The Three

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We Bond Beside A Dead Body

“This is fun,” Sam says cheerfully, the gravel crunching under his shoes as he walked with us. “I’ve never done this before.”

“I know, right?” Trace agreed. He put his hands on the back of his neck, stretching. “We should do it more often. It’s like a camping trip.”

I stop walking and stare at both of them, fighting the urge to smash their heads together and hang them onto the nearest tree.

“Seriously. We’re trying to hide a body.” I sneer.

“Your point?” They both say at once.

“Remind me to bury you two beside him. Please.” I shoot them a glare and they flinch. I resume walking.

I hear Trace whisper behind me.

“She’s scary.”

“Very.” Sam hissed back.

“How did you not die all this time?”

“I don’t know.”

“Of course, you do.”

“Okay, okay, here’s the thing. The key is to-”

“I can hear you guys.” I sighed.

They yelped in fear.

My blood is boiling. Why, of all people, am I stuck with these two children.

As you can see, as soon as we tried to kidnap Jacob, he got so scared and slammed his head on the wall on accident. Seconds later, a huge antique vase fell on his skull.

He died.


But may he Rest In Peace, though.

So there we were, wandering in a small forest nearby the city, trying to find a good spot to bury the dude.

And if I’d have to kill my sister to keep it that way, then I would.

That sentence hurt more than every punch and cut and bruise I have ever had. It felt like a punch in the stomach. I can’t bat away my thoughts this time. I try not to show my emotions, but this is all so overwhelming. You know, it’s not every day you realize your sister is a crazy murderer.

But it’s okay.

She won’t bother me anymore.

This seems like a somewhat good ending, even though it ended with us hiding my sister’s fiances body in a forest.

I met... Samuel.

I met Trace.

Better yet, maybe living with these two might be a good idea. I know it’s such a weird situation I’m in, but we still didn’t figure out The Three thingy. Might as well stay for a bit more.

We finally found a good spot with grass covering the edges.

We dump Jacob and stare at him for a few seconds.

“May the devil be with you.” Trace declared.

“Not amen,” Samuel argued.

“Shut up, Enderson.”

I smile.

My smile disappeared as I noticed something on the back of Trace’s hand. I looked at my hand as well.

Oh. My. God.


“Yeah?” He answered.

“I think you’re our Third Three.”

He was silent for a second, before throwing his head back in laughter.

“I’m a despicable arsonist. A thief, too. I stole from The Three. I’m not one of you.”

“I... Don’t think so. Look.” I point at his hand.

We watch in awe as a white lightning bolt sizzled in his hand and slowly wrote a small ’3’ across the back of his hand.

I look at my own hand. Number ’3’ was also tattooed on my hand.

I grabbed Samuel’s wrist. Him, too.

Trace couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I... What..” He looks lost for words

“Trace. Spit it out.” Samuel says impatiently.

“I forgot to tell you about this but... The prophecy states that a mark of achievement will be on The Three champions once we defeated the greatest evil.”

“B-But you’re the greatest evil!” I exclaim.

“I thought I was. Turns out I’m not.” He ran his hands through his hair. “I... I think we already defeated the evil. Just now.”

“Jacob?” Sam chimes in.

“No, you pinhead!” He smacks him on his forehead. “Grey. Grey was the greatest evil, was she? If we hadn’t captured her earlier, god know what she would have done. I’m positive she had plans. Bigger plans.”

The pieces are falling together. Everything makes sense now.

The three of us looked at each other at the same time in utter surprise, our eyes twinkled with amusement.

Just look at us.

I’ve always felt like a failure and never achieved anything in my puny little life.

Samuel hasn’t heard one word of praise from his dad ever since he was a little kid.

Trace lost his one and only best friend who stabbed him in the back. Literally.

Each of us lost something until we found each other. We filled in each other’s gaps. We completed each other. Fixed each other. Each of us helped the other heal. We were like tiny pieces of a scattered puzzle that finally found each other in the rack of pieces and fit perfectly in the huge jigsaw puzzle of life.

Then, we became this inseparable trio.

We became powerful.

We became indestructible.


I’ve never believed in fate, but this...

We were the Three. And we will be, as long as we are together.

For eternity.

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