Silver Crescent Moon

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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Alpha Maddox’s Point of View

A week has passed since I told my Beta that we needed to move up my plan to get Sutton. We’ve been tirelessly training and prepping for the battle that is imminent. We leave here in about two hours to bring her here to be mine.

After we made entry into their packhouse I found her. As soon as I see her with two other men my blood begins to boil. She’s mine. I hate that he is anywhere near what is mine. Being an Alpha, we tend to more possessive than most wolves.

“GET YOUR HANDS OF HER!” I growl as I see some guy with his arm around my mate.

“Why would I do something so stupid. You know she is my mate.” Killian says and Sutton whips her head


“WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO TRY AND CLAIM ME? I don’t even know you and I defiantly do not feel any sort of pull towards you.” Sutton screams at me.

“I’m Alpha Maddox. Alpha of the rogues. You will be mine.” I let them know as I lunge towards them.

“Sutton, I hate to say this but we need to shift and fight. We cannot let this bastard take you. And yes, I do think that you are my Goddess given mate. SHIFT NOW!” Killian says to Sutton and I watch her shift to her beautiful white wolf.

“The fact that you are a white wolf definitely confirms that you are mine. I am not leaving here without you. Kill anyone who gets in the way. She will be coming home with me.” I say. All I hear is some dude and Killian growl.

“Hunter, you need to get Sutton out of here and to some place far away from this bastard. Sutton please go, with Hunter. He will protect with his life.”

“Whatever you do, do not let her leave.” I order my men.

My Delta is stand to my right holding the gun loaded with the wolfsbane bullets. He first shoots the guy that I am now assuming is Hunter and I watch him drop to the floor. Sutton shifts back to her human form and she is still fully dressed. I didn’t think that was even possible.

“Sutton, why did you shift back?” Killian asks her.

Next thing I know I am watching Killian take multiple shots. He’s fighting the wolfsbane as best he can but I know that soon he’s not going to be able. As Killian is growing weaker and weaker my Delta hits Sutton with

“SSS…UUUUU…..TTTTTT……TTTTTT…OOOO….NNN! NN…OOOO! What did you do to her?” Killian says struggling to stay awake.

“Well, we shoot her full of wolfsbane. I told you, you little prick that she was coming home with me. I do not care what you think she WILL be my mate.” I spit in Killian’s face.

Once the three of them are asleep I order my men to keep the pack busy so I can get back home with my Sutton. Once they have their orders, I pick Sutton up and carry her bridal style right out the back door. It feels fantastic knowing that I will soon be home with her.

A loud growl rips through the back yard making my knees tremble. No one has ever made my knees tremble before. Who could possibly have that much power? Turning around to find out who holds that power I see Killian standing there half shifted.


“Because I know how to fight off the effects of wolfsbane. Every royal wolf knows. PUT HER DOWN!” He says.

“Never. I told you she is mine.”

“She will never be yours. If you have to take something by force then that proves that it does not belong to you. Sutton is my destined mate.” Killian says as I watch my men shoot him with even more wolfsbane.

“Once he is weakened tie him up with the silver chains we brought. I do not want anyone following me.” I order.

“Yes Alpha.” My men reply. They know better than to defy my orders. I simply turn and walk away into the night with Sutton in my arms.

Once she turns 18, I will mark and mate her so no one can take her away from me. I just need that witch to hold up her end of the deal by breaking the mate bond she has apparently already started to form with that bastard Killian.

Using black magic to break a bond is strictly forbidden but then again, I’ve never been one to follow the rules. I need her to think that I am her true mate for my mark to hold. If she is as powerful as the prophesy says she, is she’ll be able to fight the marking.

Once I get to my packhouse I head straight up to where she will be kept. All I know is that bitch better have everything ready for Sutton or she’ll be spending the rest of her days in the cells. I have her, she is finally mine.

Walking into Sutton’s room, I see that everything has been set up for her. Now I just need that witch to put the spell on this room so she cannot be found or leave. I’ll be damned if anyone is ever going to take her away from me now that I have her.

I lay her down on her new bed, sitting next to her just watching her sleep. Well, more like lay unconsciously from all the wolfsbane that was shot into her. It should wear off by tomorrow morning, but it could potentially wear off before that considering she is the white wolf I’ve been searching for.

There’s two weeks before her 18th birthday, two weeks until I can mark her and make her mine forever. These two weeks are going to feel like they are going to drag on forever. I am not a very patient person.

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