The Three

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Curse You, Steve

In Trace’s Eyes

My Stomach dropped about a thousand miles down.

I’m a Three.

Samuel is a Three.

Marigold is a Three.

I’m not the greatest evil there is.

I firmly dial Henchman’s number.


“Henchman, take Abbot and Enderson to the evil lair. Now.” I instruct him, trying to hide the crack of my voice.

“Right away, boss.”

After I ended the call, I turn to both of them.

“I’m going.”

“Where?” Marigold narrows her eyes at me.

I hesitate, before quickly saying, “Someplace. I gotta do something.” and before she could respond, I took off.

I opened my palms and placed them at my sides. Soon enough, I felt the burning sensation in my eyes. My hands exploded with fire and I hauled myself up using the flame’s strong force.

I am going to that haunted house and calling this stupid deal off. I don’t care if this means I’ll lose my powers. I don’t care if this means ill become weak again.

Because I just realized I might have...


I might finally have someone to talk to. Someone to share my pain and happiness with. I’m not lonely anymore. And I don’t ever want my friends to be hurt because of me.

So I’m calling the deal off.

Right now.

In Samuel’s Eyes

I look up at the sky as Trace flew upwards and into the distance.

The person that I was supposed to capture to get my dad’s approval in right in front of my eyes and I didn’t do anything.


I would have never thought of it turning out this way at all.

All of my months of training has led me to this moment.

And the moment just passed.

Now I’m thinking:

What if I did capture him? Would my dad be proud? Would I be satisfied?

Or would I realize that there’s more to life than just pleasing others? Even if it was your dad?

I was so desperate for a pat on the back from him, I got so blind and never got to see what was really important.

This is some deep stuff.

“Hey um... Do you think my dad would be proud if I beat Trace?” I hopelessly ask Goldie.

She thinks for a moment, before saying these words that will be stitched into my mind forever:

“Who gives a damn?”


“Sorry, but your dad is a piece of dried raisin if he is still not impressed by you. I mean, look at you! You are perfect! What more could he ask for? You only need approval from yourself, Sam. And besides,” Her eyes crinkled into a smile and continued, almost to herself. “you’ve already gotten mine.”

My mouth stretched into the biggest grin ever. I kept running that last sentence over and over in my brain.


We suddenly hear the honks of a car.

Loud, annoying honks.

The door of the car opened, revealing a stubby, Mexican dude in the passenger seat.


“Samuel, Marigold. Boss ordered me to come to get you.” He beamed.

“I ain’t going nowhere- AARRGGHH DONT DO THIS AGAIN SAMUEL!” Goldie retorts and I sighed as I lifted her over my shoulder as she screamed in my ear. “THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!”

“Please be quiet. I can’t even hear myself losing the will to live.” I say, pushing her into the car.

We get in, and we drive away into the distance, all the way to Trace’s lair.

In Trace’s Eyes

There I am.

The place where my worst memories were born.

I took several breaths before going inside.

The house was a small, croaky thing in the middle of the forest.

It had nails springing out of wooden furniture. It had this horrible stench of wet metal and rusting iron. Water was dripping everywhere and everything was impossibly darkcolored.

“Hello? Anyone there?” I try to yell, but my voice failed me.

Seconds later, a swoosh of a cold breeze brushed through me, sending chills down my spine.

“Child,” The voice that I recognized when I was dying boomed.

There we are. The memories are flashing in my mind like a lightening bolt. I stare in horror at the distance.


‘Sorry, Theo. But I deserve my wish. You don’t.’

‘I will spare your life, child, under the condition of you becoming the next greatest evil there is.’

’Grey, I... You’re choking me... Stop! -”

I gasp for air. Clutching my heart, I stumble back, shaken up from all the memories. God, they looked so vivid. My eyes started to sting.

I look up at the source of the voice, but there was nothing. I couldn’t see the person who was talking to me.

“Who were... Who are you?” I tremble.

“I thought you had already known. I,” His voice was loud and clear, but so soft and scary at the same time. Patronizing. “am Steve.”

“Wait. What?”

“I am Steve, do you not understand?” He continued. “I come from the planet Derka, just beneath Leiza. Our planet is relatively smaller, and we have been feeding on the powers of Leiza for billions of years just to keep us alive. We are sick of it.”

“What does that have to do with me? Why help me and not have these powers for yourself?” I extend my hand to reveal the fireball that appeared on my palm.

“I could tell you would be very powerful and will be of use to us Derkans. You might help us take over Leiza, child. But I had to test you first.” He stopped for a second, before saying:

“You failed.”

“No! I didn’t do anything!” I stammer.

“You have broken the deal. Derkan deals are too strong to fool around with. They have a magical bond. I have given you immaculate powers, and this is how you used them?” The voice bellowed. “You have failed in becoming the greatest evil. You shall be punished.”

The tone of anger in the voice made my hairs stand on end.

This isn’t going to end up well.

I mustered enough courage to speak. “I am one of The Three now. I want to call our deal off.”


“Yes,” I argued.

Stunned silence. I shouldn’t have said that. If he had a face, I bet he’d stare at me in disbelief.

“No!” He finally exclaimed.






The earth shook beneath us.

“How dare you talk back at me?” He snarled. “You must suffer the consequences, boy. At first, I couldn’t find any weak spot in you. But now I do.”

My stomach dropped about a thousand miles. I knew exactly what he is going to do.


He’s going to kill them.



No, I barely whisper.

In Samuel’s Eyes

I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

Ow. Mother trucker dude.

Trace hasn’t come back. I’m starting to get worried.

I walk over to Goldie’s room, clutching my chest. I try to ignore the pain and enter the room.

In Marigold’s Eyes

I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I bite down the urge to curse as I see Samuel walk into my room, clasping his chest with both hands like his life depended on it, just like me.

We stare at each other in horror.

Oh, no.

Trace.” We both say in panic.

In Trace’s Eyes

“Take me instead. They have nothing to do with this.” I plead desperately.

No reply.

Tears started to prickle on my eyelashes. Why am I crying? Why am I… Caring about these people?

I never thought I would cry about such a thing, but god damn, I would cry a river if it meant they would be safe and sound at home.

He’s going to do it. There isn’t one ounce of sympathy on him.

They were the people who reminded me that I am still human. They brought light into the darkroom I was sitting in ever since this damned voice gave me my powers.

No. I can’t watch them die. Because of me.

I hear a mocking laugh.

“I just might, if you make another deal with me."

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