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Meet Kami the samurai that died losing his village. Now in the afterlife his thousand years of peace have been ruined by Akuma. That man who conquered the world and destroyed Kami's village has now came back into Kami's after life and is planning on getting rid of Kami for good.

Action / Fantasy
Grant Ayers
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Chapter 1

I stare at the clouds, blood becoming a warm puddle beneath me as my chest bleeds. To my side I see him,.. The one who killed me and the entire world.

At least that was a thousand years ago and now I am in Sakaki. A place like heaven but resembles earth. I was once a proud samurai with a proud six sword-palm style of fighting. In this realm after we die we are allowed to do whatever we want. Games, hanging out with friends, and talking to past family. After a thousand years of being dead me and almost the entirety of earth came to accept that we died. Now we live in near harmony. If it only wasn’t for the place opposite of Sakaki. My people call it Surkonami. It’s like hell but with just alot more murder, theicery, and torcher. Only demons and terrible people are there.

Right now I am laying down on a nice chair that is made of the clouds. So soft and squishy. Very good for my back. A few blond ladys come walking my way in nice blue bikinis. Some clouds are used for swimming in and then there are clouds that we use for construction. That way all types of people can enjoy their afterlife. The ladies pass by and we share winks as they pass. This fit tan body and my amazing face must be a chick magnet. I never really understood when I had to protect my village. But now since that’s all over I really have nothing to worry about. As I close my eyes to relax a memory of mine strikes.

There I was in my samurai armor with three swords to the left and right of my hips. I wear no helmet to cover my face. My black hair is down to my shoulders in length. It is in the middle of the night with the moon the highest it could be. Its light was illuminating the forest that surrounded my poor village. The people are all sleeping within their wooden homes with their lights shining bright through their windows. Giggles and laughs could be heard if you just closed your eyes.

A rustle is coming from the woods and I spare no second sprinting towards the noise. When I got to the noise there were attacking samurais from a rival clan squatting in bushes. I place my hands on two of the hilts of my katanas. The rival samurai lung out from the bushes with their blades drawn and raised by their sides. I unsheath my blades and was able to parry the first enemy’s blade, sparks flew into the eyes of his mask, blinding him. Then with my other blade I strike true through the incoming samurai on my left. Two samurai from behind on both sides come running towards me with their blades straight out facing towards me. I turn my body sideways and as the two samurai pass by me I take my blades and duck before spinning a full circle, cleaving the two incoming rival samurais in half. I sheath my blades and take in a deep breath. Upon exhale I heard screams coming from my village. I worry and immediately turn around and sprint towards the village. From above the trees I see the light of flames and dark smoke. My heart thumps loudly as my wooden sandal clicks and clacks on the dirt as I run.

My limbs lost control and stopped when I arrived at the front of the village no more could hear the screams or see the houses standing up. Bodies decorated the cobble pathway. I take a deep breath in before I scream out in anger. A thunder cloud rolls over and roars in sync with mine. Rain hits my village and puts out the flames only to make what I saw ever more clear. I let out one more roar in anger before going back into sobs.

I shook my head and opened my eyes to see the people of my village staring at me. Their faces have the expression of worry. I felt my face and felt it as wet. I look at everyone and smile as I cheerfully say,

“Oh sorry to alarm everyone. I was just thinking about my old memories of my father.” The old women of my village comes up to me and holds my hand as she sorrowfully says,

“You might have fooled us with that smile when we were all alive but now we can read your expressions like an opened scroll. Please tell us why you felt sad, my child.” My father who I was the exact mirror of walks up to the back of the crowd and pushes up to the front. He has a very deep voice as he looks at me with worry in his eyes and ask,

“What was the memory my son?” I sit up and look at the crowd before looking at my father. I cheerfully say,

“Remember when mother killed you? That memory just popped into my head and made me sad. But now I have all of you back. I can’t be more happy than this.” The crowd began to split except for the old lady and my father. My father puts his hand on the old lady’s shoulder and in a calm and soft tone he says,

“Mam, may I please talk to my son alone?” The old lady smiles a sad smile and lets go of my hand as she walks away. I stand up from my cloud chair to be face to face with my father. He looks at me and my smile drops. “Son I know what it is like to fail. Look how short my hair is. This means I lost many battles. And your hair is now an inch shorter than it used to be. I know this is what weighs on your shoulders and I want to help you my son.” I turn away from my father as I state,

“The one failure leads to the world’s demise. I cannot forgive myself even in these thousands years I can’t find a way to forgive what I have done. And what scares me and makes me feel so guilty about it is that women and children are here, they all can still bleed and be forgotten. And if they die then not only did I fail once but I fail twice. And now you grow old and weak and forgotten. I fear losing you again. I am a scared father and yet I am supposed to be the savior. I haven’t trained nor have I helped around because my own people wont let me help. It makes me feel as if I failed and so I am worthless.” My father cracks a smile and as his words were about to leave his mouth,..

A kunia flies by and goes directly into the side of my father’s head. My eyes are blurry and my limbs are shaky. I stare at my father as if this is the first time I am seeing a dead body. The white blood that began to make a puddle on top of the clouds his body rested on scared me. I turned in the direction the kunia came from and there stood a man that started all of my clan’s suffering.

The man that is called Akuma. He wore black iron plate over his shoulders, legs, and arms. On his back was a giant scythe but that wasn’t the only weapon he had. On his left leg was a pouch that had knives and throwing stars hidden away. He wears gauntlets with each ligament in the fingers being attached by an iron string. He had brown skin like mine with spiky red hair and eyes like a beast. His teeth were sharp and his body was at top shape.

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