The Three

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The Fine Art Of Nonsense

In Samuel’s Eyes

My hands were balled into a fist so tight my knuckles turned white. If anything, I was beyond terrified.

I remembered what mom always used to say:

Being scared means you’re about to do something really brave.

And I am.

I lunged at him, only to find he had blocked my punch and came from behind me. He grabbed a handful of my hair and smashed my head in his knee. I heard a crack in my skull. My nose started to bleed.

My ears are ringing. I taste the saltiness of my own tears in my mouth.

I faintly hear Goldie’s voice screaming: “Don’t touch him, you illiterate twat truck!”

I stumbled back, catching my breath.

Something really brave.

A huge fireball magically descended on Trace’s hand and as soon as I saw his hand swing back, I dodged the ball and ducked. I faced him and sent a punch right under his ribcage.

He groaned in pain.

I tried again and again, each time, I was deftly deflected, tossed aside, pinned, knocked back, as if my attacks and hours of training were nothing.


We fought for over an hour, nose bleeding, fingers were broken, head cracked until we were both too exhausted and the last lunge ended up more with us shuddering in frustration.

He was panting. So was I.

We were both so eager, so desperate to win, and didn’t really realize we had the same amount of strength. He stared at me in horror.

“You... You’re strong.”

“So are you.”

That made him smile. I tried to aim a punch at his jaw to knock him out one last time, but he was too fast. He had already grabbed my wrist, twisting it at an angle. But as soon as his fingers touched my wrist, he suddenly stopped. His body was covered in fire, but it all awkwardly quieted down.


It felt like an electric shock, and we both stared at each other in utter astonishment. It felt like a current run through both of us as we touched. Just like...

“What the...” I gape in shock.

Trace looks lost for words, too. He had a very weird look on his face.

“Did you feel that?” By now, he had forgotten that we were trying to break each other’s ribs a few minutes ago.

I nod abruptly. I then catch Goldie’s eye. Trace followed my gaze and stared at her too.

Somehow, some way, the three of us felt a connection once we touched. And the three of us experienced a sudden rush of power once we get fired up or scared or excited.

That must mean...

I firmly grabbed Trace by his cape and dragged him towards Goldie.

“Hey! This took an hour to iron!” He groaned in frustration.

“I don’t want this piece of dry pastry near me! NNOOO-” Goldie shrieked, backing away and sticking her back to the wall.

“Stop it, you pinheads!” I yell. “Shut it for one second before I tie your small intestines together.”

God, these children.

I ripped Goldie’s ropes and she watched me skeptically as I grabbed her wrist with my right hand. I threaded my fingers with hers and almost immediately felt the connection. I grabbed Trace’s hand with my left hand and felt the exact same thing.

Goldie and Trace seemed to catch up, and they both awkwardly held each other’s hands on their own. We were standing now in a circle, the three of us.

In the middle of our circle, a blinding light was emerging slowly but surely. Our hands were now shining and glimmering so brightly. Sparks of electricity were flying around us.

I watched in shock as Trace’s charcoal-black hair rose floated in thin air. Mine and Goldie’s hair, too. It was as if gravity was hauling us upwards but our force bonded together is pushing us down to the ground.

We felt each other’s bodies and energy. We could feel every single tingle between us. A strong wave of adrenaline and power entered our minds and body. We looked at each other in utter disbelief.

I feel myself smiling. Trace cracked a grin. Goldie, too.

This is... This is incredible.

What is wrong with us?

“Mr. Trace, sir?” A voice called and broke the heat of the moment, and it sounded like it belonged to a ’Juan’.

Trace yelped away from us in fear.

“I wasn’t doing anything they are merely just hostages!” He blabbered anxiously and knocked us out harshly on the ground.

My head crashed on the floor.

I feel myself drift off.

Such an idiot.

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