The Three

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It's Anime, You Uncultured Swine

I hear a crash.

A huge figure flew into the wall and smashed a big hole in it.

And they got in.

“Sir. Ma’am. I have come to rescue you. Come with me.” Comes a strange voice.

Standing in front of us is a man the size of a mountain. His body is covered in muscles head to toe, even his fingers look like they’ve been working out.

He’s wearing a blue vest and black pants, and a ridiculous Sherlock Holmes hat. A humongous gold badge sat across his chest. His blonde locks are impossibly shiny.

He looked extremely familiar.

Oh. He’s that hero-hulk-cop everyone talks about.

He and Trace have been quarreling for the last year or two.

People thought of Fearless as their hero and savior, but Fearless wasn’t actually saving anyone, he was flexing his muscles so the media would pay attention to him.

He only fought Trace and managed to run away like a chicken before he’d burn the life out of him. Trace got fed up with beating him so much, he’s not even trying anymore.

“Could you please move away from the TV? This is the last episode of season two.” Samuel groaned, looking clearly annoyed.

The muscled hero stared dumbly at Sam.

“I- I have come to rescue you,” He stammered. “You’re being held captive by the city’s most wanted criminal!”

“Who turned out to be a softie,” I replied while munching on some popcorn. So much for the despicable villain persona.

Who does this guy think he is, some hero? No wonder I preferred evil people. Does he expect us to be flattered by his charm and go with him just like that? Stranger Danger, all I have to say.

Trace strode into the living room, wearing his sparkly purple nightgown.

“Who dares disturb my beauty sleep?” He barked. He notices him and turns to both of us and asks. “What’s the douchebag doing here?”

We shrug our shoulders at the same time.

“Trace. We meet again.” Fearless said mysteriously.

“Oh, is that One Punch Man?” Trace’s eyes lit up, completely ignoring him. “how dare you start without me?”

He flopped on the couch with us and grabbed a mouthful of popcorn.

The guy just stood there in astonishment. I almost feel sorry for him.

“Well...I have come to rescue these poor civilians-” He muttered miserably.

Poor civilians?” I scoffed. Okay, now I’m offended. “Listen, Muscles. I don’t know who you think you are, but we are both capable of escaping if we want to, we don’t need you to rescue us. You can go now. We wanna finish the episode.”

“We wanna finish the episode.” Sam echoed behind me.

“You’re going to pay for my wall, too.” Trace said, his eyes still on the TV.

I am so done with this. Can’t I just have a moment of peace?

But Before we could realize it, Muscles ran out of patience and growled. He balled his hand into a fist and smashed the TV into smithereens. The glass shattered into tiny little pieces.

I let out a gasp.

How dare he?

How dare he?

Trace’s expression changed so fast, and he snapped his head aggressively towards Muscles.

He rolled his hands into fists. I can feel the power surging through his veins. Trace looked like the most powerful human being ever. I stare as he slowly lifted himself, his toes barely brushing the ground.

Oh no. He made Trace mad. This isn’t going to end up pretty.

Sam and I back away slowly. We wouldn’t want our heads smashed into concrete.

“Why did you decide to smash the TV? I was waiting for that episode for weeks.” He sneered.

“It’s just a cartoon,” Muscles replied nonchalantly.

Trace closed his eyes, relaxing. He seemed so composed, so peaceful. When he finally opened them again, all I could see in him are two pits of fire. Two hungry, evil eyes that would crush every living soul in his way. They glimmered with fury.

Those red eyes would be the end of Mr. Muscles here.

Oh yeah. That tugged a string.

“It’s not a cartoon.” He growled and hauled himself at him, smiling devilishly. “It’s anime, you uncultured swine.”

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