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"Kill her," he said to her. Her shaking hand on the gun....she couldn't do it she wasn't like this."Kill her," He says again. She closed her eyes and pressed the trigger. The innocent girl's blood was everywhere. And she was to blame for that. She and only she

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Chapter 1

Hiiiii guys! this is my first time publishing a book, I am really excited about how it will go! But first things first. I want to thank my best friend who always is supporting me and never left my side. I love you so much! Please no hate as I said I am a lost writer!

Hope you enjoy my crap!!! Not edit

“I am gonna go,” I said to Sarah. she looked at me and smiled. She was too drunk to notice that I am going and not going to have” fun” with them because I really dint have fun there. all of them were some drunk horny idiots. So, I made my way to the outdoor. and tired I open the door. I went to the fence and open the little Wight door. I didn’t come in a car. I came with Sarah, which is right now...making out with some guy, that she met at the bar last night. don’t get me wrong that I LOVE parties. I don’t but I don’t have any other friends, so Sarah is the only one...Yes, the party drunk always a horny bitch. even that I love her, and she really means the world to me. I put my black jacket on and hugged myself because it was freezing out here. good that I didn’t drink much just one... really, really hard shot that just made my throat burn and I felt a little dizzy, but nothing more. Alcohol never worked so hard for me, and it almost never had much effect. or is it because I always winter the cup of gratitude and drink a little. or because I don’t drink alcohol at all. I put these thoughts down and started focusing on my walking, at night. By myself. I am never really scared of walking alone. but I am a bit crept when I walk alone. At night. I guess that’s normal. Am I the only one who is a bit crept to walk alone at night, but at the same time you love it! It’s amazing the fresh air, and the cold wind burling through your hair. And it’s just you and probably some other people but that’s it they aren’t that much. I really love it. I felt like someone is watching me. Well Of course someone would watch me...I shouldn’t put on this sparkling dress. It was Sarah’s idea after all. It didn’t bother me that much that probably someone is watching me right now. Because, hey, they are just watching, right? After that, I hear footsteps behind. I didn’t turn myself right away when I hurt them. I made it look like an accident that I am turning around. I don’t want that person to know I am scared. I dropped my purse. Turn around grant and right when I wanted to take my purse, I saw a big guy and-d he was holding a Gu…Gun to my head. I looked at him. I couldn’t see his face, but I felt his smile behind his grey cap. He wore a black hoodie and a pair of black shoes and dark grey jeans. And looked scary. “Are you scared you little Slut” he says and only his voice disgusts me! OF COURSE, I WAS FUCKING SCARED HE HELD A GUN TO MY FUCKING HEAD!!! And did he just call me a” Slut” he is dead. well, I wish. I mean he was the one pointing a gun at my head, but I really wished the places were switch. Fuck.” You are coming with me you little-” I stopped him with my hand and said.” Slut? yeah, I don’t think so if you’re going to kidnap me, do not call me a mother fucking slu-” I heard a gunshot and jump he shoot it somewhere in the air. Ok, I think he is mad now. Oh, for cries seeks couldn’t I just shut my damn mouth for ones! I guess not.” Listen to me you little whore, you are coming with me, and if you scream or even talk, I will fucking shoot you in that beautiful head, understand you SLUT?” He really put a lot of emotions on the “slut” I mean if he wouldn’t listen to me, I guess I will have to deal with that. Omg, I am going to get fucking kidnapped and I am thinking about how he could me...what was in this fucking shot... I feel like throwing up.” Oh, you don’t look good, slut throw somewhere else, not at-” I didn’t fucking care where I will throw up I just did, and believe me if you were there no matter how scary this section is you would laugh your ass out.” Leave me alone, you stranger,” I said knowing my voice is breaking I really tough I wasn’t drunk. No, I am not drunk I am fucking high these people on the party of Sarah fucking drug me.” Piss of shit” he looked at me.” What did you just sad!” " I said piss of shit these idiots on the party. They-y fucking...drugged. Me...” And after that, I just lay on the cold sideway and start throwing up. He came to me still with the gun pointing at my head hold my left hand on and lift me up. I started screaming, and he shoots again. After that, I saw a car… “NO, NO, NO YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!” as I saw the car. the car that was following me for weeks the car that every night scared the shit out of me. I called the police twice, but they never saw a car following me. So, they thought I was lying. “Fuck of you whore” I kept screaming and after some seconds a man came.” Hey, leave the girl alone” “HELP ME” I screamed, and the guy replied back.” Leave the girl alone right no-” And I hear I gunshot. And blood, blood was everywhere and the poor guy who tried to help me had a bullet in his head. bullet. God, Jesus, Mother of God, OH my fucking God...” You killed him” I said with nothing in my voice except showing that I am surprised and scared.” Yes, I did, and I would do it again if you don’t go in the car you little slut” I looked around there was no one. No one on the fucking street. He starts pulling me again. I started screaming and try at least to punch him.” I told you, I will shoot you if you-” I punch him.” Hah,” I said surprised myself and didn’t think just run. I was running, running so fast that even the wind could not catch me. I was running, running and running until I found myself in the woods. I did not hear anyone behind me, but I knew he would be here. Soon, too soon. I start running again. The wind was burling my hair everywhere. “Shit,” I said when I hear the men talks loud and clear. “You kid…” “You know you cannot hide forever, I will find you. In addition, I will kill you. but for now, I have better plans for you than death” I breathed heavily and look around if I can find anything to help myself out with…killing him? Running away? Just something, I did not know what to do. Run or kill him. After a while of heavy breathing the man sad again much louder than the last time he has spoken. “Come on you slut I don’t have time for this I will kill you if you don’t come out “I wasn’t that stupid to show myself, but I was really high what kind of weight that this bustard put in my shot. and is that even possible. I don’t know? I really needed to throw up but if I did, he would know where I am. Oh, fuck it. I needed to throw up. so, I did. ” Here you were” he took me again and after I understood that there is no escape, I just got with the punches right in front of the car and put some black bag on me. A bag? and then he put me probably in the back seat I really didn’t care where I just needed to sleep now. so, I fall asleep in my kidnapper’s car. How pathetic. Only if I knew...

What do you think? Please tell me what you all think. Next Chapter coming soon


Nesta xxx

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