Silver Crescent Moon

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Chapter 23

Hey guys I just wanted to apologize for taking so long. We just recently had to put our cat down and in doing so it rocked our family. I’ve been having to focus all of my energy on my daughter (5 years old). She has not wanted to come out of her room and has not been her normal bubbly self. Which is very understandable. Things are slowly getting back to normal. I’m trying to catch up I promise. So please just be patient with me. I’ll finish this chapter soon.

Chapter 23

Rogue Alpha’s Point of View

I hear my phone ringing that one ringtone I never want to hear and I know it’s her. “What the fuck do you want? You know better than to try and get a hold of me.” I growl at her as I answer my phone.

“There have been some new developments since we last spoke. I thought you might be interested in them.” Ashley informs me.

“Speak!” I growl.

“The future ‘Alpha King’ is claiming that Sutton may be his mate. He says that he felt sparks and that his wolf is very overprotective of her. I tried to tell him that I was his true mate and he wasn’t hearing it. I’m not sure what to do. Ever since he has arrived, he’s basically been glued to her side.” She rushes.

“Fuck. She will be my mate not his.” I growl shaking my entire house. My beta comes busting through the door to make sure everything is fine.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know what is being said. I need to go and make it seem as if everything is normal.” Ashley tells me

“Keep me informed of any new developments. This may change things significantly.” I order her before we hang up the phone. With her being my mate, I know she can’t go against my order. She has been trying to get me to sever the bond between us but I am refusing to until I can mark and mate Sutton.

“Sir is everything okay? Your growl scared everyone and shook the entire house.” My beta Chris tells me.

“No, we need to move up our plan to get Sutton. I was just informed that the future ‘Alpha King Killian’ thinks he’s, her mate. SHE WILL BE MINE!” I growl making Chris cower.

“But sir, I thought you had already found your destined mate.”

“That whore is never going to be my mate. I need to mark and mate Sutton. She will make me so much more powerful. I will keep the whore around just to breed me an heir. After all I will need an heir to over eventually.”

“How soon do you want to try and get her?”

“We won’t try! We will succeed! We leave in 10 days. Let everyone else know.” I tell Chris.

“Yes, Alpha.” Chris responds.

Sutton’s Point of View

One week later

It’s been about a week since Killian has come to our pack. We each seem to be finding random reasons to hang out with each other all the time. Be it thru our best friends who happen to be mated to one another or through his stomach. Him and Hunter love my baking and cooking.

It’s defiantly been crazy around here lately. It seems as thought the party planning and preparations have been kicked into high gear, along with the security. I get that the king and queen will be here for my birthday but I just wonder if this isn’t a little overboard.

I made the mistake of telling Killian that I wanted to get a tattoo for my 18th birthday and he took it upon himself to have his tattoo artist come here and give me whatever I want. Now I have to really think about what I want. I’ve been leaning towards a crescent moon with stars cascading out of it and the moon missing those stars.

I was told that it’s more than likely going to hurt, considering I want it between my shoulder blades and going down my back. I’ve been admiring Killian’s tattoos, he has his entire back is covered, both arms are done and he even has a wolf howling at the moon over his heart.

Hunter, Killian and I are hanging out in the living room watching Prison Break. “Rogues have crossed the bored!” My father mind links me. “Killian, rogues have crossed the border again.”

“We cannot go out and fight. As much as we both want to, we need to protect and keep you safe at all costs. That rogue cannot take you.” Killian tells me.

“I need to be out there helping my pack. It’s not fair for me to hide because that fucking douchbag is off his rocker.” I say with venom dripping in my voice.

“Sutton, we know that he wants to mark and mate you whether he is your true mate or not. You are a powerful and rare wolf. We cannot risk your safety. I know how much you want to be out there fighting. I want to too. But we need to make sure that you are safe first and foremost.” Killian tells me, calming me down.

“Killian what do you mean by ‘powerful and rare’?” We both hear Hunter ask.

“Shit. I’m sorry Sutton.” Killian says to me.

“It’s alright.” I tell him while putting my hand on his lower back and feeling some slight sparks.

“What are you two talking about. Dude you’ve never hidden anything from me.” Hunter chimes in again.

“Well, you heard it. Sutton is a rare and powerful she-wolf. That’s all you need to know right now.” Killian tells him squashing this subject.

“We should probably move further int…” Hunter gets cut off by a huge ugly looking brown wolf crashing through the front door. “Get her out of here now.” Hunter yells as the ugly wolf starts to transform back into a man.

“GET YOUR HANDS OF HER!” The now man yells at Killian as he is using his body to shield me.

“Why would I do something so stupid. You know she is my mate.” I snapped my head up towards Killian in complete and utter shock. Did he really just say that?

“SHE WILL BE MINE!” This random dude yells.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TRY AND CLAIM ME? I don’t even know you and I defiantly do not feel any sort of pull towards you.” I scream at this bastard.

“I’m Alpha Maddox. Alpha of the rogues. You will be mine.” He tells us as he lunges towards has come to our pack. We each seem to be finding random reasons to hang out with each other all the time. Be thru our best friends who happen to be mated to one another or through his stomach. Him and Hunter love my baking.

Hey guys thanks again for giving me some time. I’m working on more chapters.

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