Silver Crescent Moon

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Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Killian’s Point of View

Waking up today something is definitely not right. Kian is going nuts, whining like a love sick puppy. I suddenly notice that I am not in my room, instead I’m in what looks to the pack hospital. Great what happened last night? I remember most of it but the ending is very fuzzy.

“Killian, finally you’re awake.” I hear Hadley.

“Why am I in the hospital? Where is Sutton and Hunter?”

“Umm, well you see, Remi and I found you and Hunter unconscious in the hallway between the living room and the kitchen…”

“WHERE IS SUTTON?!” I cut her off.

“No one can find her Ian.” Oh no she called me Ian. It’s never good when she calls me that. She is the only who is allowed.

“What do you mean ‘no one can find her’? She has to be here. If she’s not that means that sick perverted bastard has her. We have to get her back NOW!” I grow. “You never did answer me as to where your brother is Had.”

“He’s in another room here in the pack hospital. He’s still unconscious. The wolfsbane really did a number on you two. Him more so than you. Alpha Axel and your father have their best trackers and warriors out trying to find where he’s keeping her.” She informs me.

“I need to get out of here. I need to be out there searching for my mate. I know what that bastard is going to try and do. He’s going to mark her and rape her so that he can try and claim her power. But one thing he may not know is that she will never carry a pup for him. Thankfully. Only your true mate can carry your pup. With her being of Alpha blood and the Goddess reincarnate he’s going to want her to carry his pup even more.”

“We’ll find her. I promise.” Hadley said.

“I need to get out there. I don’t trust that bastard having her. She needs to be here. She needs to be brought home before her 18th birthday. I cannot risk her being forcibly marked.” I say growling.

“I know Killian.” Hadley finishes saying when a doctor walks in.

“You’re wake. That’s great. How are you feeling?” The doctor asks.

“Pissed. I cannot believe that I let him get away with her.” I say to the Dr.

“Understandable. But not what I meant. How are you physically feeling? Soar? Exhausted? Drained?” The doctor continues to ask.

“Honestly, I’m fine. My wolf has completely healed me. Now I need to leave so I can go find my mate!” I growl as I start unhooking all the needles and iv’s and I get up and walk out of the pack hospital. I head towards Alpha Axel’s office hoping that someone has some answers.

As I’m walking towards the Alpha’s office, all I can think about is Sutton. What is that bastard doing to her? Is she okay? Where the fuck is he hiding her? If he does anything to hurt her, I promise I will rip his heart at with my bare hand and crush it right in front of him.

I am having a very hard time controlling Kian. To say he is pissed off about what happened to Sutton is an understatement. I have one pissed off wolf right now. I just don’t know how much longer I can control him. He wants Sutton back home just as badly if not worse than me.

Once I reach the Alpha’s office I don’t even bother knocking on the door. I just turn the handle and walked right in.

“Killian! Why are you out of the hospital? You need to be resting.” My mother says to me as soon as we make eye contact.

“Mom, I’m fine. I promise. Just please tell me there’s some find of news or information that will lead us to where that fucking bastard is hold her hostage.” I bluntly state.

“Killian Frederick! I do not care how mad or frustrated you are, YOU! WILL! WATCH! YOUR! LANGUAGE! Especially in front of ladies. Do you understand me?” My mother colds me.

“Yes ma’am. Ladies I do apologize for my inappropriate language.” I say bowing my head in respect to the she-wolves in the room.

“Thank you for the apology, Killian. I do understand your anger. Now come in and sit down. We have a lot to discuss.” Alpha Axel tells me.

Selene the Moon Goddess Point of View

Normally I do not intervene in any of my children’s lives, but this time I need to. A rogue has kidnapped my granddaughter. Unfortunately, I do not see her mate finding her before her 18th birthday in in a week. He has used old black magic to hide her away.

I cannot stand by and do nothing while this rogue forcefully marks and rapes her. I did not create wolves to be this primal. I created our kind to be loving and protective, but somewhere along the way there have been a few that always think they are better than everyone.

I must do anything and everything I can to help get Sutton home without people realizing that I had a hand in her return. The rogue is trying to keep her drugged to keep her weak and unable to contact her wolf. The drug is having very minimum effect on her.

I’ve been noticing that he is getting more and more irritated that the wolfsbane is not having the effect on her that he was hoping for. What he doesn’t know is that I’ve been visiting her wolf while she’s unconscious.

“Mae, I need you to stay strong for Sutton’s sake. You need to do everything you can to communicate with her.” I say to her

“I’ve been trying. It’s just really hard with the effects of the wolfsbane.” She tells me.

“I know sweetie but you need to stay positive. I’m going to do everything I can to get you two home. Do you think you can try and link with Kian?” I ask her.

“Who’s Kian?”

“Kian is Killian’s wolf. I know Sutton and Killian already figured out that they’re mates. Even though the mate bond is not fully formed you should hopefully be able to reach him. Please Keep trying.” I tell her. I can tell Sutton is starting to wake up the wolfsbane is wearing off. “The wolfsbane is wearing off try and link Kian now. Just keep trying, don’t give up. You should be able to reach out to someone eve if it’s not Kian. I love you both. I will return to you again.”

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