The Three

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It'll Be Fun, They Said

Actually, it did get worse.

As soon as we arrived home, and by home, I mean a drabby apartment we rented for a month or so, Mama bear let it all out on me.

She managed to yell every curse ever to exist, cry, and break two plates.

She said I had An IQ lower than a chicken’s. because The stupidest of people would run towards a burning building just because they heard a lady giving birth.

Then proceeded to smash more plates in frustration.

After she finished yelling at me, she got so tired she went straight to her bed. A few minutes later, she’s snoring her nose off.

I walked over to her room and kissed her forehead, whispered “I love you.”, and went to bed myself. My mom is all I have right now. I don’t want her to get worried as much.

The next day, I woke up with a migraine, tremendous pain in my legs and arms (Probably cause of all the sudden supersonic running), and the realization that I have a wedding to attend.

Still lying in my bed, I stare at the green-painted ceiling of my room. I stayed there for a few seconds, then got up to get ready. The earlier I do it, the faster it’ll be over.

I ended up wearing a really old dress that I wore at a birthday party two years ago.


I stare at my reflection in the bathroom mirror. It was a light blue, long, strapless dress. Tiny little butterflies were embroidered on the skirt, and wrapped around my waist, defined my curves, the tail trailing behind as I walked. It’s a nice dress, but you can easily tell it’s been worn a couple of times.

I avidly tried to straighten the wrinkles at the front and snip off the tail of the dress, which was covered in mud and grass, with craft scissors.

I brush my short, brown locks and tuck a strand behind my ear and conceal it with a butterfly hair clip. The big curls framed my face, hiding my jawline. Okay, hair is done.

I glanced at my makeup bag.

No makeup today. People can deal with my tired face for a couple of hours. Wouldn’t hurt them, now would it?

As I put my makeup bag away, I couldn’t help but recall what happened yesterday. The fire. The shouting. The surprising rush of adrenaline. The boy.

The connection.

What in the world was he doing back there?

What an idiot.

'Ill see you really soon.

What in the Disney movies is this?

A small part of me was kind of excited to see him again. That surprised me, considering he was a complete stranger. But that feeling we both experienced back there... It was immaculate.

How can that be?

That was all I thought about until we reached the apartment yesterday evening. I tried to understand what we felt but didn’t seem to get it.

Once again, I bat the questions away.

After checking myself in the mirror one last time, I walked up to mom’s room. I opened the door and found her already all glammed up. She’s wearing a black silicon dress that wrapped around her hips elegantly, and black pumps to match.

She turns around and notices me at the door, and grinned. She had a diamond necklace in her hand, and after a few seconds of silence, she came up to me and tied it around my neck.

I gazed at it in awe. It was the clearest and cleanest diamond I have ever seen. It glittered in the light, complimenting my plain no-sparkle dress. It was beautiful.

It was perfect.

I hugged her tightly.

“Don’t want to sound basic, but I’ve never actually liked diamonds,” She smiled, hugging me tighter. “It suits you.”

I smiled back. That was such a simple gesture, and I wouldn’t ever forget it.

Fast forward a few hours, and here I am at the wedding’s reception, sipping on some strawberry mojito, and forcefully making small talk, while mom was chatting with her friends.

I spit it out right after the first sip.


My eyes travel around the place. She actually did a good job decorating the place. White and pink juries are hanging from the ceiling. There were about fifty wooden tables and chairs scattered around. It was really simple and pretty.

I bet Grey is prettier.

Man, this sucks. I wish someone would take me as far away from here as possible. Maybe a beach. That’d be nice.

“Goldie?” A familiar husky voice asks behind me.

I was so gob-smacked to find him here; I didn’t know how to respond. I snap my head around aggressively to find him standing right there, right in front of me.

Ginger boy.

He was wearing a really, really, and I mean really old tuxedo, the white shirt underneath was wrinkled and covered with coffee stains.

The jacket is too big, and the trousers are too short. His messy ginger locks are slicked back, revealing all the cuts and bruises on his face from yesterday.

He gave me a mega-watt smile. I’m too terrified to smile back.


Ohh, so we started nicknaming, now.

“Don’t call me that.” I scowl. “How do you even know my name?”

“I heard your mom screaming her head off at you at the mall. I could hear it from a mile away.” He said matter-of-factly.

Ah, yes. He heard me getting yelled at. Magnificent.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Why?” I accuse. “I don’t know you, what could you possibly want to talk to me about?”

“Well, I-”

“How did you find me?” I cut him off.

“I followed your cab.”



“Back off or I’ll re-arrange your digestive system.” I smiled sweetly.

He stared at me with so much confusion and interest in his eyes and didn’t respond back.

I took that as a chance to turn on my heel, lift up my long dress, and sprint my legs off. Running has become my new goto workout.

Remember when I said I was kind of excited to see him? Well, now I’m petrified. He’s creepy, and I don’t want him near me.

I turn around and look if he’s behind me. He’s nowhere in sight. I smile devilishly.

I’m faster than him.

But before I could react, I slammed face-first into a firm and hard chest. I back off slowly, pressing my palms to my forehead in pain.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t...” I muttered in embarrassment as I opened my eyes and found myself staring at a wrinkled coffee-stained shirt.

Oh, hell naw.

How the hell did he run that fast?

“As I was saying,” He continued as if someone running away from a conversation and wrestling your chest with their face is normal. “Remember when you grabbed my hand back there? There was something... I don’t know what it was. But we both felt it, there’s no denying it. And it was really weird.”

I opened my mouth to shoot him with a witty comeback, but I stopped.

So he did feel it, too.

I looked at him skeptically. “Yeah, it was weird. I’ve never felt something like this before.”

“Neither have I. It was as if we had a...”

“Connection.” We both say at once.

I stared at his green eyes and recalled how they flashed in utter surprise when I held his hand yesterday. Something was behind that feeling. And I want to find it out.

He opened his mouth to say something but was elbowed to the side harshly by a really beautiful blonde woman, who had freckles all over her face, just like me. Her white dress was so enormous and princess-like and had tiny beads of pearls in it.

She squealed and wrapped me up in a big bear hug, almost choking me with her expensive perfume.


“Marigold!” She laughed. “It’s been years!”

I smiled a bit, hugging her back. Truth is, I’ve actually missed her. A lot. When we were kids, she would always hang out with her friends and kick me out whenever I tried to join in with them. I never got to spend time with her a lot ever since she made friends.

But It’s nice to feel her embrace again.

“Hi, Grey. How’s it going?” I muffled through the hug.

“Sorry I missed your walk down the aisle, traffic was horrible.”

“No, it’s okay! I managed to bake the cake myself, decorate the room, and sew on my dress just in time.” She pointed at a huge cake on the side of the room that looked so utterly beautiful, I couldn’t help but stare in awe.

Of course, she baked that cake. She’s like Mary Poppins but with a Minnesotan accent.

“Jacob helped, too!” Her eyes suddenly softened at the thought of her fiancé. “He’s really excited about this.”

“Of course, he is.” I’m grinning from ear to ear now. “Who wouldn’t be happy to marry you?”

I’ve actually never met her fiancé, Jacob, but I didn’t really care. All I knew about him is that he’s an accountant and has a really scruffy beard.

Grey continued talking to me, flicking her beautiful blonde locks every ten seconds, forgetting about the boy whom she knocked off by her big dress and strong elbow. He was still lying there, in shock.

“My sister.” I hiss to him at the corner of my mouth.

He nodded his head in understandment and scrambled up to his feet. He then poked his head between us and took a dramatic bow in Grey’s direction, almost tripping on his feet.

Oh, no.

She looked at him in confusion, and looked back at me, waiting for me to explain who this boy is. My mind whirred, thinking of something to make up.

“Well, this is-” I managed to say before he cut me off.

“Boy, do we love a reunion, but I must steal Goldie- I mean Marigold from you,” He flashed her a charming smile, and grabbed my wrist. “Congratulations! Oh, and don’t drink that mojito. Disgusting.”

Before Grey could respond with anything, the boy dragged me to the end of the reception hall. We were now standing at the mere entrance, the gravel crunching at our feet, the sun glinting in our faces. I smacked his hand away.


“Don’t just drag me around!”

“I wouldn’t if you’d just listen to me!’

He stared at his shoes for a second, before letting out a huge sigh.

“I’m guessing you want an explanation. For why I was following you.”

I shoot him a look of distrust, but I eventually sink into a nearby wooden bench. I’m so tired.

I look at him expectantly, waiting for him to explain himself, and tell me what all of this mess is about.

He opened his mouth, and boy, I wish he didn’t.

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