The Three

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Well, Well, Well. We're In A Prophecy

Muscles is still holding Gladius in his hand, staring in thin air.

He has this look of terror on his face. He is still trying to process what Trace just did. He probably will be scarred for life.

I kinda feel bad for him. But he kinda deserved it.

Just as I was about to ask Trace for a phone, Fearless was gone. Henchman was awake and found a first aid kit. He was almost done stitching up Trace and waved at me happily. I looked around the room. Fearless ran away. I balled my hands into a fist.

“Oh, I’m so gonna-” I start for the door.

But Trace was quick and had grabbed my wrist firmly. As soon as his skin made contact with mine, I instantly felt as if I was on an electric current. The same electric current I experienced with Samuel.

He stared at me. I shuffle uncomfortably, and avidly fix my wrinkled shirt.

He has this intense way of looking at people as if he can see every tiny detail on them. His eyes swept over my face, my hair, my eyes, and I felt as if I’ve exposed too much of myself to him.

“What?” I finally say.

His eyes twinkled. “Do you realize what you’re capable of doing?”

“No?” I said, playing for time.

“You’ve been gifted powers only people who are mentally strong enough can manage.”

“The highest grade I’ve ever had was a D+, what’s your point exactly?”

He smacked me on the forehead.

“No, you pinhead! It’s not that kind of strength. Listen, it might sound cliché,” He played with a water bottle

distractedly. “but I think you and Enderson might be one of The Three. The prophecy.”

Me. A Three.

His bright red eyes are burning on us, waiting for a reaction.

A Prophecy?

A prophecy? I never heard of this.” Samuel furrowed his brows in confusion.

“A secret one,” Trace told him. “It’s so secret, only specific people know about it. It was the only prophecy left in the world, and it states that three powerful human beings will meet and intertwine their abilities together. They will defeat the greatest evil, hand in hand.”

My heart is racing.

Is that what all of this was? Prophecies?

“The asteroid that hit the dinosaurs billions of years ago was actually a rock. This rock came from a planet called Leiza. Legend says that the people of Leiza had very immaculate powers like electricity, fire, wind. They got the powers from the planet itself. So when the rock hit the earth, it held so much power and energy it had to pass it over to others. The powers formed into monsters hiding in the shadows. You defeat one, and you are granted one wish. It was magic.”

Trace stared at us for a very long moment, before getting up in front of us. He opened his palm and the fireball emerged again, flying on top of his hand.

“See this? This is just a part of what’s been given to me by the prophecy,” He stared at it for a second before closing his hand. The fireball disappeared. “I’ve been told they have stolen this and gave it to me.”

“Who’s ’They’?” I ask him.

“Well. That’s the thing. I don’t know. I couldn’t see them.

Only heard their voice.” He mutters helplessly.

“Leiza chooses only the noble people. The strong people to pass the powers to. I think they chose you both.” Samuel and I stare at the ground.

“It all happened as soon as I became friends with...” Trace took a shaky breath. His red eyes that used to light up his face have paled into a dull shade.

I felt like this was too personal for me to hear, and it’s clearly painful for him to talk about. So, why open up to us? Why is this villain that could easily burn us to crisps in a second talking to us about his past life?

But I didn’t dare interrupt.

“She was there when all of this happened. In fact, she was always there. We used to do everything together. We’ve been inseparable ever since we started hanging out after school. She was funny, beautiful, and oh god, she was so smart. I’ve never realized how smart she was.” A small smile found itself creeping on his lips as the memory flashed in his mind. It quickly wore off.

“When we both turned fifteen, we discovered this weird-looking haunted house. We got in. As soon as we stepped afoot in that house, we heard a voice. This voice said he was the greatest evil, and told us if one of us defeated him, we would get whatever wish we wanted. He then emerged, just like a dream, and a giant monster with horns like a goat’s was standing before us.” He continued, and I noticed his fingers were trembling.

“We fought him. We...We managed to kill him. He stopped talking and turned to both of us, before whispering:

“But then she killed me next.”

“W-what?” Samuel’s jaw was on the floor. “I’m so confused, what did… How-”

“She killed me.” Trace cut him off. “She killed me and took the credit of killing the greatest evil all by herself and got her wish. As soon as I died, The Three Prophecy came to life.”

And what he said next made my hairs stand on end.

“I remember as I lay dying... I heard another voice. A softer one. And everything felt like a really bad dream. The voice told me he had stolen the fire powers from the rock and is willing to give it to me, and offered me a second chance in life. He offered me these two things under one condition.”

Under one condition?

“For me to become the next greatest evil there is.”

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