Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 12

Chapter 12

Remi’s Point of View

I continue to kiss her inner thighs while I slowly move my hands down her body. I grip her inner thigh as I move my lips higher and closer to her sweet spot. Goddess she is so beautiful. I as make my way higher she is squirming more and more.

I have her legs up over my shoulders, I cannot wait to taste her. Just the smell of her arousal has me so hard again it isn’t funny.

“Goddess, pppleease.” Hadley moans out.

“Please what baby?” I ask her. I want her to tell me exactly what she wants.

“I want you to make me yours in every way possible.”

Once those words come out of her mouth, I move closer to her sweet spot. I slowly start to rub her nub and I spread her lips with my tongue. She tastes even sweeter than she smells. I start to dart my tongue in and out of her slowly making her moan and scream in ecstasy.

I start to rub her nub even faster. I can tell she is getting closer to her climax. I continue to lick and dart my tongue in and out of her. Her body starts to twitch uncontrollably and she just lets lose. Goddess this is so amazing.

“Remi, I want to complete the mating and the marking.” Hadley says with ragged breaths.

“Are you sure this is what you want sweetheart?” I ask just needing to confirm that this is what she truly wants.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

I slowly slide her back on the bed and position her to where I want her. I line myself up to enter her. I cannot wait to feel her around me. I slowly start to slide in her and immediately stop. Seeing the pain on her face has me concerned.

“Do you need me to stop?” I ask her.

“No. Just give me a minute to get used to your size. I’ll be ok, I promise.” She tells.

“Just let me know when you want me to continue. Okay.” I respond

“I will.” She says.

Even with just the tip of my dick inside, she feels so amazing. She nods her head and I know I can continue pushing deeper inside of her. Her face scrunched up and it was just the cutest thing ever. I continue to sink myself even deeper inside of her.

“Goddess you feel so amazing Hadley.” I let her know. “Baby this part is going to hurt a little bit more, but I will stop if you need me to.”

“I’ll be okay I promise.”

I push with just enough force to break her Heiman and I can see the pain written all over her face. Within a minute the pained look turns into a pure pleasure look. I start to thrust in and out of her and I can feel her walls starting to tighten around me.

I know she is getting close to an orgasm. All I want to hear is her screaming my name in ecstasy. She is so close and it feels so great I pray I can hold myself back until she can cum. I start thrusting into her harder and faster.

“I’m going to cum Remi. Goddess it feels so great. Please don’t stop, don’t stop.” She’s screaming.

“Cum for me sweetheart. I can’t wait to feel it.” I tell her just as I feel her release and my canines extend. I graze over her marking spot and she moans in pure pleasure. I thrust into her even deeper and I can feel her canines scraping over my marking spot.

“Cum with me next time.” She says and just as I am about to cum deep inside of her, we both sink our teething into each other, riding out this high of our orgasm together. I lick her mark shut as she licks mine.

“That was amazing” I tell her as I roll off her and pull her into my arms. I really do not want to move from this spot, like ever. I want to just lay here forever with Hadley in my arms. This is the greatest feeling in the world

Sutton’s Point of View

I’m still sitting in my dad’s office with Killian, I’m just so frustrated with everything going on. I need to go horseback riding, it’s the only thing that has ever cleared my head when I get this frustrated. There is just something about sitting on my horse running through the woods that helps.

“I’m going riding, you’re more than welcome to join me.” I tell Killian.


“Horseback riding.”

“I’ve never been horseback riding before.” Killian says almost embarrassed.

“You coming?” I say as I’m walking out the door.

I can’t help but to chuckle at him a little bit. There’s something about him that I just can’t put my finger on. Every time I’m around him Mae is jumping around like a kangaroo and won’t tell me why. Damn wolf needs to tell me what’s going on.

I’m heading toward the barn and Killian finally caught up with me. This could be quite interesting considering he’s never been riding before. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of him on a horse. He’s not a small guy by any means.

Once we’re in the barn I head straight to my horse Casey. She is a pure-blooded mustang that we caught in the wild. I worked with her for a very long time to get her to where she is. She loves barrel racing and jumping.

“This is Casey, she’s a wild mustang that I broke myself.” I let Killian know as I pet her right between her eyes. It is her favorite spot. “If you’re riding, I’m going to put you on Casper. He’s a very calm horse and is blind in one eye and he’s perfect for someone who has never been on a horse before. So, are you ready to learn how to tack up and ride?” I ask him.

“Yeah, let’s do this. I’m always down to learn something new.”

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