Playing Games of Despair

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In a world where turmoil has ravaged four nations with differing ideologies, God has ordained a tournament between the best of the best. Join the action-packed adventures of the skilled fighters as they explore the new-found spiritual world, each other’s countries and duel one another for the grand prize. In the process, they learn more about the blessings and failures of human-kind in the contrasting worlds that they each believe to be true.

Action / Fantasy
Playing GOD
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Power. Ideology. Resources. The tripartite ingredients of big power rivalry.

For as long as humans have existed, war has torn through Earth. To-date, four nations continued to struggle in constant bloodshed and turmoil. Each had successfully built their nation based on their own version of the truth and created social contracts around their values. Each survived through largely self-reliant means, but it was never enough. They hungered for more power, more resources and ultimately, ideological dominance. With each generation, cultures evolved with history. But the core of human nature remained the same, as nations dug deeper into their ways.

Unbeknownst to the people of this world, a singular almighty being watched over all. Tired of seeing the strife blemishing his creations, God intervened by dangling an opportunity for peace and change:

A grand tournament to be contested by fighters from all four nations. In this battle for peace, there can only be one winner. The grand prize is a single wish to be fulfilled by God himself. In addition, that fighter’s allegiance—their country—will henceforth prevail as the ruling ideology in a world free of conflict.

Who would prevail?

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