pass on by just to stop a few feet from where I am standing. I walked over to the bus’s doors and they slide open for me as I walked in.

My tub of lard for a belly is almost too big to get through the sliding glass door. As I sit in the front of the bus I hear the kids snick and boast about what they are going to eat. I hear a lot of the boys saying that they are all going to have steak and the women say that they are going to have all these different vegetables. Which I guess would be cool but steak would only make a person twenty times stronger and depending on how it is cooked it can mean that they are as tough as leather or can manipulate the temperature of the blood in their body. Now a salad might be good but all it would do is make you able to control your weight.

I thought about just eating a salad when I turned sixteen but it would be a waste of potential. Especially since so many food items have yet to be explored. For instance, a company can select a handful of students and give them a huge amount of money just to eat what they want them to. But again I just want to eat something called Ants Egg Soup. But again I think that I will eat whatever is in front of me first. Just so that I can get it over with and maybe enroll in becoming Top Chef. Back in the early days of mankind, I think they would have called it a top superhero or whatever. I don’t really care all that much for history but yeah. The Top Chef is a title granted to the most powerful person in the world. He is feared by the people, loved by the people, and most importantly he is not fat like me. So I might just eat a salad.

When I arrived at the school there were already a few kids that received their new powers today. They seem to be happy and a lot of them have changed drastically. Like Rebeca who was just on the ugly scale along with me now looks like a movie star and her voice is like silk. Actually what made me blush is that once entering through the metal doors of the school.

“Look at me Toby! I’m cute now.” She ran up to me and in a cheerful tone says. I turned my back to her trying to hide my high prince and my blushing.

“Rebecca your now popular. Just hang out with those kids and let me be. I’m afraid that your going to be dragged down back to my level if you keep talking to me.” I just waved my hand at her and calmly and nervously state. She grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face her. I put my hand over my pride as she looks at me with her serious face. On the other hand, I must look like a fool talking to a girl like her. Just yesterday she was as fat as I and her voice were extremely annoying. Whenever she did something like this I would just shrug my shoulder and keep walking. But now her hair is straight and black, her skin so smooth that not even sandpaper can grind against it, her body has luscious curves and her waist was like an hourglass.

“Toby you’re my friend so that means you are straight with me. Since you knew me before you won’t be the one to kiss my butt.” Rebecca stares at me and calmly but sternly says this. She gives a slight giggle before turning around. I see her butt and the first thought that rushed through my mind and made me blush is that maybe I wouldn’t mind kissing her butt.

I giggle to myself as I put my hand over my face to hide my embarrassed blush. The other kids are staring at me now and my smile fades. I turn around and head for the lockers. When I got to my boring lame blue locker I noticed that someone spelled fat pig all over my locker. Funny but still I think that his or her handwriting is trash. Like come on, we learned how to read and write when we were in kindergarten and yet their handwriting makes their P’s look like D’s. It’s just sad when you see it.

I open up my locker and then a hand pops out and a cherry pie is splattered on my face. I am ashamed of myself when I lick the pie off of my lips. Then within my locker, a muscular arm was inside my locker. I recognize the hand to be that of the head bully, Bob. Sounds like a name that should be mine. I turned to face down the hallway and there he is. He is muscular and tall for his age. He is in my grade being a sophomore in high school. He got held back a year and that would make him around seventeen now. Last year he ate what was called a Portal Jell-O Shot.

He served three months in juvie for underage drinking but now he has the power to make his limbs teleport a certain distance. The only weakness is his body and head not being able to teleport with him. Even what he wears says he likes to beat up kids. He wears only tight blue jeans and a brown leather jacket.

He walks up to me and his left hand is just a stub as he puts it to my flab of a chest.

“I see you like the pie I bought. How about you eat it all up just so that you don’t waste me money.” He smiles as he menacingly says. I looked at him and tears began to build up in my eyes, making his face look a lot like a blur. “Oh so you’re a big fat baby now huh? Well how about I show you how powerful I am you punk.” I wiped the pie jam and tears from my face to see his face smiling. In an instant his hand comes rocketing out of his stump, striking me in the chest. That punch denies physics itself being that no one knows and has calculated how fast his limbs travel from where he puts them and how fast it reappears.

“Ugh!” I grunt before slamming my body into the lockers. I for one can tell you that my fat saved me a lot of trouble and only a couple of my ribs were broken as I flew through the hallway.

“Man I really hope you eat something good tomorrow piggy. Or else I might just have fun using you as a play pin.” Bob walks up to me and says. Bob snaps his fingers and his right-hand man George shows up. He has the same birthday as mine. But I’m lucky enough for him to be the only one to share a birthday with me since George is a silent but dangerous kid. I heard that even without any help from powers he was able to slow down Bob and some of the seniors. Just the thought of someone that strongly made my very hair stand up. George looks like a normal teenager with his baggy black clothes and his gold chains and watches but his face was beautiful. I couldn’t see if he was ripped or not but from the stories, I guess that there is just pure muscle under all that clothing.

“What do you want Boss?” George looks at Bob and asks.

“I want you to be there and make this kid eat the damn table. Researchers say that it is a 99.9% chance that is the only way that a person doesn’t get powers. But to be fair,.. WHO WOULD BE THE IDIOT WHO ATE THE TABLE!?” Bob snapped his fingers before pointing at me and he states.

“Please don’t do this. I’ll do anything you want.” I burst out crying out loud as I plead.

“Then eat the table you fat son of a-” Bob grabs my head and says.

“Bob, I will make sure this pig eats the table. Just let him get to class before we get reported.” George speaks up. Bob chuckles before letting me drop to the floor. I fell on my butt as he was walking away. Before I could get up and walk toward the shower room Bob turned his head and stared at me.

“Count your lucky stars piggy.” Bob says. He then turned back around and walked off. I got up and cried my way down to the shower room.

As I get done washing off the pie I get dressed and saw that I missed my first-hour class. But I don’t care. Maybe George won’t make me eat at the table. And who knows, no one has eaten the actual table, knives, spoons, nor napkins before. Because each has either ended up choking or dying right afterward. Because even if we do get powers before we are just normal human beings. We are not meant to eat such things so that means our bodies reject such materials to digest. So it only makes sense that it is the only thing that you can eat that would leave you “normal”.

I just shake my head clear of those thoughts and head to class. Because tomorrow’s my birthday our homeroom teacher will tell us what we could eat to make a difference in our lives. I always find home rooms funny because instead of eating healthy stuff they promote stuff like sweets and desserts. Because now in the year 4075, we pretty much know those healthy items of food are great but all they do is make you look better or have control over nature. But hey I’m not the one to judge. I’m fat and I like eating healthy and working out so I would be more than likely to eat something healthy. It’s just sweets like chocolate that can make someone super powerful. Kinda like the Top Chef, Tellissa. She ate a dessert called serendipity, which is just fancy ice cream. But it allowed her the ability to freeze time and make golden ice from her body. I don’t recall anyone finding weakness of her yet. But hey maybe we’ll get there someday and figure out who is going to be the next Top Chef without her dying of old age if that is even possible.

As I step inside of the classroom and I notice off the bat Rebecca staring at me and waving at me to take my seat. My jerk of a teacher Mr. Kingsling, watches me sit down as he pauses to make sure I’m not interrupting his class. He’s young for a teacher seeing that he ate Asian Fish Cakes and became a pure genius. Too bad because of that dish he also lost a lot of his emotional value and is blunt and monotone.

“Toby, stop wasting time outside of class snacking! Your birthday is tomorrow and you need to save your appetite. Please pay attention.” He scolds me, I nod my head yes and he continues to talk to the class. “Before I was interrupted by Toby wobbling in I was just on the topic of why it is important that you think of profit and not power. Yes the Top Chef is a powerful title but to be honest none of you in this class will ever be that. But I think at least 45% of this class of a hundred students can become rich. So the foods you should eat are coconuts, chocolate donuts, and a rare steak. Each of those are a massive product already being that you could be successful the following careers, construction, farming, and entertainment. But I know that Toby here will probably scarfe down the first thing he sees. Now if you pick gummy cake like Rebecca next to him then you have a bright future. Because her powers allow her to not only control her shape but as an extra bonus she can also take lumps of her hair and make different materials from it. Of course this means that she would be bald for around two months for only an inch of hair. To be fair I would have done it if that is where my passion lies but her ability now guarantees that she will make an easy profit. Especially if she sold miniature nukes to our Top Chef who rules over the world.”

“Thank you sir.” Rebecca says cheerfully with a bright smile on her face. Mr. Kingsling then from below his desk pulls out pictures of human limbs and hearts on silver plates. The class in unison gags at the sight but Mr.Kingsling continues,

“Now we all now cannibalism is illegal and can warrant the death penalty upon returning home. But I think that since this class is at a E average I think that there is no problem with covering basics. Isac Flonder was a kid who ate a human liver and came back and with the power to separate the human anatomy into three different parts, bones, muscle, and skin he was so hard to fight that the Top Chef of the time Eric Scotsina, had to intervene and kill him. Then there was Roger Mcgutin, who ate someone’s arm and when returning home he kept his power a secret for two years before showing the entire world that he had the ability to create arms on another human being and manipulate the person that the arms sprouted from. He killed around 10,000 people before he was terminated by our current Top Chef. The overall point is that by eating other humans not only will you be discovered eventually but you will die. Period. There is nothing that will come out of it except the comfort of death. No one can stop you from eating it so just know.”

Mr. Kingsling went on about what we should eat and then what illegal things cannot be eaten. And what punishments will be delivered if we break any laws. The bell rings and the lecture is over. As I and Rebecca leave the classroom she cheerfully says,

“Wow, all that talk and all it did was send shivers down my spine.” Rebecca states as she squished her cheeks together in a cute sense and I could feel myself blushing.

“So why gummy cake or something like that?” I ask as I turn away and place my hands on the back of my head all chill-like.

“Got tired of people calling me fat and ugly.” Rebecca replies her tone filled Suddenly I was snapped back into reality and realized that Rebecca was that annoying girl that was almost just like me in every other way. I turn around and look at her as she smiles at me with her eyes closed.

“Oh I forget. Want to go to class now?” I calmly say before I then punched her arm playfully like I used to but her whole body jiggled and made me laugh. She blushed before punching me back in the shoulder. We chuckle down the hallway.

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