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Howl Of The Mob: Book 2 Of Mafia Raised

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Scarlett Sergiaino was moving on with her life as a made woman until one night she runs into her old nightstand. Only to find that he was a stripper at her male strip club, but that wasn't the shocker he was a werewolf as well. And it wasn't a shocker to also find that she was his mate. Would everything turn out alright, or will it be as deadly as a silver tipped sword?

Action / Romance
Holly V.
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: God Save The Queen

After returning home Scarlett had become cold towards him and months due Gernhard had been cheating on her for two months. On her birthday she finally told him that she found out and stood to leave him there at the restaurant. She went to a bar where she met a former detective of the Whitechapel, they were both drunk were they wandered up to his apartment and fucked like animals. After they had their fill of sex he bit her marking her as his own.

Only to come the next morning from their drunkenness did he find out that she was a married woman. He didn’t know who she was when she walked through that door of the bar but only that he had found his mate after so many years. As he had his tongue in her mouth did they feel connected? It was a feeling he loved and doesn’t want to end. Though sadly the morning came along with the hangover did he find that things between them would sadly be over.

If he had only held onto her longer or had made her stay for coffee but he knew he messed up when he marked a married woman. He smelt that she was human, and the scent of the man on her skin was also human. Though there was something about her that made him want to stay by her side until as they say. Till death do us apart. That’s how he wanted to be with her, Jasper had to take on a new job one that would pay the bills.

One year later...

Jasper was in the back dressing room undressing after he had walked in through the back door for his shift, he was a little late on rent, but he found a job at a strip club. As a stripper, out of all the jobs he could have gotten with his background as a detective he chooses this one. The reason why was because he found the flyer, or well it found him by hitting him in the face, giving him a paper cut on his eyelid as well. Though he was always a fan of not having to wear any clothes at all, they have given him a British flag thong to wear and shake his ass in for the many horny women that came to the club. Maybe it was because of the accent.

His mind was and still on Scarlett after all the time they’ve been apart he felt as though he was still with her at times he could even hear her voice in his head late at night while he was asleep. Though they were memories of that night they shared he would wake up with a boner. He didn’t know why but it made his heart ping with pain with each thought of her.

“Alright show time boys!” another one of the male strippers yelled before the rest of the men left the room leaving Jasper alone. Usually, that didn’t happen, maybe the owner he heard a lot about. She was a made woman in the Italian mafia that didn’t take shit from anyone it almost simply reminded him of his Italian mate he had lost to none other than her husband.

It kind of made him worry really, back in Whitechapel he had put some mafia gang leaders in prison before he lost his partner Andres. It had only been two years since his murder and he still couldn’t help but feel guilty for it. It should have been him, he looked over at one of the dancers’ tables and saw a bottle of tequila on it with a shot glass. It was very tempting, but he just shook his head before walking out to the booming loud music and horny women. He put on his most winning smile as he stepped out wearing his British flag man thong and walked into the crowd of women.

They hooted and hollered at him as he approached a group of young women that demanded a lap dance for their friend. Smiling he was happy to oblige, he ground on her and she has gotten a good look at his size. She was turning red fanning herself giggling, she was enjoying herself, which was good. He noticed a familiar red hair, that made him stop kind of making her a little mad.

“I’m sorry my dear let me get us some beverages,” he gave the girl with the bleach blonde hair a toothy grin as he took her hand and brought it up to his lips placing a gentle kiss on it. It made the girl swoon as he walked off looking for the woman that the red hair belonged.

Right now he was kind of on a wild goose chase but he couldn’t find her, Scarlett was on his mind non-stop since that night a year ago. Sure she was human but she was her mate even if she was human, honestly, since that night no other woman has scratched the itch he’s been trying to find a new girl. But even the horny she-wolves that stopped by didn’t even give him a full erection. Sighing heavily he went to the bar and placed an order for six vodka sodas with a citrus twist. The woman he dances with would always love it and who didn’t like vodka?

Scarlett had walked into the Banana Hammock wearing a long-sleeved tight black cocktail dress wearing with black pantie hose and red bottom black leather ankle boots. Scarlett also wore her rose color glasses due to a headache she got from a gun going off by her head. As she looked around her club to see that all the women and the occasional gay man would be enjoying themselves only to find a familiar blond hair detective or well former detective. She did a small gasp as she tried to run away but he was coming this way and of course. Right, when she was about to turn around she bumped right into him and all the drinks on his tray spilled over them. She gasped screaming covered in the vodka sodas.

Jasper couldn’t believe his emerald eyes as he was looking down at a soaking wet Scarlett Sergiaino while her black obsidian eyes were staring daggers at him. He would have thought that she would have at least been a tiny amount happy to see her. He might as well sprout his tail and wag it before rolling on his back exposing his belly to her.

The whole club went silent as all eyes were on him, looking around panicked he wondered what was going on.

“Dude you fucked up!” Marco yelled from the DJ booth, how did he fuck up it was just about thirty dollars from his check. The next thing he knew was a huge hulking man was holding him up by his throat.

“Kätzchen Willst du, das ich diesen hund häute?” Gernhard asked her as he looked down at his wife.

“No my love carries him to the office I wanna talk to this mutt,” Scarlett told him as she strides to the back of the club to the offices.

Those offices were soundproof, they were mostly used as fuck rooms, or people went in there and done drugs, but there was always that one office in the back that was locked. Not even the manager has a key. As he watched Scarlett’s hips sway, the big boy looked at him with an evil glint in his eye before bringing his fist back and punching him square in the nose. Blood started to gush out of his nose down his chin and on his chest. A woman screamed and then all of them ran out of the club, followed by the male strippers.

“You fucked up mate you just pissed the boss off!” Macro yelled as he left the club with the people.

Wait the boss, so this fucking monster holding up by the neck is the boss? Jasper’s line of vision was starting to get blurry as the oxygen was being cut off by German hulk’s hand tightening around his throat. Jasper let out a low loud growl enough to be heard, Gernhard looked at him strangely before Jasper kicked Gernhard in the jaw. He had let Jasper go and popped his jaw back into place.

“Big boy is gonna be hard to knock down,” Jasper said as he stood cracking his knuckles.

“I can not take you serious mutt,” He said having a deep thick German accent before Jasper ran at him to get a punch in. Gernhard easily blocked it with his thick muscular arms.

It was almost like he was hitting a brick wall, Jasper stepped back and Gernhard had punched his gut cracking a couple of ribs and breaking a few. Scarlett heard them fighting it out and got tired of waiting in the office with the door open as she was taking off the alcohol-scented dress.

“Fucking men...” she walked back out to see Jasper hit Gernhard in the side with a wooden bar stool. It pissed her off more knowing this wolf that works for them had just broken the chair of her husband. Pulling out her pistol she fired it twice.

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