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This story solving a mystery that mankind never seen before. Our star will find the big puzzle.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1 "It came"

Two years ago the CIA discovered a mole but the odd part was we don’t know what he/she looks like or his/her name. Our Deputy Director curse us for not knowing the person name at least. Few people got fired lucky I didn’t get fired. Several CIA agents died from explosions in the CIA Headquarters. Before that I was on mission the code name was Ademo this assignment was a frightened situation. Ademo was a unknown weapon that can erase humidity. First, Sara and I headed to Mexico an investigate it’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, we didn’t find it but we found clues. It is not a bomb, nuclear weapon or a bio weapon it was a computer. An it is in United States of America in Georgia. I look at Sara with confusion we get the information from a old computer facility. This doesn’t make any sense we been told that it is a weapon. So we travel back an went to the CIA Headquarters give our entail. Our boss Russ said nothing. Our work was finish I guess? I left an suddenly boom!!!! Fell down an pass out I woke up in the hospital with a head injured. I was on the hospital bed and sit up slowly. A nurse came in an told me that I was lucky that I didn’t get any injured inside of my head. Only have a scratch at the side of my forehead. Wondering how that happen did we had a mole? That was a big question. They can’t get in without a card even if you try to hack it the system will bypass any preaches. Doesn’t make any sense and why there? The nurse told me I was discharge from the hospital. I dressed before I know it the FBI barge in. A FBI agent came to me an said “that I was under arrested”. I asked for what? They said for the exploding of the CIA Headquarter. They handcuffed me an two FBI agents walk with me to the elevator. One whispered inside my ear.

“Michael don’t worry I will get you out of here” said Sara in disguised.

I replied “Sara is that you?” silently.

“Yes” said Sara.

“ You believe it was me?” I said

She replied “ Of course not Michael.”

We arrived on ground floor an as we about to move a laser gun directed shot at the other agent head. I look at the person it was Mark my old friend. The agent fell down out cautious and a car came swiftly. Sarah put me inside the car an I was bit confused. The driver name unknown as if he/she wasn’t there. Cops show up I don’t know how they get a signal that I escape from custody. Sarah shouted GO!!!GO!!!GO!!! We moved in a flash an police don’t look like the real ones. Shoots fired from the police car. We manage escape from the fake officers. Will we arrived in a safe house. Staying low until we have a plan. I sat on a stool and Sara unlock the handcuff on my wrist. I asking what is going suddenly turn into a terrorist? Don’t know how get to be a terrorist but we believe is not you. Sara sat next to me and hugged.

“I am so glad you Ok” said Sara.

I replied “ I glad you Ok Sara”.

Sara and I are best friends since childhood to adulthood. We used to have drunk partying and playing music. I started to turn dark and just don’t talk to her regularly. When I was a teenager I had mental issue. Not like having a bad temper or crazy. I don’t socialize no more and anytime if someone spoke to me, I just walked. Sound like no mental issue for some, actually when my father died I just lock out everybody even my mother. My mother somethings see me speaking to myself or staring at a wall. Sara was getting worried too. My mother bring a psychologist to our home and it was a woman name Jennifer. In few days I changed still a bit distance from Sara. I went school do my school work and other activity. The bell rang for home I catch a bus and head home out of the blue. I dumped into Sara I looked at her an saw sadness and misbelieve. Maybe I was too harsh toward her.

“Sara are you ok?” I said

She replied “ Why are you still moving away from me?”

“I thought you won’t speak to me no more.” I said

“Just pretending to be my friend” said Sara started to cry.

I replied “No No No that not true!”

She give me a clap on my face sent me through the backyard at my mother house. She ran house with a vexation. Look at the bright side I get home sooner than before. Anyway get up with pain like T-pain. That hit destroy my voice box now speaking Jamaican. I open the back door an tied up and fix my voice box I was good to go. Like nothing happen but I was wrong the next day when toward her an apologize an lucky it work. After that we became best friends. Let we go back to the story. Sara went somewhere in the building. I asked could it be Ross? Mark and the unknown person nodded No. By the way who this person Mark?

“ His name is Archer” said Mark.

I replied “ Nice to meet you Archer.”

“ You to Michael” said Archer.

“ What is the plan?” I said

Mark replied “ Create a team four of us is enough.”

“ We need thirty people how this going is chaos.” said Archer

Sara come back with pistols and rifles. Well look like this situation serious if people can’t see I’m not a terrorist I will show them the truth. At time I was bit scared because of how this event was going. Few days passed then we went to Barbados as our new home for now. Getting a new team but so far only four of then join. One our teammates alert us the police is going we hidden ourselves. The Prime Minister Of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley was inform about rogue agents in their country. Again I don’t how they know we make sure that their no trace of us they can find. The Barbados Defense Force and the army searched for us. What will happened to us?

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