Tasveer- A Portrait

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A girl who was kept as a hostage for a while. A Savior who saved her still She was his savior. One who wants to destroy the world. One who is trying to find his first love...

Action / Romance
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Nayak Nhi Khalnayak Hu Main

"Kisi Ne Sahi Kaha Hai...”

“Khush Kismat Hote Hai Voh Log Jisse Dusra Mouka Milta Hai...”

“Badnaseeb Hote Hain Voh Jiske Dushmano Ko Dusra Mouka Milta Hai...”

Plod…. Plod…. Plod…… He stopped and looked at a person who was sitting on the chair. He said,

“Assalamualaikum! Kaam ho gya huzoor. [Assalamualaikum! Work has been done.]”.

He replied curtly,

“Maashallah! Kaafi achi khabhar sunaayi. [Maashallah! You have given very good news]”.

He replied, “Bahut showk hai na kaafiron ko hamein maarne ka. Kitno ko maarenge? Hum Hazaar aur taiyaar karenge.

Hum is maidane Jung main, sar par kafan bandh kar uttrey hain, “wo sochtey hain”, humey dara saktey hai. Hahahahahahaha… [Kaafirs are so fond of killing us… right. How many will they kill? We will train in thousands of more men and we have descended in the battlefield wearing shrouds on the head... What they think …they can scare us. Hahahahahahaha...]

He ordered him to leave the room.

And he sank in too deep thoughts …contemplating his next move, to perfectly execute his wicked plan.

Reclining on his rocking chair, a vicious smile ran through his dry lips. He felt sure, that his plan will work, and saw the possibility – that, “Kaafirs”, will never be able to decode his plan and he will be able to defeat “the great mighty Indian”, in their homeland.

{What they say? If our God has to forgive it’s their duty to send us to God. Hahahaaaa…..}

Is vakt main unki aankhon main khoon dekhna chahta hun.

Vakt vakt par unko Kisi tarahan se hamare raaz unko malum ho jatey, or wo hame hara dete hain.

Main hi janata hun, us dard ko main mahsus karta hun, jab main apne bhaiyon ke mara hua dekhta hun.

{This time I want to see blood tears in their eyes.

Time on time, somehow, they could decode our secret plans, and defeat us. Only my heart knows, how this feel, the pain, and anguish I went through, each time, when I see dead bodies of our brethren.}

You know what I say, “Accha hua jo itnie saal hamein naakamyabi mili. Lekin is baar kucch alag plan hai. Is bar bahut hi zabardast or Zor daar plan hai. Jo pahle kabhi nahi hua. Is liye “jeet ka jashn” ka maza hi kucch alag hoga. Or is baar hum nahi, wo apne Bhagwan ke pass jayengey, or Hum Kashmir ke or karib hongey, Inshallah! Or ek din Hindustan ko khatam kar dengey.

It was good we got defeated for all those years, but, now it’s different, the plan. It’s bigger and mightier than ever, and so now the joy of “celebration of victory” will be on a different level, it will be different and the exultation of success will be different]”. Now, instead of us, they are going to meet their God. We will get one step closer to Kashmir. Inshallah! And in the end, we will see the destruction of India.

Head that rise,

shall lose the body,

How to save yourself,

There is no place to hide,

Eyes are on every path

Death is marked on every step

If you stand

You fall

If you fall

You get cut

If u hide

You meet death

Stay awake

Stay awake and run and run

Try if you can, protect your neck

Bigger is the storm than your step.

This storm is in the full swing

Who has the courage to spread their wing?

Who can stand and face

Stormy wind gushing at full pace.

The pain, this man has given us is tremendous, it’s unbearable. I don’t know how? But, every time he could gauge our moves, spoiled our plan and we lost our brethren.

I was wondering; why on earth we are not able to find anything about him, not even a single clue. I had sent many emissaries to have some information about him, but of avail.

He has risen to higher grounds, known as a “savior of people” now. This news is like a dagger in my chest. None of the plans been successful because of this evil man.

Flashing a sly grin, looking through the corner of his eyes, he said, that “now he will not be able to save himself”. Tonight, we take an oath, to give him the most painful death, we will cut his body in thousand pieces, inshallah…and he will surely repent for letting me go free.

I accidentally heard once some calling out to him, “major sahib, so what, if we don’t know much about him, there are ways to open his mouth, we will bleed his soul to know the truth”.

It’s customary to be very sincere, in inflicting pain, to our enemies. What kind of animosity, if proper rituals are not solemnized, after capturing of the enemy. There is no room for anything less, celebration is a must.

Thirsty for blood, is now the song of the wind

Bloody disposition

Bloody Temperament

That’s my persona

That my nature

Run... Run… Runaway

If you can...Don’t stop

or head won't adorn your top.

Bloody Disposition

Bloody Temperament

Bloody is the persona

Bloody is nature

This time we will demolish their fortress and the sound devastation should surprise them. I have to be there, I want to see all with my own eyes, the blood bathed body, the pain in their eyes, the fear, the helplessness. This will give peace and joy to my heart.

I am impatiently longing to see this beautiful sight when I achieve my goal.

He closed his eyes; as if the sun has set and dark night has arrived with a message whispering in his ears, go the time is at hand. And he opened his eyes, and looked around, with an affirmation he said, “Allah has granted this moment, let’s proceed without delay.

At the faraway place, there is another story is starting. God has set his cards to execute the plan of nature. Noone will lose or who will gain.

“Kisi ne sahi kaha hai

Mauka Jab Mile Uska Fayda Zarur Uthana Chaahiye…

Pta nhi kab Vahi Mauka Tumhe Jeet Ke Aur Kareeb Le Jaaye….”

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