The Three

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I'm Such A Genius

In Trace’s Eyes

“How about another super-ability?” The voice sings softly.

His voice is so soft, it’s patronizing.

“What power?” I spit.

Our power. Derkans have the ability to talk anybody into anything. We are gifted the power of manipulation. We can convince people to do the scariest things and they won’t hesitate to do it. Truly, a gift.”

I stare in disgust.

“But I am forbidden of doing such things,” He continued. “For I have broken too many rules. Derka took away my powers. I can’t use them, but I can give them.”

“Over. My. Dead. Body.”

“No, no, I wouldn’t do that.” He giggled. “I didn’t finish stating the entire deal yet. I will give you these powers and free your friends from death in exchange for something.”

“And what is that?” I growl.

“You will help me demolish Leiza and make me ruler of both planets.”

I open my mouth to respond harshly back but stopped myself.

“Okay, I never mess with aliens and space shit, but this sounds like a good deal.” I nod.

“Good answer. You won’t regret this.” He laughed.

Almost immediately, a yellow piece of paper and a red pen floated in air right in front of me. I read the paper quickly, and my eyes landed on one word. I grabbed the pen.

“Oh, I’m sure I won’t.” I signed away, smudging the ink a bit.

As soon as the pen’s tip left the paper, a chilling breeze washed through me again. My brain itched, and a tiny little sound screeched in my body.

I have the powers now.

“Very well, Newton.” The voice said. “We are done here. You shall come with me now.”

“Hold on, big guy.” I say, a smirk playfully crept on my face.


“I’m not done talking to you yet.”

What are you talking about?” The voice said, words hissing through his teeth. “You can’t do that; it is visibly stated in the contract. It doesn’t work on me.”

“You might wanna check it again before you keep playing with fire.” I say.

He growled, and the same contract appeared in front of my face again.

“See, buddy?” I smiled and quoted. “’I, Steven Derks Jacobs, will allow the signer of this contract to have my powers and will grant my permission to use them to any soul except he’”

“I,” He’s running out of patience. “Any soul except me. I forbade you to use it on me!”



“I might have smudged the word ’I’ and accidentally wrote ’he’ instead. Whoops.” I snicker. “And I think it means ’he’ as in me. So, it won’t work on me”

I pointed at the smudge of the pen, as red as blood, and the word ’he’ written in my handwriting.

The voice stammered, toppling over his words.

“Now, where were we?” I tap my chin. “Ah, yes. How about a little chat? I wanna test my new powers out.”

In Marigold’s Eyes

Henchman drove the Lamborghini and was muttering to himself during the whole ride something about Trace inverting his ribs if he saw him drive his brand-new car alone.

But I won’t let that happen, of course.



“What if...” I bite my nails. “What if we don’t make it on time? What if we’re too late?”

He looked as terrified as I was, but he put on a brave smile.

“Don’t worry. He’s a despicable villain. He can handle himself.”

I manage a smile.

The car stopped so harshly, my head whipped back into the seat.

I hear Henchman scream in horror. I went into full defense mode, my adrenaline rate reached its peak, and my muscles were ready to fight.

A very hot object has crashed on the front of the car, flames covering every part of it.

“Boss!” Henchman squealed.

What the-

That object was apparently Trace. His eyes shimmer under the moonlight. He smiles, all teeth showing. We hear him laugh. The same laugh when he first met us.

Now, it’s like music to my ears.

We both step out of the car and face Theo. There he was, in the flesh. His body was in flames, his eyes are glowing brighter than ever.

He’s alive, and he’s okay.

“How are you dumb dumbs doing?” He said, with the biggest smirk on his face.

Sam walked over and embraced Trace into a big-bear-bro-hug. Trace froze for a bit, before giving in and hugging him back.

“Oh, we’re doing fantastic.”

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