Curse of the Lycan

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Five: Diamonds

An elegant young woman paced around the room as memories flashed through her mind like scenes from a horror film. They slowly unfolding frame by frame, capturing that young girl’s terrified face. It was as though the young girl was actually --- scared. The lady knew she made a mistake, but there was a single positive that did come out of the error; she confirmed that the girl was a lycan. However, there arose an issue that most certainly caused terror to ache at the corners of her fingertips, the girl was most certainly a ravage.

“Give me a single reason not to murder you at this very second, London!” Alfie snapped as he knocked the door wide open. Though Alfie was a calm person, he looked like he was on the edge of going on a ravage streak. His hands were clutched into fists as his eyes glowed a deep gold, danger rang through his stance as he released a frustrated growl. “You were batshit crazy London! I heard everything you told her, Jesus if she were human --- you would, no, should be dead right now.”

London froze as her dirty blonde bangs fell into her eyes; her brown orbs widened in shock as the aura Alfie gave off could make an adult alpha male shiver. Though she was slightly fear-stricken, she managed to stagger a breath that formed steady words.“Alfie, you need to calm down; your mom and father would not be pleased to hear you had another outburst.”

Alfie glanced to London, baring his canines at her; his lycan side refused to obey the order from the beta female. He roared as he leaped at London, yet, she foresaw the attack and he, in turn, crashed into her desk. Papers flew all over the place as Alfie was slow to get up; this time he shook his head as his nails grew to claws.

London shook her head before walking up to Alfie and giving him a hard slap to the cheek.“You disrespectful pup,” London grumbled something before lifting Alfie’s chin to look him directly in the eyes.

“I might have done wrong, well shit, I know I made a mistake, but attacking your beta female is deserving of punishment. No matter your rank, Alfie, you must learn to control yourself. Now get the hell out of my office.” Alfie snarled at London, but London’s glare made it quiet.

Soon enough Alfie’s eyes returned back to a gentle hazel; meanwhile, London was cleaning up some of the papers that had flown all over the place. “Don’t make me repeat myself, Alfie,” London muttered under her breath as she lifted the dented desk off the ground; she knew he had heard her.

“Yes, beta” Alfie grumbled as he stood up and brushed the dust off his clothes. London’s eyes switched from Alfie to her paperwork scattered around the room. Yet, minutes after London finished picking up her papers, she noticed Alfie never dared to take a step towards the door. Perhaps she instilled terror into him, perhaps he was still fighting a battle within for control.

Ten minutes after the small outburst London finished cleaning up the mess. Alfie still stood like a fly on the window sill; his left cheek was still burning red from the slap. London huffed as she sat down in her office chair; her youthful face seemingly in deep thought. “I messed up, Alfie, and you have a right to be furious at me. I’m furious at myself too. Yet, we have to do something now, Alfie. This is a situation that is very different.”

Alfie went to open his mouth, but his lips stuck together like glue. London knew she was correct. Longdon continued,“I could sense the lycan within her. Carson was correct, and that is a good and bad thing. When Alpha, Luna, and Hayden return from Eleske we will express the problem.”

London nodded, her porcelain skin glimmering in the small bits of moonlight that poked through her office window. She let out a small huff as her eyes glanced at the moon. Its light rose to enlighten the void of the night. Sprinkles of stars surrounded the sky, but something never settled correctly in both of their stomachs.

“It will be full in a few days. I am curious as to when that girl’s birthday is, maybe they align in some sort of way.” Alfie choked on the air he was breathing; his mouth agape in shock.

“You’re not suggesting that-,” Alfie could not even finish the sentence as goosebumps ran all both of their skin. London simply continued to look into the night sky; they both knew what she was suggesting.“London that is impossible, and the fact that she has no idea.”

Alfie shook his head as his structure fell to the ground. “Alfie, you are not Alpha yet, nor is your brother. This is under our current Alpha and Alpha female’s watch, not your’s.” London, still, was distraught by the idea that Alfie, oh so young, felt the need to take on the responsibility of this situation.

Yet, truth be told, is a possible recipe for disaster and death.

“When will my parents and brother return?” Alfie questioned as he stood up slowly, his body swaying from weakness. London glanced at him while pulling her blonde bangs out of her eyesight.

“Tomorrow evening I believe, but I am sure I can get them to get here a bit sooner considering the issue.” Alfie nodded as he pushed his red hair to look somewhat managed. Neither one of them could be confident in what happened, and that is what scared London the most.“I assume that we have a day or two max until the moon is full. I will have Carson go back and scout the area again, just in case it was a false alarm.”

“I don’t think that is a brilliant idea, London. If this a ravage alpha we are speaking of,” Alfie paused in between breaths as he shook his head,” then we are in some deep shit.” London let out a humorless chuckle as she spun herself to look Alfie directly in the eyes; it was as though she were challenging him. Alfie only shook his head and let out an irritated sigh.

“I understand your worry Alfie, but Carson is a one-of-a-kind tracker. He might be the only Lycan that can outrun an alpha.” London stood up from her chair and cracked the window open to let a cool night breeze in the room. She stood still for a second before a small grimace appeared on her face. “There is a storm coming, Alfie, and I know damn well that the scavengers and that girl are apart of it. She is your mate, Alfie, isn’t she?”

Alfie shook his head,” You and I both know she’s not, but I think she might be Hayden’s. I felt a need to protect her while she was terrified and ill, which is rare.” London’s hair swirled around as she walked towards Alfie, her eyes widening as she thought through the idea. After pondering it for the day, she did, in fact, feel the slight need to protect her; perhaps there was a chance that she was Hayden’s mate.

“I think you’re right, fuck, how did I not consider that? Should I notify your parents, or are we jumping the gun?”

“I will call Hayden and alert him. Was the trip to Eleske to look for a potential mate too?” London questioned as Alfie glanced at the moon. London knew he wanted to run in its glory, to feel the wind through his fur and let the forest recoil in terror.

“I think so. I can’t believe this girl has been hidden under our noses for god knows how long.” London laughed as she considered the error was due to her growing age, she would be forty-two this year. Then again she appeared nearly twenty years younger, or so she hoped. Only after a moment of silence, London waved Alfie off, “I can sense your need to run, go. Be back by eleven or so god help me.”

Alfie let out a small smile as he went to London and kissed her hand, a formal way of saying goodbye to high tiers. She could tell his Lycan was energetic, hyper, Alfie had not transformed in a few days, thus leaving him with less focus and more mania.

“Leave now you idiotic pup.”


A young man sat in a plane seat contemplating his opportunities in life as he does on a day-to-day basis. His medium-length black hair started to fall in his eyes as he tilted his head to lean against a pillow. The trip he endured was long; there were numerous adventures within Europe to search for his lover, but nevertheless, he came back empty-handed. At this rate he considered simply giving up on finding a mate; he had been searching for her for nearly seven years now.

His piercing grey eyes glanced out the plane window, the stars glimmering like individual diamonds. The moon was nearly full as there were no clouds below them. Three more hours until he and his family, finally, arrived back in United States territory. It had been two weeks away from home, and he admitted that he missed his bed; every time he left the states he felt more than homesick, he grew physically ill.

“Hayden, beta London is on the line, she wishes to speak with you.” Hayden shook off his fatigue as he glanced at his mother, her curly red hair bounced up as she stepped forward to hand him the phone.

“Hello,” Hayden replied as his voice was rough due to a lack of water and exhaustion.

“Hayden,” the voice of his beta female cracked, immediately he noticed the distress in her throat. His grip tightened along the phone as his eyes drifted back to the open window.“I think we have found your mate.”

Hayden was unable to respond as his grey eyes grew wide in astonishment, and his throat was struck with a vicious coughing fit. He choked until he could regain his breath; his mother glanced at him as she took her respected seat next to his father. Alas, Hayden found his words, though a pit of doubt hung over him like an ominous cloud, “You’re joking.”

A sigh was heard on the other line as London’s soft voice was gentle, “I wish. Except we have a few issues, perhaps it is a gut feeling. However, just uh, put your phone on speaker, I wish for your parents to hear this too. This is urgent.” Hayden obeyed as he unbuckled and walked along the private plane to his parents; they both looked at him, confused as he put the phone on speaker so all could be heard.

“Good evening Alpha and Luna, I wish to discuss why I asked for you to leave so urgently.” Hayden’s father chuckled quickly,

“You are excused Beta Female, explain your issue. I trust your reasoning.” A breath of trepidation could be heard on the other side of the line, a few glances were passed from person to person.

“As you could tell from Hayden’s previous reaction, Alfie and I believe we have discovered Hayden’s mate.” The alpha female gasped in shock as both gazed at Hayden’s still panic-stricken face; all he could do was shrug with uncertainty.

“Well, why would that be bad, Beta? Certainly, this would mean a more joyous occasion.”

“With all due respect, here is the issue. We have concluded after an incident that she does not know that she is a lycan.” Everything on the plane seemed to be at a standstill while the three were stuck in a state of shock, the thought seemed bizarre in every way possible.

“I don’t understand how that could be possible. I have heard of human mates, but a lycan that doesn’t know that she is a, well, lycan?”

“I know it sounds insane, but there are a few more issues... we think that she might shift soon. ”

“What is the second one,” Hayden questioned as the trio seemed to be absolutely baffled.

“We think that she might be a ravage, well that is obvious, but we think she might be an alpha or maybe beta female.” The phone fell from Hayden’s hands as his knees nearly buckled from under him, the alpha and beta glanced to each other, unknown emotions flickering between them.

“Do we at least have an idea of what pack,” the alpha female questioned as she ran a hand through her thick curly red locks. The alpha male picked up the phone as he seemed to be in a daze. Hayden remained in a frozen state, his eyes staring blankly into a void.

“We are certain that she is from one of the two African packs. Carson managed to get us the lead, we suspect that perhaps she has only one family member that might be a lycan. I have already contacted both Borroka and Maliro, but there has been no response yet.”

The blood in his head rushed forward as a sense of dizziness struck him at once. This time his legs went limp as his eyes rolled towards the back of his head. Just like that, Hayden was instantly sent into a deep slumber.

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