The Three

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I See A Little Silhouetto Of A Killer

In Trace’s Eyes

And then I saw them.

I spotted the two of them just behind that tree. I reckon they’re looking for me.

How flattering.

Both of them looked about my age. The boy on the right is a ginger head. He had bright green eyes that were shaped just like a cats' and wore such a concerned look on his face, I thought he wet his pants or something.

I noticed a bit of a muscle on his arms, meaning that he is in some kind of sport. He can put up a fight. His hand is trembling.

I smile.

Aww, look at them- so young and willing to get themselves killed.

The girl standing beside him, though, wasn’t at all. She strode confidently, her posture firm and unwavering. She had thick, light-chestnut hair that stopped at her shoulders. She had freckles all over her nose and the lightest brown eyes I’ve ever seen.

They glimmered in the moonlight and turned into a soft, golden color. It looked beautiful. Intimidating, even.

In fact, she looked more intimidating than I was. Im scared of her.

She furrowed her brows in concentration while her eyes searched wildly before finally landing on mine.

She stared.

Good eye. I must trade it with the demons for bitcoins.

I tried to appear mysterious and discreetly threw the ends of my cape so it can flow in the wind, but I accidentally stepped on it and it caught on my foot.

I swallow a scream as I tripped and fell on my back. I clench my teeth. Ow, my elbow.

It’s only been five seconds and I already screwed this up. I am the greatest evil there is. Greatest Evils don’t trip on their capes.

Pull yourself together.

In Marigold’s Eyes

And then I saw him.

There he was, in all his glory. He stood on the edge of the building; his eyes boring into mine.

He wore a dark suit, with tiny beads of dark-red rhinestones decorating the hem of his collar and sleeve, and firm red eyes to match. His black cape swept over him and flew dramatically in the wind as if on cue.

Capes? Who still wears capes?

He accidentally stepped on it. I heard him scream hysterically before he tripped and fell backward on his back.

He regained his posture quickly and stood up, furrowing his brows while rubbing his elbow in pain.

He just tripped on his cape. This is ridiculous.

I studied his face. Hmm. I thought he would be some 30-year-old guy in black armor. But he looks about our age.

He had short, feathered charcoal-black hair that was red at the very tips. His posture was very tall and slim, and I imagined his patience was, too.

Most of his features were sharp. Square-sharp jaw, sharp cheekbones, sharp eyes. His fire-red eyes glowed like two pits of fire. They looked powerful. They looked hungry. He doesn’t seem weak at all.

In fact, he looked strong, powerful, and oh-so radiant.

What a psychopath.

He stared down at me. I looked up at him, Samuel by my side.

“You dare to challenge me?” he bellowed in a deep voice, the earth-shaking beneath us. “Feel my wrath you useless mortal-”

“Get your ass down from there before I break your kneecaps and force you to swallow them,” I growled.

I don’t have time for his Mega-Mind speech, and i

The villain’s eyes widened. He didn’t say anything. Samuel laughed but hastily stifled it when I elbowed him in the ribs.

There was this amused expression on his face as we watched him slowly make his way towards us, gliding gracefully down the building. I don’t think he’s used to people facing him.

Oh, no. maybe I overdid it with the insults.

As he stopped in front of us, I held my breath.

I hiss in Sam’s ear, “If I die, I’m going to climb through the pits of hell and drag you down with me.”

“You’re acting like it’s my fault I made him mad. You cost us our lives, dip wad!” he whispered back.

“Wet sock.” I shoot.

“Cat urine.” He shoots back.

“Bag of barf.”

“Fart bucket.”

“Spam email.”

“Itchy sweater.”

Then we hear a laugh. It started with a snicker, then a giggle, then he threw his head back and roared with laughter.

This doesn’t mean he likes us; this laugh means I-am-going-to-enjoy-ripping-your-heads-off.

I wince as he stops and looks at both of us, his piercing red eyes darting from me to Sam.

He could either kill us or kill us.

But he did the unthinkable. He pulled two thin needles out of his pocket. The pieces of metal glimmered in the moonlight, like his eyes. He held them in his hand, his eyes still firmly on mine.

I knew what was coming, but I didn’t dare move.

I hear Sam’s hysterical scream as Mega-Mind threw the needle with a swift flick of his wrist and poked a hole in his arm. I hurried over and held his arm, trying to take it out without him yelping like a chihuahua.

“You go, I am done for.” He wailed and laid a hand on his forehead dramatically. “Leave me and finish this quest on your own.”

“It’s just probably some kind of drug so he can kidnap us as hostages in his dumb evil lair, you’ll be okay,” I assured him, even though I was ten times more scared than he was.

Sam whimpered before slipping out of my grasp and landing face-first on the floor.


I got up and glared at Mega-Mind.

Just get it over with. Might as well take a nap on the way.

I felt a sting in the upper part of my arm and choked out a scream that filled my throat.


“You seem somewhat familiar. Have I threatened you before?” I try to grin, but the poison is making my vision blurry.

He still had the same amused look. “sorry. I don’t speak skank.” His voice is cold and blank, but his lips curled a bit at the corners of his mouth.

My blood started to boil, and I felt my head spin. It’ll be a matter of seconds before I collapse and join Sam on the floor.

Every muscle in my body is burning as if Satan sat on them.

Have mercy.

Then everything goes black.

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