The Three

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I Shot A Guy And I Liked It

Without realizing it, I had already grabbed the gun’s handle with both hands, steadied my feet, and aimed. Some other person took over my body.

A reckless, brave person took over and knew exactly how to take off the safety.

I pulled the trigger, closing my eyes at the sharp bang. I kid you not, the bullet fired straight into his stomach where I wanted it to and came out the other side clean.

The guy fell on the ground, the shocking look on his face is still frozen on his features.

I scurried over and quickly snatched the necklace from his pockets and stared at him in terror.

I just killed a person. I stared at my hands in horror.

I’ve never held a gun in my life. How the hell did I know how to use it?

I hear Samuel finally run up to me, a sheer look of surprise on his face. He smiled, looking very impressed.

He tried to hide his excitement, though, and handed me a grey cotton jacket and matching grey sweatpants.

“Huh. Turns out Central City isn’t so perfect after all.” He scoffed.


A few hours later, and I’m still in a trance.

I just killed a person.

A real-life, actual person.


But damn it, it felt so good.

I only had that necklace for just a few hours. That mother trucker deserved it.

Samuel’s agents have discreetly planted a tracker on Trace a couple of months ago. So, we were following the tiny map in Samuel’s phone. He and I keep walking through the city, and I’m still in a state of shock.

I don’t know what’s happening to me. My life has turned so immensely. I didnt want to kill people or catch a wanted criminal. But as soon as I held the gun, it felt as if I was meant to hold it. It felt as if I was made to fight. A small part of me actually enjoyed the fight.

Samuel keeps glancing at me worriedly every ten seconds, and I don’t pay him attention. I’m deep in thought.

“You...Okay?” Samuel finally asked me.

I looked at him and grabbed him by his collar firmly. He looked taken aback.

“What-” He stammers.

“You swear to help me figure out what is wrong with me once we beat Trace?”


“Don’t call me Goldie.”

He sighed in frustration. “Yeah, of course. You seem to have the same feeling as me when I start to fight. It’s like a very strong impact has taken over me. A strong urge to fight harder.”

“Why do we feel such things?” I ask him, slowly loosening my grip.

“No idea. Look, how about we work together. I would never let you fight alone.” He grinned, waiting for me to answer.

Trust him.

“Okay. We’re working together from now on.” I break into a small smile. He smiled back.

It’s not like I have a choice. I have to trust him.

Samuel opened his mouth to say something but his phone started beeping aggressively. He looked up at me in

excitement and fear, and we both stopped on our tracks.

The green dot that we have been following around for the last couple of hours is now exactly where we are standing right now.

He’s here.

We desperately look around, trying to spot him, but all I see are some trees on the sidewalk and lamp posts. It’s late at night, so one is around at this time. We’re all on our own.

I sweep my eyes over the place, before finally looking up at the sky. My eyes landed on a tall, lean figure standing on the very edge of the tallest building in Central.

My heart skipped a beat. My breath catched in my throat. I found myself smirking, even though I was terrified for my life.


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