Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 15

Chapter 15

Killian’s Point of View

Watching that asshole get away pisses me off to no end. Claiming Sutton to be his mate, has he lost his mind. Kian is pissed that someone else is trying to claim what’s ours. Even though she doesn’t know it yet, she is starting to slowly feel our mate bond form.

The longer we are around each other the stronger it will become before her 18th birthday. When she walked up to me and put her hand on my lower back, I could feel the faintest of sparks. I only hope that she could feel them as well.

“I do believe he just declare war against your pack and myself.” I tell her.

“I just don’t understand how he can think that I am his mate. I’m not even 18 yet. By the way you shocked me when I touched your back.”

Kian is jumping for around like an idiot hearing that she felt the sparks of our mate bond. And at this point I know I need to be very careful with how I approach this because I do not want to scare her off. But I also am wondering if she shouldn’t know.

“What’s going on? Sutton linked saying you guys might be in trouble.” Remi says.

“That rogue was here. He said that he wanted Sutton to leave with him now and if she didn’t the Silver Moon Pack would continue being attacked until he gets her. He truly believes that she is his mate. He didn’t have a scent for some reason, I’m assuming he has a witch on his side using black magic. The only reason we were able to find him was because he broke a twig alerting us to his presence. We weren’t sure if it was someone trespassing or a small animal. I know this much once I am truly able to get my hands on him, I am going to rip his heart out and force him to eat it. Nobody threatens me and gets away with it.” I inform everyone who just showed up.

Growls erupt from everywhere. I can tell this pack is very protective off Sutton. I even hear several of my pack members growling and the loudest of them was Hunter. I should’ve known he would be extremely protective of his future Luna.

“Calm down everyone. I am fine.” Sutton says and suddenly the growling has stopped. “I have no idea who he thinks he is but I can promise you the thought of that rogues repulses me. I can promise you this much I will never be his Luna.”

“Thank Goddess” I hear Kian in the back of my head.

“Right.” Is all that I say back to him.

“Sutton, with you and Killian confronting him I would love for you to stay close to the pack house. At least until we know who your true mate is and can hopefully have you two mark each other and complete the mating process. I do not want this bastard getting his paws on you” Alpha Axel tells us.

“Don’t worry Alpha, Hadley and I can be with her as much as possible and..” Remi starts to say but I cut him off.

“Alpha if I may, I am more than willing to become Sutton’s ‘personal bodyguard’. He wants her for some reason and that honestly makes me very uneasy.” I state.

“That would be wonderful, but I don’t want to put you out. I know that you have a lot to take care of being the future Alpha King. You still need to find your mate from what I understand.”

“I promise you that this will not interfere with me find my future Luna and your future Queen Luna.” I let him know hoping that he’ll agree.

“As long as Sutton is okay with you hanging around her constantly. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better ‘personal bodyguard’ as you put it, for her.” He tells me. “Sutton, are you okay with spending a majority of your time with our future king?”

“Yes daddy, as long as he promises me that he won’t become to over bearing.”

“I promise to try and give you as much space as possible. But we need to know for sure that you’re not going to just saddle up and take off or shift and take off. This guy wants you for some unknown reason.” I tell her bluntly.

“I will do my best not to take off. But you know as well as I do that you have to let your wolf out every now and again. And to be completely honest I haven’t let Mae out in almost two weeks. Dad would you mind taking the rest of the pack and Casey back with you? I want to run back.”

“Anything for you sweetheart. Everyone back to the pack house now!” Alpha Axel orders and everyone takes off.

“Daddy before you go don’t forget Casper. I have a feeling Killian is done riding for the day.”

“Hunter” I shout.

“Yes Alpha?”

“Do me a favor and ride back with Alpha Axel. I’m going to let Kian out to run with Mae.”

“I had a feeling dude. Have fun and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He says to me while wiggling his eyebrows. Him and Hadley are the only ones that know that Sutton is my mate.

“Alpha Axel if I may have a word with you over here, please.” I ask

“Not a problem.” He tells me as we walk out of earshot of everyone. “What’s going on?”

“When you, your mate and my parents have a minute I would like to speak with all of you in private.” I tell him

“Is everything okay?” He asks in a very worried tone of voice.

“Everything is fine. I just want to let the four of you know that I have found my mate.” I tell him. It almost seems like there is a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

“I will arrange the meeting once you and Sutton have arrived back at the pack house. Will she be joining us for this meeting?”

“No, she will not be joining us.” I let him know.

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