Silver Crescent Moon

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chapter 3

Chapter 3

“He may just want her for the simple fact that she is a first-born female Alpha.” Remi says.

“Guys stop talking about me as if I’m not sitting right next to you.” I say out of frustration. I hate when they do this shit to me. Talk about me as if I’m not in the room. A knock on the door has us all turning in our seats.

“Who is it?” My father asks

“Thomas” my dad beta’s responds.

“Come in” my dad says back.

“Alpha, the rogue has been locked up, put in silver chains, and we gave him a dose of wolfsbane. Is there anything else you need for them to do?” Thomas says as he takes a seat on the couch.

“No. Thank you. I’ll be down to interrogate and torture him shortly.”

“Yes, Alpha” Thomas says in response.

“Thomas we’re behind closed doors. You know you do not have to speak so formally now.” My father is not one for formalities when it is just us.

“Who is the Alpha of the rogues, does anyone know?” Thomas asks.

“No idea. But I think we defiantly need to find out who he is and why he wants Sutton. No one and I mean no one is going to come onto my lands and try and take my daughter away.” My father growls making Thomas and Remi sink back into their chairs. His growls have no effect on me.

“Dad let me question the rogue. I may have a better chance of getting information out of him than you.” I state.

“NO!” All three men yell at once. Urg. They all can be way over protective. I know I can handle this.

“Sutton, we do not need anyone finding out about you.” My father says with a soft voice and soft eyes. The office door opens without a knock and we all already know who is coming in. The only person in the pack who does not have to knock. My mother.

“Did we lose any pack members today?” My mother asks

“No.” we all respond at the same time.

“Good. Sutton, we need to leave in the next 15 minutes to go get your dress for your party.” My mother states. I already know not to even bother to try and argue with her. I do not want slapped up side the head again.

As I get up from my chair I mouth “help me” to my father and he just looks at me, smiles, and tells me to “have fun.” My mother grabs my wrist and drags me through the pack house and out to the garage. She really must want to go dress shopping.

I hate shopping. Especially for dresses. I only wear them when I absolutely have to. Otherwise, I’m always in my jeans and boots. I know what this shopping trip is going to consist of. New shoes, more than likely some type of high heel that I can barely walk in.

Once we are both in the car, my mother heads towards the mall. I shouldn’t be dreading this shopping but I just hate trying on everything my mother hands me because she thinks it’ll look good on me. If I have to wear a dress, I want either a silver one or a black one.

As soon as my mom parks the car we get out and head for the dress shop. Once we enter the store, we are greeted by a she-wolf from our pack. She has a beautiful smile.

“Good afternoon Luna, Sutton” she says as she slightly bows her head in respect.

“Good afternoon Emily.” My mother and I say in unison.

“As you know we are having a party for Sutton’s 18th birthday in a couple of weeks. We are here today to find a couple of dresses.”

“Yes Luna. I’m excited. I love when you throw parties. I always have the greatest times.” Emily responds

“Thank you, Emily.” My responds.

“Do you ladies know exactly what you are looking for as far as style or color?”

“I would like something easy to move in, in black or silver please.” I know my mother wants me in some huge fancy ball gown, but me I just want something simple.

“Sutton you need an actual gown. Not something simple or plain. This is your 18th birthday. You are not going to be choosing your dress this time. I will. I will try my best to respect your color choices.” My mother tells me.

“Mom. I really don’t want to wear a gown.” As she glares at me and I know she is going to be getting the dress she wants and I’ll be wearing it whether or not I want to.

“Sutton you do not have a choice. The Alpha king, queen and their son are going to be at your birthday party. You need to look radiant. Got it?”

I know better than to say anything other than “Yes ma’am.” My mom and Emily go and start looking for a gown for me as I just stare at the floor. This battle has been lost. I just hope if I agree to whatever gown she picks out that I’ll at least be able to wear a pair of flats.

They come back with several dresses and thankfully most of them are silver and black. I do however see a royal purple one that I might not look half bad in. whenever I do wear purple my eyes look amazing. I just prefer to wear certain colors.

The purple dress looks like it’s strapless with a sweetheart neckline, silver beading on the top half and just flares out at the waist. It’s more than likely going to be the one my chooses for me. But I will suck it up and do this for her. She keeps telling me how important this party is going to be.

“Sutton go try this dress on.” My mother tells me as she hands me the purple dress.

“Okay mom.” I say as I grab the dress and head to the dressing room. I wonder if I can make a deal with her about shoes. Fingers crossed. Once I’m in the dressing room I start getting undressed. Just looking at this dress I already know we are going to have to go shopping. I do not have a bra I can wear with this.

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