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True Love doesn't exist

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Chapter 2

I woke up on a cold floor. And field a little dizzy but not like last night. Was it even the last night? I have no idea when I was kidnapped. What was I even doing? I tried to get up but as soon as I tried to get up, I felt myself getting really dizzy and I somehow. My face was facing the cold floor. Again. Was I even dreaming all this’s that happened?

” Is it just a dream?” I said very quietly. Like I was tasting the words.

” Good you awake” I knew that voice. I just didn’t know from where I knew it. It was so near but also so far. I couldn’t remember from where I knew this.

And why this voice sounded so familiar to me. And then I saw him and remembered. At least most of the stuff a person can remember after they had been fucking drugged.

” Now we see little Slut. You can’t run away from me!” I just looked at him and tried not to cry because tears were burning down my eyes.

I couldn’t stop them. tiers start falling down my cheeks.” stop crying you little whore!” I couldn’t stop my tears...I just couldn’t.

” If you don’t stop crying, I will fuck you right there right now!” His voice left all emotions. Rape me......

I tried my best to stop myself from falling apart and stopped crying.” That’s better” he says with that same tone of his disgusting voice.

” Stand up,” he says and with that, he leaves the room.

If you could call it a “room” I didn’t stand up. I couldn’t. I was too dizzy. I might slip and fall and with that, I can break something. After a few minutes of silence, he left me alone with my own thoughts. What was I going to do? Why am I even here and not killed? I heard a door opening and saw the same man but this time I could see his face. his disgusting face...

He had dark blonde hair and some honey eyes. He wasn’t ugly but never could name him pretty. The right word for him was. Ok. I think.

” Hear me out, slut, you do what I tell you to do and we are good but if you don’t I will kill you right away and that fact wouldn’t bother me, slut” I made my self-smile just because of the one word he knew it’s bothering me “Slut”

I didn’t want to waste my life for...this and whatever it will happen in the future. I promise myself I would get myself out of here. I would survive. Just not now. I have to-

” Stand the fuck up,” he said. And I did.

Because I had to. Because my whole fucking life dependent on this. If I didn’t stent up, He would kill me. And my life will end there. Goodbye future. Goodbye Sarah. Goodbye, everyone. But I couldn’t let this happened. Not now not ever. So, I stand up as he told me to. He looks at me. Starting with my feet and got up, up, and up. After that his eyes found mine. He looked away after that looked back to me but not into my eyes. I knew about my look. I could feel my makeup smearing all over my face. I didn’t wear much makeup but yesterday I did because of Sarah. I knew my eyeliner was down my eyes and probably there were some lines on my cheeks too because of me crying. I wasn’t a person that wears a lot of make-up for a lot of reasons. Because I needed time to put it on, time to put it off. And for what except my own joy! Yes, I sometimes just put on makeup but for me only what I normally do is put some mascara on and that’s it. But now I could feel the red lipstick from Sarah. She promises me that this lipstick will be great with the red sparkling dress I was wearing and still am. She was true. He investigated my tired face then at my hair and made a face. By one look in his eyes, I could tell what my blonde hair looked like shit. I told Sarah over 1000 times that she shouldn’t put this spray on my hair. This bitch didn’t listen and put the whole bottle on my hair. But my hair yesterday was stunning. But now. It looked like I haven’t wash it for months. But it was only a day…. Was it, was it only a day? I don’t know and I do not want to answer, my question! He looks again at my red dress and first looked at my chest. I wanted to kill him, how he looked at my chest. But you can’t kill him! I remind myself. After that, he looked lower and lower until his eyes found the spot he was looking for. And he licks his lips. HE- he licks his lips!!!! OH, hell yes, I would kill him. He was looking at the spot where my cunt was with no shame! Disgusting.

“You are coming with me and you will shut your mouth, out of these walls there are people, people who wouldn’t help you no matter how much you scream. So, scream much as you want the only thing you will get is someone cutting your trough” After that he looks me straight in the eyes and came to me.

He grabbed my arm and dragged me through the only door. I didn’t scream nether I reassess. He only blinks. Ones. To show, he was shocked that I was listening to him. Well Bitch I wasn’t. I just knew I have no chance of fighting him so I guess when the perfect time came, I would just run then. I would survive. He opens the door and saw the tone of people on the highway. Talking, smiling Wow. Just wow. I was kidnapped who knows where this stranger is walking me to and these. People were happy.

” Don’t you even think about it “Because he saw I was about to scream.

” I told you, you little slut, they won’t help you. Get over it, you can’t escape” I should get over it? I? Oh, MY FUCKING GOD IS HE SERIOUSLY I would never get my life back, would I?

“Stop crying the tears wouldn’t help you” I started crying even more he stopped. I stooped.

“I said stop crying it’s really annoying!”

“REALLY!?” I should because I really didn’t care anymore…and actually what life that I have to catch?

The one where I am the babysitter of Sarah the one I am failing the work I had and disappointing my parents even more. That was the reason I work. Because they kicked me out of the house.

So, I didn’t care anymore.” Kill me “he looked at me

” Huh?”

“you-u hea-r-ed me “

“Wow for the 10 years of working here I had never seen such a thing but no you little one I wouldn’t kill you, you can be too expensive to be killed” With that, he starts walking again.

I haven’t realist when we got into an empty highway. No one was here except me and…Him.

He pushes me into the wall and whispers” I like you, I don’t like people but I like you so I give you advice”

Oh thanks a lot this will save my life.

I wanted to punch him as he starts putting his hand on my waist after that he slips his hand on my thigh and start pulling my dress up. Then he stopped there.

” Yes, I do like you” I closed my eyes to stop myself from crying more.

“Don’t cry, it’s only going to make him mad, don’t lie he will now, Don’t I tell you do not fuck him!” With that, he just pulls his self away from me and before I could even do something, he dragged me to the door.

He looked at me and nod. I don’t know why but I just asked him “What is your name?” He looked at me shocked after that smiled.

I understand he wouldn’t tell me his name, so I pull my hand to open the door he spins me into him and whispers into my lips.

” Erik” And after he tells me his name, he kisses me.

Slowly, nicely. I couldn’t believe it. I saw him and I knew what kind of person he was. He just fucked. So, he probably is trying that on me. He wants to fuck you, your kidnapper! but I didn’t care I wouldn’t care because he will never see me again because I saw in his eyes what is waiting for me in there. I will be a seal. He spins me again and whispers again

” Liliya” I didn’t understand what he means by that, but I couldn’t think because he opens the door and pushes me in.



“Oh hello,” The man said who was in front of me sitting in his chair with a cup of coffee?

He looked at me and smiled.

Probably all other women would go right there and now just to sleep with him but not me. I wasn’t like the others. I was different and I knew that. He understands I wasn’t going to answer so he said

“Sit down” I did because I knew he was the one that could stop them from selling me so I guess. I had to behave!

Yeah, that was a plan in my head…well Hell no! But still, I sit on the grey chair.

“Ok then.”

“Name?” And then I get what Erik has told me.

“Liliya,” I say hoping he wouldn’t recognize my lie.

“Last name?” ugh fuck…thing thing thing thing. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck……

“Versilia,” I say with the same tone.

“Age?” He asks. and I replied right away ”19”

“Where are you from Ms. Versilia?” I looked at the coffee in his hand and then back to him to see him staring at me.

He was on his old 30-is. I- I am from…Los Angeles? Yes!

” Los Angeles”, I say after a few seconds of silence.

“Are you a virgin”

Excuse me!? ” Yes,” I say... goddamn I am a virgin. Problem?

” At 19 a virgin…wow” I just blinked.

How dare he talk to me like that.

“Good now get out Adrian is waiting for you in front of the door he will take you to get clean and then my darling” He smiles

” Then the games begin”

“No please don’t do this to me!” I screamed, but then I saw a familiar face and Erik or whoever he was looked at me.

He took me and drag me out while I was screaming and punching him then he just took a pile and put it in my mouth after that made me drink some water and I couldn’t believe it but I just looked at him. Minutes pass of me screaming punching him and him trying to calm me down. To calm ME down. He just drugged me with some pile. How can I be fucking calm?

” Lia stay calm”

“shhhh Lia it’s going to be alright”

My fucking name wasn’t even Lia, but he gave it to me to save my past with this name. And because his boss still can hear us he uses the name he gives me

” SHHHHH it's alright-“But then I stooped hm there and fall on the grown. I pass out.

Looong chapter. Thank me later ;)

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