Silver Crescent Moon

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Chapter 24

Hey guys thanks for hanging in there while I took some time to help my daughter through a very rough couple of weeks.

Chapter 24

Sutton’s Point of View

Next thing I know more rogues come crashing through the kitchen. I look to my left and I see Huter shifting, then I look to my right and I see Killian has not shifted yet. What is he thinking? We need to shift and fight. I’m not letting someone take me away from the ones I love.

“Sutton, I hate to say this but we need to shift and fight. We cannot let this bastard take you. And yes, I do think that you are my Goddess given mate. SHIFT NOW!” Killian says to me. I nod my head and shift.

I see that everyone has a shocked looked on their faces when they see my wolf. Most wolves have not seen a white wolf before. I can tell that Hunter is stunned. Very few knew about Mae. There are a lot of wolves in my pack that actually think I have yet to shift.

“The fact that you are a white wolf definitely confirms that you are mine. I am not leaving here without you. Kill anyone who gets in the way. She will be coming home with me.” The rogue Maddox says.

All I hear is Hunter and Killian growl. I decide to mind link the pack to let them know what is going on inside the house. “Dad, Remi the rogue Alpha is in the house with Hunter, Killian and I. Multiple other rogues are here as well.”

“We’re on our way.” Both my dad and Remi said together.

“Everyone who can get to the packhouse. They found Sutton.” I hear my father say through the pack mid-link.

Hunter is still in his human form and I don’t understand why. “Hunter, you need to get Sutton out of here and to some place far away from this bastard. Sutton please go with Hunter. He will protect with his life.”

“Whatever you do, do not let her leave.” Maddox says.

I look to my left d I see some dude I’ve never see before with what looks likes a gun. He points it at Hunter first and pulls the trigger. I watch as Hunter falls to the ground. Looks like it was a dart of some kind, more than likely wolfsbane.

I quickly shift back and I watch as everyone freezes. “Sutton, why did you shift back?” Killian asks me.

“I’m more powerful in my human form. What nobody knows is I can manipulate certain elements. Fire and water are the only ones I know of.” I whisper to him. Just as I look to my right, I see that same guy point that gun at Killian and I. “Killian we need to get out of here. They shot Hunter with wolfsbane. I know I can take more shots than you. I’ve been training to withstand the affects to fight it off ever since I shifted.”

Next thing I know I am watching Killian take multiple shots. He’s fighting the wolfsbane as best he can but I know that soon he’s not going to be able. I dig deep inside of myself and I can feel my powers coming to the surface. But before I can hit the guy with the gun with either element, I feel a sharp pain in my neck.

“SSS…UUUUU…..TTTTTT……TTTTTT…OOOO….NNN! NN…OOOO! What did you do to her?” I hear Killian struggling.

“Well, we shoot her full of wolfsbane. I told you, you little prick that she was coming home with me. I do not care what you think she WILL be my mate.” That bastard spits.

I start to feel myself getting extremely weak and sleepy. Then all of a sudden everything goes black after I feel yet another pinch in my neck. Fuck. “Mae, are you still there?” I ask knowing she won’t be able to answer me.

Killian’s Point of View

Hunter, Sutton and I are sitting on the couch watching Prison Break. Sutton got us hooked. Halfway through the episode we hear a loud crash in the kitchen. We all jump up and see that rogues have made it into the packhouse. Fuck, they’re here to try and take her.

“Killian, rogues have crossed the border again.” Sutton tells me with worry in her voice.

“We cannot go out and fight. As much as we both want to, we need to protect and keep you safe at all costs. That rogue cannot take you.” I tell her.

“I need to be out there helping my pack. It’s not fair for me to hide because that fucking douchbag is off his rocker.” She say with venom dripping in her voice.

“Sutton, we know that he wants to mark and mate you whether he is your true mate or not. You are a powerful and rare wolf. We cannot risk your safety. I know how much you want to be out there fighting. I want to too. But we need to make sure that you are safe first and foremost.” I tell her trying to calm her down.

“Killian what do you mean by ‘powerful and rare’?” We both hear Hunter ask.

“Shit. I’m sorry Sutton.” I say trying to look apologetic.

“It’s alright.” She tells me while putting her hand on my lower back. I instantly start to feel the sparks of the mate bond.

“What are you two talking about. Dude you’ve never hidden anything from me.” Hunter speaks up.

“Well, you heard it. Sutton is a rare and powerful she-wolf. That’s all you need to know right now.” I tell him squashing this subject.

“We should probably move further int…” Hunter gets cut off by a mangy ugly looking brown wolf crashing through the front door. “Get her out of here now.” He yells as the mangy wolf starts to transform back into a naked man.

“GET YOUR HANDS OF HER!” The now man yells at me as I’m trying to use my body to hide her from the naked man standing in front of us.

“Why would I do something so stupid. You know she is my mate.” I spit out not even thinking that I haven’t even talked to Sutton about it. She whips her head up towards me with a look of complete shock in her eyes.

“SHE WILL BE MINE!” The rogue yells.

“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TRY AND CLAIM ME? I don’t even know you and I defiantly do not feel any sort of pull towards you.” She screams at the asshole.

“I’m Alpha Maddox. Alpha of the rogues. You will be mine.” He tells us as he lunges towards us.

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