The Three

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Cool, I'm Outta Here

After fifteen minutes of him talking and me listening in disbelief, I came to the conclusion that I’m screwed.

Really screwed.

“So, yeah. My dad’s sorta the co-owner of a really huge secret agency.” He said nonchalantly.


“Now that I’ve told you, you have no choice but to come with me. No witnesses that way.”


“Sorry. Organization secrets.”

I stared at him in sheer astonishment. He just sat there, waiting for me to reply. He had such a sympathetic expression on his face, I almost got offended.

The person I just saved is the son of an extremely huge and dangerous organization in Central, and he wants me to come with him to capture the greatest evil there is.

Boy, am I in trouble.

“Are you going to kidnap me?” I accused; my voice two notes higher than usual.

“More like forcing you to be my partner.” He laughed. “You seem good at first aid. Plus, you have really fast reflexes. Might use your help. I want to prove a point to my dad.”

I back away slowly, ready to sprint my head off.

“No. No. Absolutely not. I’m not going with- AAARRRGGHH!”

He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulders with such ease. He then started humming while walking us to a nearby cab. I kicked and punched, trying to wriggle out of his grasp.

This is trafficking. This is murder. This is kidnap.

“I’m Samuel Enderson, by the way,” his lips curled in a playful smile before happily opening the cab’s door and stuffing me in. “Nice to officially do business with you.”

The door of the cab closed with a loud thud, and my heart skipped a beat. I clawed at the handle in panic.

This is it. This is the day I die.

But suddenly, I stopped resisting. I stopped shrieking. Even the cab driver glanced anxiously at the rear-view mirror, asking him if I had died.

It dawned to me that if I managed to escape and return to the wedding, my life would continue normally.

I’d finally meet Jacob, Grey’s Fiancé, and have dinner with everyone. I’d be stuck listening to mom praising Grey the whole day. I’d catch up with Grey, too, and go back with them to their house and stay for a few more weeks before returning home to Minnesota.

I’d still be small and useless.

This is a chance to stir my life up a bit. Have some adventure. I might even do something great on the way, like save the world or something.

I glanced discreetly at ’Samuel’, who’s leaning his head against the window frame. As the cab took a left turn, he bumped his head by accident and winced in pain.


He notices me staring at him in utter agony, and says defensively:

“Don’t look at me like that! That feeling we both felt that day at the mall? Yeah, that wasn’t normal. I want to know what it was. Also, I feel like if you’re with me, I won’t be dead after two minutes into this mission. You might save me again!”

“I will kill you.”

This is the person who’s my puny little life is latching on to.

Might as well be ready to meet Michael Jackson.


I’m really curious about the thing we both felt. And besides, what have I got to lose?

While I was deep in thought, the cab finally grinds to a halt.

“Um, Samuel,” I tell him, clearly discomforted at the new sound of his name on my tongue. “Why are we in the middle of the city?”

“Well, you won’t be fighting bad guys and villains in this dress now, will you?” He eyed me up and down. “Stay here. I’ll get you some clothes.”

Samuel got out of the cab and jogged to the nearest shop, disappearing behind the mannequins.

I payed the cab, watched it screech its tires away, and stood there at the corner of the street, shivering in my blue dress. The scent of smoke is stronger than ever.

After a few seconds, I decided to follow him in. I didn’t want him to pick for me. I can tell he has really awful taste in fashion.

“Stop right there.”, a voice says behind me. It sounded like either old man’s, or a person who smokes pot every day. I froze.

A shiver ran down my spine as I felt a cool metal press against the back of my neck.

Okay. So slowly, I’ll turn around, duck behind him, grab the gun and- Ow.

I winced as he hit me in my head with the back of the gun, leaving a bruise. Guess my plan wouldn’t work at all.

“Give me your wallet.” He says coldly.

“I have nothing on me,” I reply miserably.

“Now or I’ll implode your brain.”

I gulp.

I fix my eyes at the door of the shop, praying for Samuel to come out.

Come on, come on, come on.

“I’m running out of patience, woman.”

Im suddenly annoyed. Who does this man think he is, threatening me with a gun? Do I look like an easy target? I furrowed my brows and instantly felt the usual rush of adrenaline in my veins.

I kicked right under his knee using my heel as strong as I can.

He yelped in pain and bent down to rub it, and I took that as a chance to turn around and face him. I balled my hands into a fist and punched him right in the nose. I heard a crack, and immediately, his eyes started to water.

Blood stained my knuckles. I wiped it with my dress.

“I will rip you to pieces!” He screamed in horror, grabbing my neck and squeezing tight.

I choked on my saliva. I tried to claw at his hands, but they were too big. Too strong.

I realized he doesn’t have his gun, though. He threw it. It was lying there, on the end of the sidewalk.

Play dead.

That seemed like the best way.

I closed my eyes, relaxed my limbs, and completely let loose. The guy seemed to fall for it and dropped me harshly on the ground.

My head banged on the hard ground. He reached for my neck and grabbed the diamond necklace and yanked it with such strong force, the back of my neck slit into a small cut.

He stuffed it into his pocket, with an ugly smirk on his face.

He stole the diamond necklace.

He just took it, just like that.

My instincts still screamed to grab the gun. It was a small, black gun. It glimmered in the moonlight.

I got up, slid towards the gun, and I picked it up.

There was only one thought on my mind at that time:

Youre going to pay for my mothers necklace, you abominable trash goblin.

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