The Three

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It's Me. I'm The April Fool

In Samuel’s Eyes

My dumb little brain cannot put up with all of this confusing information.

I think you and Samuel might be one of The Three.

They will defeat the greatest evil. Hand in hand.

The voice offered me a second chance in life under one condition.

It feels like I have the word ’clown’ tattooed in big letters across my forehead.

Trace is the greatest evil. And part of The Three’s power was stolen for him so it can help him become more powerful, which kinda means he stole from us.

His best friend stabbed him in the back and got her wish for herself. And so he can live again, he made a deal with a voice to be the next greatest evil.

Goldie and I are Threes.

Who’s the third Three? Where’s The third Three who can complete The Three prophecy? And how do can we find the Third Three so we can finally be The Three Threes?

What am I even saying?

I finally snapped out of my trance.

“So... The electricity between us. That wasn’t real?” I asked him. “We just felt it because you have part of our… Powers?”

“I suppose.” Trace was now chugging on the last gulps of his vodka bottle. I think he was trying to figure out why he talked to us about all of this.

I look over at Goldie. She has this distant look in her eyes. Her light auburn hair was all over the place. Her brown eyes were lighter than ever. Her mouth is firmly set on a deep frown. It’s as if she was dissecting every word Trace just said.

I touched her shoulder lightly.


She flinched, and her body shuddered in fear.

“Why... Why didn’t you hide this from us? Why didn’t you kill us yet if we are supposed to destroy you? How do I know you’re not making this up? What the hell is-” She blabbered anxiously, firmly gripping her hair between her fingers.

“I know, I know, just bear with me for a second.” He said and had a distant look in his eyes before whispering to himself. “Yeah, why didn’t I kill you? Why am I telling you all of this? You two right now are the biggest threat, why not just blow you to smithereens?”

Realization hit him, and he snapped his head towards us so aggressively, I thought I might faint.

His sad eyes hardened. I saw the cruelest smile creeping on his lips. His red eyes glowed like a flame.

He only said one word, and it made my lungs suck all the air out of it, leaving nothing but fear and horror:


I did exactly what he said. I grabbed Goldie and ran.

The usual pump of adrenaline kicked at my legs and I have never run so fast. My stomach is whirling in a circle. Goldie is tumbling behind me, her heavy breathing matched mine.

“Elevator!” I hear her shrieking.

A long, silver elevator was on the far end of the room, and we rushed towards it.

I can feel his heat on my back. I can hear Trace laughing. I can hear my own heart beating in my chest. My legs are fuming.

Just a little faster.

We finally reached it, and I smashed the arrow button.

We got in, just as Trace was nearing us, and the elevator door blocked a huge fireball aiming towards us.

As the doors fully close, I collapse on the floor in sheer exhaustion.

Goldie’s faint voice is trembling beside me:

“I just... I just wanna go home.”

She was as terrified as the first time I saw her. Her forehead was drenched with sweat, and her lips were shuddering as if she got a cold.

I grab her shoulders and gaze at her eyes.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have dragged you with me.” I stare intently at her pupils. She had such calm, beautiful brown eyes.

I’m such an idiot. She didn’t do anything to be in this big of a mess. I should fix this. I should let her go.

I’ll do this mission on my own.

“It’s not your fault.” She smiled a bit, sniffling her tears away. “I’m the one who shouldn’t let a big of a jerk kidnap me.”

“Am I that stupid?” I try to smile.

“Oh, for sure.” She assured me.

We looked at each other for the longest time, the only sound that disturbed our silence was the pings of the elevator, slowly escorting us down. Her gaze is so strong, I couldn’t tear my eyes away.

I don’t want to let her go. We’re far too similar for me to leave her.

But I have to.

Trace can wait.

I’ll take her back to her mother.


In Marigold’s Eyes

I was really grateful for Samuel for comforting me, even though he was the idiot and the one to blame. But still, the thought counts.

I’ve never seen him this serious before, but then again, it’s a pretty serious situation.

We’ve successfully escaped the lair, but we found ourselves running through tons of underground tunnels and water pipes. Trace here has built his lair beneath the city, like an underground.

I bet he built it there so he can have his usual neighbor chats with Satan.

We keep running down the tunnels, and my mind is still occupied with what Trace has told us.

Seems like he went to that haunted house when he turned fifteen.

I wonder what a fifteen-year-old girl would wish for that would change her life.

That would change...

Samuel keeps running, but I can’t move. It’s like my wornout sneakers are drilled to the ground. I’m in a state of shock.


I think I figured it out.

I figured out who she is.

My mind flashes. A very strong memory appeared in my mind.

“Goldie?” I hear Sam ask but I’m too concentrated on remembering every bit of detail.

It all makes sense now...


I was Fourteen, Grey was Fifteen.

Just as I was done with my history homework, the front door of the house opened, letting in a chilling breeze.

Grey was covered from head to toe in sweat and dirt. She was sucking in huge breaths. There was a weird glint in her eyes.

I ask her from behind my book:

“Are you okay?”

She nods distractedly, and took out mom’s sewing kit, and started to rummage through it.

“Where’s Theodore? He was with you when you got out.” I asked again.

She winced, before loosening up a bit and smiling.

“He went home early. We kind of had a small argument, that’s all. We might not hang out anymore.”

She finally found the sewing needle. Grabbing a handful of yarn on her other hand, she started sewing a tiny little teddy bear.

My teddy bear. The teddy bear who I ripped his hand off on accident and forced mom to learn how to sew so she can fix it, and she didn’t have time to.

Her fingers moved swiftly, and about fifteen seconds later, the stuffed toy looked as good as new.

She stared at it, a slight look of amusement and excitement in her eyes.

Grey never touched a sewing needle in her life.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. How did...

“When did you learn how to do that?” I yell in disbelief.

She smiled.

“What gives it away? ” She smirked and handed me the teddy bear. “I can do anything now. It’s me and Theo’s secret.”



His name was Theodore Newton.

He was Grey’s best friend who never left her side.

Three days after Grey got home that time, his family moved out of town. They just poofed out of the picture. Nobody asked where they went. They didn’t even bother to.

Do I know you? You look oddly familiar., I recall Trace’s anxious voice.

When we both turned fifteen, we discovered this weird-looking haunted house…’ I remember Grey’s terrified expression when she entered our house that day.

Oh, no.

No way.

This is not happening.

“Uhhh... You okay? You’ve been staring in the distance for ten minutes.” Samuel touches my shoulder. “Cmon, let’s take you to your mom.”

I swat his hand away.

That’s how she managed to get all the gold medals. That’s how she knew how to swim after only two days of practice. That’s how she knew how to make a Dulce de Leche milk cake by only reading the ingredients.

That’s how, no matter how hard I try to surpass her, she would always beat me.

Her wish was to be perfect in everything. And she didn’t want to share.

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