Silver Crescent Moon

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Killian’s Point of View

We’re all sitting in the Alpha’s office, and I cannot keep my eyes off her. Kian won’t settle down; he’s starting to give me a headache. Damn wolf is acting like a love sick puppy. The only thing that makes me takes my eyes off of her is the office door flings open.

“Sorry I’m a little late. While you were on your way here, we were attacked by rogues again.” I’m assuming he’s the Alpha of the pack. “I’m Alpha Axel. Thank you again for coming.”

“We heard and we completely understand. So why don’t you start from the beginning and bring us up to date no what you’ve found out.” My father said.

“A couple of days ago we were attacked by several rogues. We left one alive and interrogated him, he told us that the “Alpha” of the rogues claims that our daughter is his mate. She’s not even 18 yet, so there is no way that she is his mate. The rogues we captured today told us the same thing and that he will be coming for her. Sutton’s wolf is a rare white wolf. Her name is Mae. She has a crescent moon and three stars on her right shoulder blade. Streaks of silver can be seen in her fur…”

“She has the wolf of the Moon Goddess herself. There is a prophecy that speaks of the Moon Goddess being reborn to an Alpha and a Luna.” My mother interrupts Alpha Axel. Gasps can be heard throughout the entire room.

“You’re kidding me, right? There’s no way that I am the Moon Goddess reborn.” Sutton says in a surprised tone.

“Ask your wolf sweetheart, she will tell you everything.” My mother says.

Sutton’s Point of View

I feel like I’ve just been hit by a train with all the information that has just been dumped on me. “Mae what are they talking about? Are you really the wolf of the Moon Goddess herself?” I ask Mae.

“Yes, Sutton I am. I was going to tell you everything on your 18th birthday. You are the Moon Goddess daughter; you have been blessed with the same powers as her. But obviously with this “Alpha” rogue trying to take you, you need to know now. I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I didn’t tell you because I knew if the information got out you would be in a lot of danger.”

“I can understand why you kept this secret from me. I’m not mad, I’m more overwhelmed than anything.” I link back to Mae.

“I asked Mae and she said that she is the wolf of the Moon Goddess and that I am her daughter.” I say.

“I’m going to make a phone call. I think we need more guards and warriors. We will do whatever we have to, to keep you safe. Your birthday is in three weeks correct?” The Queen asks me.

“Yes ma’am” I respond. “

“Mom, may I make a suggestion?”

“What are you thinking Killian?”

“I’m thinking either myself, Hunter or Remi should be with Sutton at all times.” Killian says.

“I think that is a wonderful idea son.” The King says.

“Sutton are you okay?” My dad asked me.

“I’m a little overwhelmed, honestly.” Remi gets up from his mate and walks towards me, he wraps his arms around me and gives me one of the tightest hugs possible. As soon as Remi put his arms around me, I heard a low growl.

“You’ll be okay girl, I promise I will not let anything happen to you. And you know I’ve never broken a promise, right?” Remi reassures me.

“Thanks Rem.” I say leaning my head on his chest.

“Okay so does anyone know who the so called “Alpha” of the rogues is?” Killian asks. He seems like he is glaring daggers at Remi. If looks could kill, Remi would probably be taking a permeant dirt nap.

“Unfortunately, not.” My father says shaking his head.

“Alpha will you please take me to your holding cells? I would like to ask your prisoners some questions myself.” The King addresses my father.

“Yes sir. Follow me.” My dad and the king both get up and walk out of his office.

“Luna Evalynn would you like to join me for a cup of coffee?” My mother asks.

“That would be wonderful. Thank you” The queen says while getting up and following my mother out.

“Remi why don’t you and your mate take off go get to know one another a little better.” I tell him.

“Are you sure Sutton?” He asks.

“Yes, I’m sure now get lost before I change my mind. Now go.” I say winking at him. Next thing I know he’s scooping up Hadley and running out of the door leaving Killian, Hunter and I in my father’s office.

“Hunter why don’t you go find something to eat.” Killian suddenly says.

“Dude you know me so well. Where’s the kitchen?” Hunter says while almost running out of the door before I can even respond to him. Suddenly it’s just Killian and I left alone in my father’s office. I noticed my heart is beating erratically and my palms are feeling a little clammy.

Killian’s Point of View.

Finally, I am alone with Sutton, but I’m not sure what I should even say to her. I feel kinda awful that her alone time and privacy has been taken away from her because some asshole is trying to kidnap her. But I know this as long as I am around nothing will happen to her.

“Hey dumbass are you going to say something to her instead of just staring at her like some creep?” Kian speaks up.

“Shut up idiot, at least I go us some alone time with her.” I spit back at him.

“So, I guess you, your friends and my future beta are my personal body guards for the foreseeable future.” Sutton says breaking me out of my little argument with Kian. Her voice is soft and almost delicate.

“I guess so.” Is all I can think to respond with

“You’re such a dumbass dude, you couldn’t have come up with a better response?” Kian says as he’s trying to gain control. “I want to talk to her.”

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