Curse of the Lycan

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Three: Foreign Feelings

Katrina let a mop of brown hair fall below her eyes; she had fought fatigue throughout the afternoon, and the ambiguous feelings in her gut seemed to wage onwards. Food had been unable to find its way down her throat, and ever since Carson left, Katrina could not calm the war waging her mind.

Half her mind was telling her to go to the police; meanwhile, the other half was telling her to go find advice from her mum. There was one sliver of hers that said it would be a good time to drink her feelings away, but Katrina knew better than that.

Spinning on her water, she flipped to the next page of her book. Katrina acknowledged Whimsey swatting at a fly that managed to scamper its way into the house. She wished her life could be as simple as Whimsey’s; all she would have to do is eat, sleep, and kill little creatures.

“When is life that simple?” Katrina mumbled as, all of a sudden, her phone screen lit up with a notification.

Katrina glanced at her screen and rubbed her eyes. She found herself stunned that it was already two in the afternoon, but that was not the only part the caught her attention.

“Twenty grand has been deposited into your account,“Katrina whispered to herself in blasphemy. Her heart pounded against her chest as the color in her face seemed to drain. She started to recount the money she gained on occasion,

“Mum sends me two hundred a month for basic necessities, Papa sends me a twenty every now and then for gas, work is deposited every other week, where is this from?” Katrina got up from her seat pacing; this made no sense to her. “There must be some sort of error; maybe mum sent me an early birthday present. But, she can’t afford that. She is hardly living dime to dime; how in the hell did this happen?”

It took a matter of a minute and a half to dial the bank, and Katrina seemed even more distraught by the response.“What are you talking about? This certainly is not life insurance ... I do not have any sort of extended family. They all passed ages age ... what do you mean that this isn’t a mistake.” Katrina continued onward with her father’s awkward call.

Her extended family passed away before she was born, and the only other family was her parents, but her mum would have said something if her dad were to pass.

“Who is this even from?” Katrina pleaded in a gentle voice as her heart throbbed against her chest; it just had to be a mix-up. Katrina was not one to take anything for free; in fact, she was brought up to work for everything that she owned. This took Katrina by surprise, and she was not someone who was fond of surprises.

“The name of the transaction was from Amhale Nkosi; they are located in Mule.” Katrina bunched her eyebrows in confusion; she had never heard of such a person. What confused her even more, was the fact that Amhale came from a very quiet city in the north part of South Africa.

Katrina cleared her throat while glancing towards one of the kitchen windows, positive she heard a noise.

“Thank you, my apologies for any sort of confusion or rudeness.” Katrina paused before she ended the call abruptly.

She was glancing towards her phone when her limbs suddenly stilled, frozen like a dear caught in headlights. Katrina’s face became red as the blood rushed to her forehead. A wave of dizziness soon flooded her entire body as her eyesight blurred in and out. She fell down onto one of the kitchen chairs before nearly passing out.

Through the dizziness and panic that ran through her bloodstream, she failed to notice the blood that profusely ran out of her mouth. It drizzled on her face and landed on her clothing, but she had already fainted without even recognizing it.


Carson sipped on the iced coffee at a small, local Dunkin Doughnuts. He sat looking out the window as cars sped out on the nearby highway. The drive had been short, only twenty or so minutes from the main center. Then again, the drive seemed to get shorter every day, as daydreaming took up most of the time during the miniature trip. Today’s trip, however, was filled with anxiety, a shaking feeling that gripped at the skin Carson lived in.

A small cough came from behind Carson as a familiar face appeared with a slight smile.

“Hi, babe,” a young girl grinned as she kissed him on the cheek. She sat down in front of him, blonde bangs starting to come undone after being tucked away in a hat all day.

“What’s new?” She questioned as one of her hands found him; Carson’s icy orbs glanced to his finance’s hazel eyes. Yet, the emotions that swirled within them were dreadful, filled with anxiety.

“Marisa, I think there is a ravage in the area. I am worried it is a young one too.” The young lady’s eyes widened in surprise, it was rare news for a ravage to be in this area.“I have an idea of who it is, but the issue is if I am wrong.”

Carson sipped on his icy beverage, his eyes attempting to avoid her worried glance. Marisa softened her gaze as she joined Carson in gazing out the window.

“You’re not wrong, you have never been wrong once. That is why you are our tracker; you never make mistakes. In my opinion, I think we should go take a look around the property and double-check to make sure there are no other ravages.” Carson nodded, but Marisa could sense the hesitation in his movements.

“Something is off about this Marie. It is a young female from South Africa, but I think this might be an alpha or beta. She is twenty or so; I don’t have a good feeling about this ravage.” A small whimper was released from Marisa as she realized the situation; they were both well respected within Venirra, and both were friends with the higher tiers, surely they would listen to Carson’s concerns. Right?

“If she is a higher tier then we need Alfie to look at this immediately.” Carson nodded as he could feel his gut twist in distress; he was worried that another ravager attack could harm Venirra.

“Should I call Alfie now?” Marisa suggested, but Carson shook his head quickly.

“Marie, I could sense the Ravage from her. I don’t think she has even undergone her awakening yet. The issue is I don’t think she knows she is a lycan. For some reason, she looked terrified, and her story is just weird. I have seen fake fear before, but this young lady’s fear was one of pure horror. She never said anything about lycans; hell she never said to get off her property or anything. I am baffled, Marie.” Marisa’s facial expression was thoughtful before she quietly sighed; they both knew that this could be an issue.

“We can’t just tell her that she is a lycan... that would sound insane. Plus we are not even sure if she is a lycan. How did you even learn about her, I thought you were just scouting.” Marisa raised her eyebrow as Carson rubbed his eyes; he could not fathom the question.

“I approached her after the flooding got too bad last night. I thought the house was empty, but I was surprised to see someone there. Truth be told I gave up on scouting after not being able to find the scent again, it was a stroke of luck.” Marisa glanced at Carson and tightened her grasp around his hand.

“We will figure this out, listen I have to get back to work. I think you have to call Alfie, immediately. If you think something is wrong, then listen to your gut, Carson.” She kissed his cheek as she got up and went back to the cash register. Carson was tempted to reach out and grab her hand, but he couldn’t bring himself to move. He knew that his finance was right; he needed to listen to his gut. However, fear overcame his emotions; his mind foresaw a bigger issue than what he originally saw that stormy night.

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