Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 2

Chapter 2

“Sutton, what are you doing?” I heard my mom Bella say in our mind link.

“Getting dressed. Why?” I linked back.

“I need your opinion on some of the details for your birthday party. Get your ass in the kitchen now please young lady.”

“Coming just let me finish getting dressed.” I said while putting on my favorite pair of jeans that have holes everywhere. I’m starting to wonder if I can even call them jeans anymore. I grab my favorite pink Realtree shirt and throw it on, so I can get down to the kitchen before my mother comes and drags me out of my room.

I enter the kitchen and my mom just shakes her head. She keeps trying to get me to get rid of these jeans. She also would prefer me to “dress more like a woman.” Whatever that means. But I’m comfortable with the way I dress and I’m not going to change it for anyone.

Once I’m in the kitchen my mom starts asking me about every little detail of my party. How do I want this? Do I want this set up here? Where should we put that? How many fairy twinkle lights should we have? Do we have enough purple?

“Mom I honestly don’t care. You know I didn’t want anything over the top extravagant.” I said while rolling my eye. “Ouch! What was that for?” My mother just gave me a Gibbs slap.

“You know better than to roll your eyes at me. I raised you better than that and you know it.” She says as she gives me her famous don’t fuck with me glare.

“Sorry mom.” I say as I bow my head. My mother is not someone you can give an attitude to. She will walk right behind you and smack you right upside the head.

“Now that that is settled. Do you just want me to take care of these details, seeing as you don’t care?”

“Yes ma’am.” I respond with zero attitude. One smack is all I need today. That shit hurt.

“Okay. We’ll go shopping for your dress later today do you understand young lady? You’re not getting out of it this time.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Shut up Remi!” I mind link him. Just the look on his face tells me that he is laughing his ass off on the inside.

“I didn’t say anything.” He responds in the link.

“I can tell you and your wolf are laughing just by that stupid ass look on your face.”

“What? That shit is funny when your mom whacks you upside the head. Someone has to put you in your place every now and again.”

“ROGUES AT THE BORDER!” comes through the link.

Remi and I stand up and start running towards the back door. As we’re running out of the door, he’s stripping so he doesn’t ruin the clothes he’s wearing. I know I cannot shift. I can’t let my wolf be seen. So I just jump on Remi’s back like always.

I mind link some of the weaker worriers to get the children and elderly into the safe rooms. As we get to the boarder all I smell is the nasty sent of rogues. Rogue wolves are wolves that have either been banished from their packs or choose to leave their pack.

Once at the border, I jump off Remi’s back and start tearing into any rogue I can. I am fighting in my human form. I notice my father is fighting off three wolves at once and another is coming up from behind him. I spring into action, I snap his neck before my father even noticed.

I’ve had enough of this. To many of my pack members are putting their lives at risk because of these stupid ass idiots. I don’t believe anyone has been killed other than the rogues. I want to know why these rogues thought it would be a good idea to attack our pack.

“ENOUGH!” I yell as loud as possible making everyone stop dead in their tracks. “Who is in charge here?”

A red wolf walks towards me. “Shift” I command he just looks at me. “SHIFT” I say with a little more authority dripping. I watch as he tries to disobey my order. After about a minute he shifts. I avert my eyes away as he is standing in front of me completely naked.

Remi thankfully hands him a pair of shorts to slip on. Once his shorts are on, my dad start to question him. “Why are you attacking my pack?”

“I’m here for your future Alpha. She is my Alpha’s mate.” This piece of shit has the nerve to say to my father.

“She is not his mate. I can guarantee that.” My father responds with.

“She is my Alpha’s mate. Whether you like it or not. She will be leaving with us today.”

“I don’t think so!” Remi yells.

“Remi, enough!” My father says.

“Hand her over now or we will continue to attack your pack.”

“Then you will all continue to die!” My father yells. “Drag this one to the cells. Then kill and burn the rest. I’m done with this. Don’t forget to give him some wolfsbanes. Weaken his wolf so he cannot link his Alpha.” My father orders and walks away.

Remi and I follow my father back to the pack house and right up to his office. Once in his office Remi and I sit across from my father. His office is sound proof. All of the important discussions are held here. Right now, I know that we are all thinking the same thing.

“Dad, why does the rogue Alpha think that I am his mate? I’m not even 18 yet. We don’t know who is my mate.” I state.

“I don’t know sweetie.”

“Do you think he knows about her wolf?” Remi asks.

“It’s impossible. No one outside of this pack knows about her. All the outside world knows is that she is the daughter of an Alpha. That in its self is a rarity. Usually, the first born of an Alpha is a male so there is someone to take over. When the time comes. I do not know how Bella and myself had a daughter, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

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